Alcoholic son ultimately responsible for his drinking

Q: Our son is an alcoholic. How he got custody of his two young children is beyond me, but he did get them, and that of course means that the children have moved over here and my husband and I are raising them. At the moment we do not know where their mother is. I […] Read more

Strong relationship with Mom can offset abusive father

Q: After years of verbal and emotional abuse I finally found the courage and strength to end our marriage and get away from my former husband. He never hit me, but the verbal and emotional abuse was constant and overwhelming. I could do no right, and just to make his point he swore at me […] Read more

Going for a walk may alleviate worries

Q: I think I am the world’s worst worrywart. I worry about just about everything, whether it be what time I should be getting up in the morning, to what should I have for breakfast, whether or not I should continue my career, or I worry about whether I should keep working where I am […] Read more

Confidants are important for sharing sensitive news

Q: My sister-in-law phoned last week just before we were to spend the night with her at their place and said, “you can’t stay here; we are having a problem with our family.” She was so upset on the telephone that I could not help but press her a bit to find out what was […] Read more

Same page parenting is tricky

Q: My husband and I agreed to write to you to see if you could give us a little guidance for dealing with our children. We need help parenting. The problem is that we are seldom together on this thing. I tend to be a little more rigid than he is, and within the family […] Read more

Psychologist may help teen’s school trouble

Q: I guess that it is my turn to talk about our son. He is 16 years old, has just started Grade 11 and is doing very poorly in school this year. We know that he is capable, but he does not appear to be interested in his school work, and the results are telling. […] Read more