BRD has long been a cause of calf losses, through sickness or death. Preconditioning has proven successful in helping avoid those costs.  |  Michael Raine photo

Pre-conditioning has major impact on calves’ immunity

Bovine respiratory disease has always been the most common cause of sickness and death loss in Canadian beef cattle and most of these losses occur shortly after weaning in calves that have been weaned, sold through an auction system and directly enter into the feedlot. Data from a National Animal Health Monitoring Study in 2011 […] Read more

While rare, uterine prolapses pose a serious threat

A uterine prolapse in a cow that has calved is one of the true emergencies of food animal veterinary medicine. This condition occurs at a relatively low frequency. Estimates would suggest that a maximum of two cows in every 1,000 calvings would have a uterine prolapse. However, it is a serious life threatening condition for […] Read more