Build a new home around the kitchen table

Q: It was a bit of a sad day today. The men moving our old house off the property wrenched it free from its moorings early this morning and by lunchtime they had tied it into sets of wheels and started, very slowly, to take away what had been my home for years. I grew […] Read more

Suicide is the second leading cause for death in young people between the ages of 15 and 24. | Getty Images

Important to act on information about suicidal thoughts

Q: Last Thursday our daughter came home from school very upset. Apparently, one of her classmates took our daughter aside and told her that she was seriously considering suicide. The young girl in question insisted that our daughter swear confidence. This was to be a secret. In fact, our daughter tried to honour the commitment […] Read more

Shame of childhood sexual assault must be addressed

Q: When I was a little girl, my aunt and uncle used to come out to the farm to spend the occasional weekend with my parents and me. They brought with them their son, a young boy who was about five years older than I. Everyone thought he was a terrific kid so when he […] Read more

Stress leaves all of us with excess energy. If we do not get rid of that energy, it could do some personal damage. | Jeannette Greaves photo

Organization and exercise can relieve pandemic stress

Q: It has been a little over a year now since all of us have fallen victim to the pandemic that knows no bounds. It is all over the place, breaking out with even more infections just when we think that we might have parts of it under control. I know you have written various […] Read more

Psychologists are suggesting that those who do daily exercises (jogging, walk-ing, biking, running, swimming, for example) are less likely to let either their depression or their sadness drive them into despair. | Getty Images

Exercise important way to fight depression

Q: Early last fall our son was discharged from the psychiatric unit of a larger hospital in the city. He was 32 at the time, old enough and mature enough to be on his own, but we were worried about his well-being and asked him to stay with us until he was more settled and […] Read more

Outside assistance can help son who is in over his head

Q: When my husband died three years ago the least of my problems at the time seemed to be the farm. Our youngest son was pegged to take it over. Charlie had worked it out so that all four of our children got their fair share of the estate while maintaining the integrity of the […] Read more

Maintaining a close dialogue can help determine when someone with bipolar disorder needs to seek help.  | Getty Images

Talking about bipolar disorder is absolutely necessary

Q: I always knew that my husband had a bit of a problem, but I did not understand how significant it was. We recently spent time with our community’s psychiatrist and he said my husband is probably struggling with a bipolar disorder. That threw both of us, my husband and me, for a loop. The […] Read more

Stress can be relieved by turning a seemingly impossible challenge into something fun.  |  Getty Images

Farmer’s struggles show signs of cognitive dissonance

Q: I think my husband, otherwise known as either Mr. Lucky or the Miracle Farmer, has finally met his match. A little piece of land he picked up a few years ago is proving a challenge. My husband has always been a successful farmer. He has worked hard, studied almost as hard, and has been […] Read more

Many people do not fully appreciate the significance of the smile or the extent to which smiling is learned behaviour. | Getty Images

Significance of a smile is not always fully appreciated

Q: A few years ago my principal asked me if I would consider being the homeroom teacher for a Grade 7 class. Grade 7 is in the midst of what are often called “middle years” and is considered by many teachers to be the most challenging of all grades to be taught. I accepted the […] Read more