Two vacations in one way may help reduce holiday stress

Q: Since my husband and I retired, we have twice planned to take summer vacations to get away for a few days and to spend time with our grandchildren, who live out of province. We are planning to take a third one. So far, the vacations have been disasters. My fear is that this one […] Read more

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Spontaneous recovery from alcoholism not guaranteed

Q: I don’t know if there is a better way of helping you understand my long lost Uncle Fred than to see him for what he was — a hopeless drunk. He managed to drink his way through whatever money he picked up from Grandpa’s inheritance and in the process he cuffed two really short-term […] Read more

Adjusting to long-term care can be challenge for elderly

Q: My family was pretty happy when our mother was finally accepted into the residence of a long-term care facility for seniors living in our town. Mom had been living for years on her own in the little house she and our dad picked up when they moved into town, just before he died. Her […] Read more

Inappropriate hug needs to become learning moment

Q: When I drove to the city a few days ago to shop for a graduation present for my nephew, I ran into an old school friend in the jewelry store. I was excited. It has been years since I have seen her and that is sad. I miss her. We were very close friends […] Read more

Girls in elementary school can practise subtle bullying

Q: The other day my 10-year-old daughter came home from school in tears. I never did get the complete story from her but from what I can gather, she has been victimized by a group of her friends on the playground. They quietly call her names and leave her out when they are picking teams […] Read more

Couples should feel free to pursue their own interests

Q: Last night my granddaughter told me that she was planning to spend three weeks this summer hiking through the mountains. I thought that was a splendid plan for a summer vacation but when she told me that she was going with two of her girlfriends and that they decided to leave their husbands at […] Read more

Success will come when we learn to check our emotions

Q: My former husband has a bad habit of shooting himself in the foot just when things are starting to look good. When he and I were married, we would have what looked like an exceptional crop year but then he would charge off into some kind of a dumb decision and what was supposed […] Read more