Uncertainty the only certainty for law-makers this summer

It’s been a long haul. MPs are set to wrap up their last week of midnight sittings this week and head back to their ridings for the summer. The last official sitting day is June 22. Office pools around Ottawa currently favour MPs sitting until the bitter end, thanks to a seemingly never ending parliamentary […] Read more

Canada’s blunt objections to U.S. tariffs leave dairy questions

Canada and the United States are on the precipice of an international trade war and this country’s dairy industry is being pushed closer and closer to the edge. Trump and his staff launched a blistering, personal attack against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this weekend after he left the G7 meeting in Quebec’s pristine Charlevoix region. […] Read more

This is what happens when the giant begins to roar

In the 2001 Hollywood classic Pearl Harbour, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto utters what is one of the film’s most iconic quotes. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant,” he says shortly after Japanese Imperial Forces bomb Peal Harbour in 1941. The sleeping giant is the United States, which were dragged into […] Read more

Missed NAFTA deadline could turn talks into election issue

The fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement could very well become the central issue in the 2019 federal election campaign. Trade officials from Canada, Mexico and the United States failed to resolve an ongoing impasse at the negotiating table in time to present Congress with an agreement by May 17 — a deadline set […] Read more

More independent Senate comes to haunt government

There’s a new Senate in town. For the first time in 12 years, the Upper Chamber flexed its procedural muscle and sent the Liberal government’s proposed overhaul of this country’s transportation system back to the House of Commons for yet another look. At issue is ongoing Senate concerns about the transportation needs of the Maritimes […] Read more

Page reunion was time for reminiscing on Parliament Hill

On most days, Parliament Hill buzzes with political activities where party politics and issues of the day dominate corridor conversations. On May 5, the focus shifted to a more behind-the-scenes group of individuals who help keep Parliament running smoothly. More than 400 former and current House of Commons pages reunited in Ottawa to mark the […] Read more

Several key agriculture bills languish as summer nears

Crunch time has hit Parliament Hill. Several key pieces of legislation, many of interest to Canadian agriculture, remain on Parliament’s agenda with less than two months left in the sitting calendar before MPs and senators head home to their ridings for the summer. The governing Liberals find themselves staring at a laundry list that will […] Read more

MacAulay family’s story reflects human side of politics

HALIFAX — More than 3,000 Liberal party members gathered in Halifax April 20-22 for their national policy convention in Halifax. It was a chance for the party to gather its thoughts and begin organizing for the 2019 election campaign. There were resolutions to debate, parties to attend, speeches to listen to and campaigns to plan. […] Read more

MPs resume session with tributes to Sask. hockey tragedy

A lone hockey stick, taped with maple leaf embossed hockey tape, leaned outside the main doors of the House of Commons April 16 as MPs returned to Ottawa after a two-week break. Inside, politicians of all stripes sported jerseys of all colours, shapes and sizes in silent tribute to those who died or were injured […] Read more

Possible rail strike adds to Liberal headaches

A pending Canadian Pacific Railway strike could pose problems for the Trudeau government in light of an ongoing grain backlog in Western Canada. Conductors and locomotive workers have voted 94 percent in favour of going on strike. This authorization means up to 3,000 workers could walk off the job as early as April 21. The […] Read more