Grain growers say the trend of falling net farm income can be reversed with the help of government as a willing partner.  | Elaine Grose photo

We need a partner, not a blank cheque

For other industries, it may be difficult to understand why a Canadian grain farmer’s livelihood depends on markets that are 5,000 kilometres from here. The reality is that we grow more than we can eat, so over 90 percent of our agri-food exports (including wheat, barley, and oilseeds) are destined for customers that are an […] Read more

The new CWB’s role should be as a competitive player in the grain industry, says the author.  |  file photo

CWB “friends” need to get their facts right

The Friends of the CWB is misguided in attempting to redefine history, court decisions and the various acts of Canadian Parliaments. The Canadian Wheat Board Act of 1998 outlined a corporation with farmers making up the majority of the board of directors. Several lawyers paid by the CWB clearly defined to these directors that “the […] Read more

WBGA explores clearinghouse – Opinion

Nielsen is president of the Western Barley Growers Association. A farming friend of mine asked the other day what I thought of changes to the Canada Grains Act, specifically the government intent to end producer payment security or, as it is commonly called, bonding. I told him I wouldn’t miss paying for something I don’t […] Read more

Marketing choice will open doors – Opinion

Nielsen is president of the Western Barley Growers Association Why must the Canadian Wheat Board give up its monopoly and create choice for farmers? In two words: to survive. The Western Barley Growers Association believes that maintaining the status quo will lead to the CWB’s extinction. We believe the CWB must align its business model […] Read more