Getting things done can be tough

Q: Our son has chosen to stay out of university this year. He says the pressure is more than he can bear. We know our son to be an extraordinarily intelligent young man so we are disappointed. However, he is helping with the farm and Dad always loves getting an extra hand. As I watch […] Read more

Sex vs. intimacy

Q: Ever since my husband started taking those little blue pills a few weeks ago, our sex life has improved immensely. It is still not as robust as it was when we were first married many years ago, but it is a huge step up from the frustrations we have experienced more recently. I do […] Read more

Setting boundaries

Q: When Mom and Dad were living on the farm, everything was workable. They would come into town every couple of weeks to pick up groceries and spend time with my husband and me and our three children. Our kids are very young. They loved running around Grandma and Grandpa and I loved the break […] Read more

Lethargic in retirement

Q: Although we continue to live on the home quarter, we turned most of our farm over to our two sons three years ago. My husband thought it was time for him to retire and both of our boys were eager to get out from under their dad’s control. So far it seems to be […] Read more

Rebuilding an emotional relationship after serious accident

Q: Our daughter and her friends were in a drinking and driving accident about 1 ½ years ago. One of the young people died in the accident. Our daughter was seriously injured. We were told that she might not survive the surgery, but she did and has had a remarkable recovery. She is still a […] Read more

Improving intimacy skills takes practice

Q: When I was a young boy, my family was in serious trouble. My dad was physically abusive toward my mom and my mom handled it by being unfaithful. Both of them drank too much. The great day in my life was the moment they decided to end their relationship and apply for a divorce. […] Read more

What to do about worrying

Q: My girlfriend is always telling me that I am too uptight. She thinks that I should learn to relax a bit more. I hate to admit it but I think that she is probably right. I seem to be worrying about something most of the time. I worry about the rain or crop or […] Read more

Making the most of the golden years

Q: I will be only 52 years old this September. But in many ways I think that I have done it all. My wife and I have been married for 28 years. We took over the family farm and with careful planning and hard work, we have managed turn it into a profitable venture. Both […] Read more

Fretting mother needs to find new interests

Q: My mother is driving all of us crazy. She phones my home three, four or more times every week, always worried about something. With the economy in a downturn these days, she is convinced that I am going to lose my job, that our kids will come down with some kind of a life-threatening […] Read more