Farmers across the Prairies face significant yield losses this year because of heat waves and lack of rain. Now they may not be able to fill earlier-signed production contracts. | Randy Vanderveen photo

Contract squeeze worries farmers

CAMROSE, Alta — As heat and drought burn up crops across the Prairies, many farmers wonder if they will have enough crop to fill what they thought were modest production contracts. “I worry about my barley because my barley is 70 percent priced and my canola is at 50 percent priced. A lot of farmers […] Read more

Most crops emerged well in Alberta’s Peace River country this spring but have stalled this summer due to lack of rain. | Randy Vanderveen photo

Extreme heat wave takes toll on Peace country crops

What started as a promising spring with good crop emergence is now looking like it may be one of the worst crops ever in Alberta’s Peace River country. “It is the hottest, driest, without-rain year we have ever seen,” said Rycroft farmer Bryan Woronuk. “Without rain at this point we will suffer large yield losses.” […] Read more

 Parker and Quinton Weiss work at the carousel for the afternoon milking at Hatview Dairy. | Alex McCuaig photo

Hatview Dairy makes it work in southern Alta.

On the Farm: Three generations of Weisses have operated their successful dairy just outside Medicine Hat for 70 years

The Prairies are best known for growing breadbasket crops and hosting the largest cattle herds in the nation. However, when it comes to dairy, Alberta doesn’t come top of mind. It may even be surprising to some that the province has the country’s third highest number of dairy farms — at slightly more than 500 […] Read more

Todd and Jack Rennebohm look at the book Todd wrote to help children cope when their parents deal with mental health challenges. | Christalee Froese photo

Despair turns into kids’ book about mental health

After hitting rock bottom, including a suicide attempt, Sask. man writes book to help children with mentally ill parents

INDIAN HEAD, Sask. — It was a very dark night that eventually led Todd Rennebohm out into the light. In the middle of a drinking and smoking binge in his garage, Rennebohm began thinking about how his kids, then aged 10 and 12, viewed his emotional struggles. Rock bottom had come after many challenges with […] Read more

Gregory Tylka, a professor with Iowa State University’s plant pathology and microbiology department, says soybean cyst nematode doesn’t always cause above-ground symptoms, which means farmers and agronomists must look for it on roots or collect soil samples. | Iowa State University photo

Soybean cyst nematode spreading rapidly

The nematode was found in 24 new counties and rural municipalities in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec from 2017-20

Researchers at Iowa State University have found soybean cyst nematode is rapidly spreading. SCN is the most damaging pathogen to soybean crops in the United States and Canada. First found in the U.S. in 1954, latest estimates show that it results in about $1.5 billion in annual yield losses They can also make plants more […] Read more

Colorado State University researchers studied conventional versus integrated field management, intensive rotational grazing, improved feed/supplements, breed comparisons, cattle life cycle management, feedlot versus grazing, fertilizer use changes and organic beef production. | Maria Johnson photo

Study suggests ways to reduce beef emissions

A recent study by researchers at Colorado State University looked at different strategies for reducing greenhouse gasses emitted during beef production. Researchers found the industry could achieve a 50 percent reduction in certain regions by enhancing some ranch management practices. However, in regions where GHG emission reduction practices are already in place, the gains are […] Read more

Scientists Gary Feng and Haile Tewolde test how fast water can infiltrate into soils that were fertilized by commercial inorganic fertilizer and those manured by poultry litter. | Photo courtesy Gary Feng

Poultry litter’s efficiency as fertilizer studied

Researchers discovered a significant positive impact on soil, which was less compacted and could hold much more water

Every year, poultry farmers raise millions of broiler chickens, turkeys and laying hens, and in 2019 Canadian chicken production generated $2.8 billion. Along with all the meat and eggs comes millions of tonnes of poultry litter. Much of it is spread on crops as fertilizer. While this practice is convenient, scientists at Mississippi State University […] Read more

The winding road of infertility was difficult and painful for Leah and Justin Bridgeman of Binscarth, Man., but ended happily, first with the IVF conception of Adalie, who was born in 2018, and then the natural conception of Kolt, who was born in 2020. | Submitted photo

Couple’s IVF story has happy ending

In vitro fertilization treatments are an expensive and emotionally exhausting option for those struggling with infertility

Many couples cope with the heartbreak and stress of infertility. For those living in rural areas, where access to specialists is limited, treatment options can often be less accessible and more costly than they are for urban residents. On top of the actual treatments, some of which are not covered by provincial health-care plans, rural […] Read more

For all the years I spent as a little girl, our shady front yard and the rambling old house that stood in the middle of it sheltered me from many of the harsh realities of life. | Getty Images

Old farmhouse gave shelter from life’s harsh realities

It takes a lot of living to make a house a home, and our house saw a lot of living. As a child I tried to imagine our sprawling farmhouse as the local showpiece it had apparently once been, painted in white with pale green gingerbread moldings above the triple bay windows. By the time […] Read more

Getting out a cookbook, finding a recipe and discovering you’re out of something doesn’t have to be the end of the world. | Getty Images

Don’t have an ingredient? Use something else

Getting out a cookbook, finding a recipe and discovering you’re 
out of something doesn’t have to be the end of the world

The following recipe originally came from an Australian friend, but as my aunt often said, when I got finished with it the list of ingredients had changed somewhat. She called it beef cottage pie and I normally refer to it as shepherd’s pie, even though true shepherd’s pie is made with lamb or mutton. I […] Read more