Son isn’t the businessman that dad used to be

Q: I have for years been the parts guy at our local dealership. This has always been a great job for me. I have looked forward to heading out to work in the morning and I have made some really nice contacts with our regular customers. But things are changing. It is not as great […] Read more

Patience needed to deal with teenage brain

Q: I would like to talk to you about my son. He is 14 years old. For most of his life, he has been a wonderful boy. He was always eager and enthusiastic for just about anything. He was near the top of class in school, and he was a wonderful companion for his father […] Read more

Parentese helps Mom and Dad avoid ‘baby talk’ trap

Q: My husband and I could not be happier. After a series of failures and disappointments, we have finally had a successful pregnancy. He is the greatest little boy in the whole world and, of course, both of us love him dearly. We want to do what is best for him but that is presenting […] Read more

Husband encouraged to improve listening skills

Q: For the past four or five years, my wife has been a little more than edgy, downright unreasonable at times, and most often very difficult. I have no idea what is going on. About the only time she is at all sparking with the life that I used to see in her eyes is […] Read more

Son’s attention deficit diagnosis not the end of the world

Q: My husband and I have just returned from a school meeting with our son’s Grade 2 teacher and the school’s consulting psychologist. The teacher complained that our son is not settling into his school work and wants to refer him to a physician the school uses to work with kids diagnosed with attention deficit […] Read more

Greedy people can suffer from anxiety

Q: This has always been a puzzle to me. Perhaps you can help me figure it out. My brother and I grew up on the same farm. We had the same parents, went to the same school and often hung around with the same kids (we are only 19 months apart in age). So why […] Read more