Retirement requires rewards

Q: I hope that you have some ideas for me. I retired last spring. I was 73. I guess that is a little later than it is for most guys who retire, but I never really worried about it. For the past 30 plus years I had been a parts man at one of our […] Read more

Creating a safe workplace

Q: The #Me Too thing that is happening in the United States is making me nervous. Don’t get me wrong. I think that it is great that so many people are speaking out and taking their abusers to task. My problem is that I do not know where it stops. I am the manager-owner of […] Read more

There is no logic when it comes to understanding addiction

Q: I am not sure what is going on with my brother. We grew up in the same household. We watched together the same alcoholic dad get drunk and disorderly. We hid together in the same closet when both of our parents got drunk and started fighting with each other. We sat together in the […] Read more

Communication is key to escaping the abuse trap

Q: My girlfriend and I have put a deposit on a little house in town. We are planning to move into it together at the end of the month. If everything works out we are hoping that we can turn this relationship into a long-run, sure-thing bet, but both of us come from families loaded […] Read more

Power of attorney explained

Q: The other day my mother asked my husband if he would agree to be the power of attorney for her estate. My husband did not say much to my mom but he later told me that he does not want to be responsible for her life. He is afraid that becoming an attorney for […] Read more

How to help a young child cope with death

Q: Although my mother is only 74 years old, she is very sick and will likely not live past the summer. Mom and I have had a good relationship over the years. We love each other dearly and are as honest as two people ever could be with each other. I will miss her when […] Read more

Getting things done can be tough

Q: Our son has chosen to stay out of university this year. He says the pressure is more than he can bear. We know our son to be an extraordinarily intelligent young man so we are disappointed. However, he is helping with the farm and Dad always loves getting an extra hand. As I watch […] Read more