Ontario’s advertising pullout causes headaches for DFC

The decision last June by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario to pull out of national dairy advertising is forcing change at the national Dairy Farmers of Canada. The decision, which took effect in January, delayed the DFC 2018 budget as the national organization reworked staffing and commitments based on losing $37.5 million in 2018, the […] Read more

Dairy farmers receive no assurances on NAFTA

Federal agriculture minister refuses to guarantee that renegotiated deal won’t grant more access to dairy market

Dairy farmers sought assurances there would be no more access to Canada’s dairy market in the North American Free Trade Agreement, but federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay would not provide them. “Because of the NAFTA negotiations going on, we have to be careful what we say publicly,” MacAulay said at the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s […] Read more

Hot fall pulls Ontario corn crop to above average

The province’s corn crop averaged 184 bushels per acre last year and soybeans were 44 bu. per acre

Agricorp reports that Ontario’s corn crop yielded better than expected last year at an average of 184 bushels per acre. Soybeans were closer to the 10-year average at 44 bu. per acre. Agricorp, the provincial crop insurance agency, has some of the most solid crop production numbers in Ontario because its members must report their […] Read more

Ontario dairy farmers take over marketing

Dairy Farmers of Ontario is building its own consumer marketing department now that it’s retaining marketing funds collected from farmers and not sending millions of dollars to Dairy Farmers of Canada. Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s board gave notice in June 2017 that it would no longer pay its marketing funds to Dairy Farmers of Canada’s […] Read more

TPP called critical to continued beef growth

Producers say the vitally important Japanese market would be threatened by a failure to reach a new trade deal

Canadian beef farmers could be out millions of dollars in new exports if Canada is shut out of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Beef exports have been growing significantly to Japan and other parts of Asia. Allowing other competitors such as Mexico and New Zealand better access to that market through the TPP means “we would […] Read more

Dairy companies joining forces

The partnership between three firms that provide services to dairy farms is in response to declining farm numbers

A partnership among Canadian dairy service providers should help position Canadian producers to take advantage of changing technology and make the sector more efficient, the groups say. The number of Canadian dairy farmers continues to drop and the need for more efficient services is growing as the price of milk declines. Technology is challenging historical […] Read more

Supercluster attracting the eye of major tech firms

The Smart Agri-Food Super Cluster aims to use efficient and powerful data to create better collaboration within the agriculture sector. It is one of nine super clusters in the running for $950 million in federal funding for super clusters that make a broad economic impact. Another agriculture-sector cluster, the Protein Industries Canada Supercluster, is also […] Read more

Changes needed to move lamb sector forward

Like a doctor delivering bad news to a patient, Martin Gooch gave it straight to the Ontario sheep sector: the industry continues to be disjointed and inefficient with a lack of benchmarks to define a successful farm. Like a good doctor, Gooch also delivered some optimism. “You could double production and have room for growth […] Read more

OFA election plans to tout rural benefitsto urban audience

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture hopes it can sway urban voters with its message during next year’s provincial election. “With the election coming up, we need to talk about the benefits we have to offer all Ontarians beyond the food on their tables,” said Keith Currie, OFA president. Rural issues usually fail to resonate with […] Read more

Study shows farmers are reducing antimicrobial use

Ontario hog farms that participated in a voluntary antimicrobial benchmarking project reduced their use of antimicrobials by 18 percent over two years. The results of the Ontario Pork Industry Council study show what can be done when farmers actually know their antimicrobial use and the practices of their peers, says Dr. Greg Wideman, a veterinarian […] Read more