New goals may solve entitlement issues

Q: My husband and I were really poor years ago when we got married. I am not sure that we had even finished all the payments on his old Ford truck. We worked hard over the years, scrimped and saved, made some good decisions, got a little lucky and built what today is a reasonably […] Read more

Baking for grandparents a message of love

Q: The other day my seven-year-old granddaughter said to me that I did not need to make cookies for her and her little brother every time they came over to our house. Actually, Grandma has said the same thing to me. “Charlie,” she said, “we can get cookies from the store any day of the […] Read more

Should we know gender of unborn child?

Q: Last Friday evening my granddaughter’s friends put together a gender identity party for her. My granddaughter is five months pregnant. She and her boyfriend went for an ultrasound a few days ago but instead of telling them the results of the ultrasound, the technician put his findings into a sealed envelope to give to […] Read more

Recent studies suggest that 70 percent of those who smoke regularly would like to stop.  |  Getty image

It’s not easy to stop smoking

Q: I am married to a smoker and I just hate it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my husband. He is in so many ways the most sensitive and caring man I have ever met. I simply hate his smoking. We have of course talked about smoking ad infinitum, and he always tells […] Read more

First-time recovery rate is low for substance abusers

Q: I am just sick about this whole thing. Shortly after my son-in-law was discharged from a residential drug and treatment program he went out and got drunk, yet again, just like he always did before we got him into the program. We thought that he was doing well in his program, and so did […] Read more

When Mom’s visit is too much

Q: I am not too sure what I am going to do about my Mom. She visits at least four times weekly and sometimes more. When she comes over, she seems to want to take over and start going after my children much as she did when I was a little girl. It is almost […] Read more

It’s not easy to stop a pathological liar

Q: I grew up in rural Canada where integrity was the norm and dishonest people were uncommon. I have struggled to come to grips with the diminution of this essential quality in today’s world and have recently encountered a disturbing example of this phenomena. A few years ago, we got new neighbours. It soon became […] Read more