Markets not all doom and gloom, says federal economist

There’s a lot of silver lining those black clouds. That was the tenor of Peter Hall, chief economist of Export Development Canada, in his spring 2019 export market outlook session. If some of the gloom in today’s markets lifts, shining prospects for continued economic growth and greater demand lie ahead. “In our view, (the world […] Read more

Keeping out infected feed proves difficult for hog sector

Producers should know where their feed ingredients come from to avoid getting material from regions infected with African swine fever. But finding out is not as easy as one might think. Feed manufacturers in North America are beginning to think more about where they get their ingredients, how the feed is treated, how to minimize […] Read more

PED lessons useful for ASF threat

Porcine epidemic diarrhea was a disaster for thousands of producers but surviving it might have set up the industry to better handle the threat of African swine fever. “We learned a lot the hard way with PED,” said Scott Dee, a leading swine veterinarian from Minnesota, during the Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference. “When we […] Read more

The justification for the total block is that China said it had found a number of fake veterinary health certificates for meat products imported from Canada because of poor supervision, the newspaper said. | File photo

China shows that you can’t count on China – ever

China blocks Canadian pork and beef and proves itself a bad bet for any future relationships

China has now added Canadian pork and beef to its blockade of Canadian agricultural exports, as it continues to bash away at Canada. Canadian farmers will be the biggest losers. It hits them directly. Not only does the physical movement of meat get disrupted, but export prices will be discounted as Canadian product looks to […] Read more

A $52 million endowment would fund the Growing Outcomes in Watersheds program to pay farmers for protecting and preserving fragile ecosystems such as wetlands.  |  Robert Arnason photo

Man. to help farmers protect wetlands

Manitoba farm groups cheered the long-awaited news of government funding for environmental protection on farms. While details are scant, the just-before-the-election-blackout announcement from the Progressive Conservative provincial government seemed to promise support for something many farmers have sought for more than a decade. “It’s extremely positive news,” said Bill Campbell, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers. […] Read more

Farmers may question a recent projection that exports are likely to grow, but it never hurts to challenge assumptions.  |  File photo

Exports expected to grow once trade clouds blow over

A lot of people see black clouds not just on the export horizon, but almost covering the entire sky. Peter Hall of Export Development Canada sees the same sky but views it as a positive outlook. If all those clouds clear, it’ll be a bright, sunny sky. “We are seeing export growth going forward,” said […] Read more

India, Africa may lead boom in potential global pork growth

With all the talk in North America about Beyond Meat burgers and veganism, it’s easy to forget that the world hunger for meat is growing. Jim Long of leading swine genetics company Genesus thinks pork is going to remain king of the meats as the world grows hungrier for protein. “Pork is the number one […] Read more

The meat market may not have yet realized how big the African swine fever impact will be in China, and the United States corn crop is treading deeper into trouble. | File photo

Analysts predict wild ride in meat, grain markets

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride in meat and grain markets in coming months, analysts told the Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference. The meat market may not have yet realized how big the African swine fever impact will be in China, and the United States corn crop is treading deeper into […] Read more

High turnover not only upsets scheduling and steady operations, but also sees skills disappear. 
That affects how well pigs are served, and that affects their growth.
 | File photo

Hogs perform better with familiar faces

It’s well known that hog barn staff turnover is a real headache for the operators, but it’s difficult for the pigs too. If a hog operation can reduce annual staff turnover to 20 percent or less, it can help pigs grow better, the workplace operate better and business returns improve, said a speaker at the […] Read more

Options contracts are good solution in volatile markets

Hog futures could explode. Cash hog prices could crash. Corn prices could soar. Grain prices could slump. Markets always go up and down, but this summer is hosting much more potential for explosive volatility than most years, without even considering regular supply and demand issues. It’s a perfect time to use options contracts to hedge […] Read more