How to help son work through nighttime fears

Q: After scrimping and saving for a long time, my husband and I were able to put enough money together to buy a decent sized house for our family. It is great but we have run into a problem. Since we moved into our new home about four months ago, our six-year-old has developed some […] Read more

Hearing aids cause tension in relationship

Q: I recently took my mom to a hearing aid clinic to get tested by an audiologist. The results of his tests were clear. She needed hearing aids. Hearing aids are expensive and I knew that my mom did not have the money to pay for them so I took a chance, much to my […] Read more

Putting life in order after divorce

Q: After living for six years in anger, frustration, hurt and disappointment, my wife and I finally decided to declare emotional bankruptcy and file for a divorce. Getting the divorce was a little easier than I thought that it might be. I guess that because both of us recognized the need for it, neither of […] Read more

Family needs to understand, accept decision to end life

Q: Last night, my mother and I had a disturbing heart-to-heart conversation. She believes that she is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. She does not know how rapidly it might overtake her and is uncertain how much it will ultimately affect her. But she is clear that if she is getting disabled quickly, […] Read more

Needing to be perfect

Q: I am a perfectionist. I used to think that was a good thing and I was proud of my perfectionism. It seemed to me that people who are more successful set high expectations for themselves and that is what I thought perfectionism was. Lately my wife has been on my case. She says that […] Read more

Life after cancer

Q: Our 12-year-old nephew was diagnosed with leukemia about a year and a half ago. We were afraid that he was going to die but he didn’t. He was recently told that he is cancer free. Our nephew has had a different kind of experience and I am wondering if we should treat him like […] Read more

Help spouse with tasks if seeking tidy home for children

Q: My wife works hard but she is not organized. She starts a job in the kitchen and then moves into the living room with another project before she is finished in the kitchen. The living room is not quite finished before she is off into another project. The problem is our young children. I […] Read more