Katelyn Duncan of Regina sees the cab as a window through which the rest of the world can catch a view of agriculture, creating greater understanding of the industry.  |  Katelyn Duncan photo

There is value in inviting guests along for a ride in the combine

Harvest is an exciting time of year that is often enhanced by enthusiastic guests riding shotgun in the combine. My family’s farm seems to frequently have guests during harvest time due to our close proximity to the city. While at times it seems like a slight inconvenience to arrange for guests to be transported to […] Read more

While federalist models differ between governments, the current leadership seems to have entered a new phase of Canadian federalism, which gets especially tricky when it comes to environmental policy. 
 | File photo

Canadian federalism and its impact on environmental policy

The topic of climate change has been front and centre as the fall election approaches and Trudeau federalism continues to be a mystery. Federalism, by definition, is the split in power between the central government as a whole and the local provincial governments. This means certain policies are executed at various levels including federal, provincial, […] Read more

Returning to the farm can be exciting but challenging

Editor’s note: We welcome a new columnist to the Western Producer this week. Katelyn Duncan is a younger farmer from the Regina area, farming on a century farm with her family. She is an agrologist, has worked for Saskatchewan Agriculture, headed up Saskatchewan Young Ag Entrepreneurs, been a field agrologist and crop adviser with Western […] Read more