People are most likely to fall into personal despair without a special sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, and this is particularly true for residents of long-term care homes.  |  Getty Images

Need for relevance can affect experience in care home

Q: About a year ago we talked my mother into accepting her need for support and she got accepted by a long-term care facility. My husband and I spent more time looking after my mom in her house than we did caring for both our children and grandchildren in our house. Getting Mom into long-term […] Read more

Happiness is a byproduct of challenges on life’s journey

Q: With that awful virus that is going around our Grade 12 graduates have chosen to leave their ceremonial celebration until the early fall. They are hoping that the pandemic will by then have subsided and that somehow they can have a normal graduation without running too much interference with the fall harvest. For me, […] Read more

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome a complicated disorder

Q:Dear Mr. Andrews. A few years ago, our niece and her husband adopted a young baby. The child has always been a bit slower than other children his age appear, but no one thought much about it until (recently, just before schools were closed up) when his Grade 1 teacher sent a note home to […] Read more

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Graduation will still happen this year — just differently

Q: After watching our son and his friends for the past year and a half planning their high school graduation, you can appreciate all of the disappointment we saw when the coronavirus ripped all of their plans to shreds and graduation had to be cancelled. It has been hard. Graduation from high school was something […] Read more

Uncertain adjustment factor makes pandemic confusing

Q: I think most of us are somewhat puzzled by everything going on with the coronavirus these days. With so many opinions, many contradictory, it really is confusing. To my mind, the most confusing part of it is the proclamation made by so many people that we have, as they say, flattened our curve, that […] Read more