Regular exercise is beneficial, even for senior citizens

Q: I am finding that some things are difficult to take as I get older. The young lady who is covering for my doctor while he is on holidays is probably younger than most of my grandchildren. I am not sure that I can take her seriously. She thinks that I do not exercise enough. […] Read more

Parents will make or break attempts at shared custody

Q: After years of just kind of drifting apart, my wife and I have decided to end the charade we have been living and file for a divorce. Please understand that apart from disappointment, probably shared between the two of us, we are not parting through a hail of innuendoes or other moments of hatred […] Read more

Complicated grieving can have destructive consequences

Q: Things have been pretty rough for all of us this past year. My dad died somewhat unexpectantly. He was overweight, he smoked and once he left the farm, he did little to keep himself active. Still, he was only 59 years old and that caught all of us off guard. I am not sure […] Read more

Tackling the delicate subject of childhood obesity

Q: I would like to talk to you about our 10-year-old son. He seems to be putting on a bit of weight. His dad says that this is nothing about which to be concerned, but I worry. I don’t think that overweight children are necessarily healthy. The problem is that I do not know what […] Read more

Finding a new career requires a pursuit of excellence

Q: We are going to have to give up the family farm. It is too small to be economically viable and I can’t get enough credit to invest the dollars we need to turn everything around. That is OK. We are all right with that. A couple of the larger farms in our area are […] Read more

Spreading out children by a couple of years can provide advantages to the kids.  |  WP file photo

Science recommends 18 to 24 months between babies

Q: I do not think that anything has brought as much joy to my life as did the birth of our first child. She is absolutely adorable. Both my girlfriend and I spend as much time as we can with our little girl and we take her just about everywhere we can. Naturally, our thoughts […] Read more

Worries about Alzheimer’s require honest conversation

Q: I have noticed lately that the crystal clear memory that sparkled so many years in my wife’s aura of talents is starting to fade a bit. She forgets where she puts her glasses, she missed at least two appointments with our family doctor and she can never remember when the grandchildren are scheduled for […] Read more

Two vacations in one way may help reduce holiday stress

Q: Since my husband and I retired, we have twice planned to take summer vacations to get away for a few days and to spend time with our grandchildren, who live out of province. We are planning to take a third one. So far, the vacations have been disasters. My fear is that this one […] Read more