Extraverts are stimulated by the world around them. Introverts are captivated by thought swithin themselves. | Getty Images

Extraverts and introverts can learn to live with each other

Q: What is the difference between an extravert and an introvert? A: I would like to approach the distinction between extraversion and introversion by talking about energy. All of us have energy. Some of it is biological, the push you pick up from healthy nutrition, eight hours of sleep at night and daily walks down […] Read more

The key to helping the grieving child move through his or her developmental challenges is to move from an external locus of control to an internal one. | Getty Images

Helping children cope with loss of a parent is complex

Q: The pandemic has put an extraordinary demand on my husband and me. We have been asked to care for our six-year-old grandson. The problem is this. Our son’s wife died last year, leaving our son alone to care for their child. I am not sure of the medical details of her death, but I […] Read more

Knowing that your difficult  mechanic is a man in trouble does  not take away from your responsibilities to the other guys in the  shop. | Getty Images

Changed attitude might help manage difficult employee

Q: I have a real problem. The guy in our shop who is without doubt the best mechanic we have on staff is also the biggest pain in the butt. This guy is totally self-absorbed. It is all about him. Whatever he has or does is the best, the biggest and the most impressive thing […] Read more

If you are properly assessed by both your family doctor and your psychiatric consult, some great things can be found to help you through these difficult times. | Getty Images

Feeling of abandonment requires treatment

Q: I am not sure how attractive I was when I was a young lady,but I never wanted for male attention and when I was going through any number of boyfriends I was never alone for very long. At times, I started a new relationship before I had quite finished with the old one. It […] Read more

Despite what those who advocate for marijuana use say, the truth is that the drawer filled with good research about marijuana is remarkably empty. | Getty Images

Doctor advice recommended before using pot to ease pain

Q: My wife and I are struggling with serious arthritis. It is like we have a race with each other early in the morning over who can get to the medicine cabinet first to swallow another tablet of Tylenol. Lately my son and his wife have suggested Tylenol is not the route to go. They […] Read more

Mindfulness gives us the tools with which we might deal more effectively with those poor hands we have been dealt. | Getty Images

Mindfulness can be a way to cope with challenging year

Q: As much as I love my wife I am very tired of her trying to get the two of us into couples counseling where, presumably, we will learn about something called mindfulness. This is a therapy that is supposed to help me feel better. But how do you feel better in the middle of […] Read more