Seasonal fresh produce spells summertime flavour

Staying out on the water until the sun goes down, strolling along the shore and feeling the splash on your feet, or simply watching the stars on a warm summer night. This is the season to kick back, relax and enjoy what a Canadian summer has to offer. The intoxicating aroma of purple petunias, sweet […] Read more

Spring is a great time to mix up a nutritious smoothie to start your day.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Fresh ingredients for a refreshed spring diet

Reawaken to more sunlight, the cheerful chirping birds, the sound of water running as the winter melts away and tulips popping through the still chilled earth. We even resort to a smile as we see rubber boots stuck in a puddle and mud covered clothes. Springtime is fun. It is the time of year for […] Read more

One pot chicken and rice offers just what its name promises.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Changing seasons means changing the way we cook

We are seeing more daylight, with colourful sunrises and sunsets as winter nears an end. We are starting to put away red decor and move into the pastels of spring. I use my beautiful spring-themed serviettes around the kitchen and dining table. This small little change makes the mood fresh and light. There is a […] Read more

Bacon pickle fries is an interesting “face cringing” appetizer.  | Jodie Morosovsky photo

Winter means time to turn to comfort foods

As we gently slide through our Canadian winter, tune in to your food cravings. Many of us adapt to the temperatures we are living in, and right now we want warm comfort food with lots of flavour and spice. Bacon pickle fries An interesting “face cringing” appetizer. 12 pickle spears 12 12 strips of bacon […] Read more

This chicken vegetable soup mimics a Moroccan chicken dish but has fewer ingredients. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Trying to replicate favourite restaurant meals can be fun

Replication of some enjoyable restaurant dishes

My daughter and I recently spent time shopping together and trying menus from a few restaurants. As a spin-off from our experiences, we have been trying to replicate some of the most enjoyable restaurant dishes in our own kitchen. Here are some simple replications to satisfy your appetite and hopefully provide your body with comforting […] Read more

Plants and flax consumption are two of the ideas for getting a better start on the new year. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

New things to try at the beginning of a new year

It is the time of year that we traditionally know as “a new start.” It’s a time for renewal, but resolutions are not high on my list of things to stress over. For many people, they can lead to disappointment rather than enlightenment. Besides, we should not commit to making big changes only in January […] Read more

Strawberry spinach salad makes a healthy lunch. |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Savour sweet and healthy strawberries

Simple recipes that are easy to prepare and make ahead of time allow us to enjoy our food when it is convenient during the summer. At our house, we wait eagerly for the strawberry season and a bite of sweetness, vitamin C and fibre. Strawberry Ice Enjoy this fruit drink with or without alcohol as […] Read more

Crack slaw skillet is easy to prepare and makes a filling meal.
|  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Enjoy crack slaw in a skillet

We have officially climbed out of the winter season. We are craving sunlight, the smell of fresh moist dirt, bright colours and the sound of geese flying overhead. As we enjoy the longer days, we tend to change the way we eat. Our menus become simpler and less heavy and more often we opt for […] Read more