Few legal options for addicts’ bad decisions

Q: Our son is addicted to cocaine. At the moment he is in a treatment program where by all reports he is doing very well. He is at least doing better there than he has done elsewhere. Dare we be so hopeful as to think that maybe this time he will get on top of […] Read more

Solution for loneliness often starts with becoming active

Q: As much as I hate to admit it to myself, let alone to someone else, the truth is that I am incredibly lonely. My husband and I separated nine years ago. Our only child left home three years afterward. My former husband has since remarried and started a new family. Our daughter has also […] Read more

Catching early signs is best way to prevent a relapse

Q: I hate to be cynical but it is like here we go again with our son-on-law. He has vowed to quit using whatever it is that gives him a lift, has spent a few sessions with an addictions counsellor and is attending NA (narcotics anonymous) meetings in our church basement. The problem for us […] Read more

It is a myth that children can leave home at age 16

Q: Years ago, when our son and his wife were filing for a divorce, they brought their son to our house and asked us to care for him. He has been with us ever since. We did not ask the courts for custody of our grandson. That did not appear to be an issue. We […] Read more

Regular exercise is beneficial, even for senior citizens

Q: I am finding that some things are difficult to take as I get older. The young lady who is covering for my doctor while he is on holidays is probably younger than most of my grandchildren. I am not sure that I can take her seriously. She thinks that I do not exercise enough. […] Read more

Parents will make or break attempts at shared custody

Q: After years of just kind of drifting apart, my wife and I have decided to end the charade we have been living and file for a divorce. Please understand that apart from disappointment, probably shared between the two of us, we are not parting through a hail of innuendoes or other moments of hatred […] Read more

Complicated grieving can have destructive consequences

Q: Things have been pretty rough for all of us this past year. My dad died somewhat unexpectantly. He was overweight, he smoked and once he left the farm, he did little to keep himself active. Still, he was only 59 years old and that caught all of us off guard. I am not sure […] Read more