Greedy people can suffer from anxiety

Q: This has always been a puzzle to me. Perhaps you can help me figure it out. My brother and I grew up on the same farm. We had the same parents, went to the same school and often hung around with the same kids (we are only 19 months apart in age). So why […] Read more

Fear of failure may cause reader’s lack of success

Q: For someone who was picked most likely to succeed from his Grade 12 graduating class, I have not done well for myself. I have failed at most everything that I have tried. I managed to get myself into a university and I graduated with a degree, but I cannot claim much for stellar success […] Read more

Too often parents are not starting out with reasonable guidelines to help their kids manage their phones before the kids have started playing with them. | Getty Images

Children need parental help managing their cellphones

Q: Against my better judgment, my husband and I have agreed to put a new cellphone under the Christmas tree for our 12-year-old son. My husband is about as enthusiastic for this thing as I am, but we see our boy wandering into the classroom in his school as one of the few students not […] Read more

Christmas in a seniors care home can be disappointing

Q: Years ago, I used to think that Christmas was the most wonderful season of the year. I would be up early Christmas morning to finish filling Christmas stockings for the children, then off to the kitchen to put together a big Christmas breakfast before we opened our presents. Then it was back into the […] Read more

Listening is best way to help aging parents

Q: After months of cajoling, begging and convincing we have finally talked my husband’s father into moving from his old house into our spare room. He was determined to stick it out on his own but since his wife died, he has struggled to look after himself properly. We know that he is not taking […] Read more

Few legal options for addicts’ bad decisions

Q: Our son is addicted to cocaine. At the moment he is in a treatment program where by all reports he is doing very well. He is at least doing better there than he has done elsewhere. Dare we be so hopeful as to think that maybe this time he will get on top of […] Read more

Solution for loneliness often starts with becoming active

Q: As much as I hate to admit it to myself, let alone to someone else, the truth is that I am incredibly lonely. My husband and I separated nine years ago. Our only child left home three years afterward. My former husband has since remarried and started a new family. Our daughter has also […] Read more