Robocrop InRow can be set up to cover wider systems, with front are rear three-point hitch mounting.   |  Garford photo

Weeding between the rows and the crop

Mechanically managing weeds in a row crop without majorly impacting the crop itself can be difficult. Weeds that sit between the rows of a row crop do not generally pose a major threat, as they can be managed with fairly basic implements, such as interrow cultivators. But eliminating the weeds that grow in an individual […] Read more

The model 3600 pull-type, rotary hoe provides narrow transport and is available up to 66 feet wide. Effective in crusted soils during emergence and able to kill weeds without herbicides, the hoe can also aerate wet residue ahead of seeding.  |  Yetter photo

Rotary hoes control weeds with limited impact

Whether used before or after seeding, this mechanical weed control tool can crack crusts and break resistance

Rotary hoes are interesting, light tillage tools that have been around for some time. They can provide a variety of benefits to many farm operations, which are becoming especially relevant in the current agricultural climate. “The rotary hoe’s unique wheel design allows it to flick weeds onto the soil surface where their roots are left […] Read more

The TatraBears field rollers are large diameter units, but with shorter sections than many rollers of this class. Similar to packer designs seen in both Canadian and European built vertical tillage equipment, the grooved system is effective for rock suppression.  |  TatraBears photo

V-ring design offers field roller improvement

TatraBears from the Czech Republic contributes its own twist to the standard drum roller design with unique changes

Drum and Cambridge rollers are some of the most commonly used agricultural field rollers in the world, but other interesting roller options are out there if producers look further afield. TatraBears, a farm equipment manufacturer from the Czech Republic, has come up with an interesting addition to the global roller market. The company has developed […] Read more