Adrienne Ehrhardt, a cybersecurity expert with U.S. law firm Michael Best and Frederich, said many farmers don’t realize how vulnerable their production systems are to cyberattacks.
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Producers urged to protect digital security

Farmers think about their industry being Big Iron, but it’s becoming more and more Big Cyber, and that’s where some serious production risks lie. If farmers don’t take cybersecurity seriously, they might face breakdowns that stop the Big Iron running. “Farming is very time sensitive,” said lawyer Doug Tait of Thompson Dorfman Sweatman of Winnipeg. […] Read more

Man. cattle producers demand solutions

The plight of Manitoba’s cattle producers was put in front of the premier and cabinet last week, but no easy solutions were offered in response. “This has been a disaster for us,” Orville Proctor, who farms north of Winnipeg, said at the Association of Manitoba Municipalities annual convention in Winnipeg Nov. 27. “I know you’re […] Read more

Grinning and bearing it on NAFTA2

I doubt I’m the only Canadian not exactly celebrating the official Big Man Signing of NAFTA2, which happened this morning. After all, it’s pretty much a case of Canada and Mexico making a bunch of concessions in order to stop U.S. President Donald J Trump tearing up NAFTA entirely and leaving us in a never-ending […] Read more

Fusarium headblight has caused all players in the grain industry to adjust, from farmers to elevator companies to the futures markets.  |  File photo

Fusarium creates new challenges

The disease hasn’t stopped farmers from growing cereals, but they now demand a much higher level of profitability

Fusarium headblight has been evolving for decades as it has spread through North America’s cereal grains areas. So too have farmers, buyers and processors, as the wheat and barley markets grapple with the costs and impacts of the fungal disease. “There’s a shift away from risky crops and to crops that are not as risky,” […] Read more

Jill Koop has gathered and created a wealth of rural western Canadian images, despite living in a big city.  |  Ed White photo

Beauty of the Prairies shared with others on Instagram

Do you think the Prairies are beautiful, bold, filled with drama and almost allegorical in their starkness? Are you disappointed in the way non-prairie people, and prairie urbanites, often describe the western plains as dull, boring, something to be gotten through on the way to somewhere else? If so, you should check out the Instagram […] Read more

Capturing short-term rallies critical for profitability

The market gives and the market takes away. But for a few years it has been, and probably will continue to be for years to come, more of a taker than a giver. That means farmers must learn how to take advantage of bear market rallies. They must also learn from the oil industry, which […] Read more

Farmers need to start clamouring for better grain transportation infrastructure if they don’t want to suffer the fate of oilsand producers.  |  File photo

Oil trouble shows risk of grain bottlenecks

You’re probably used to grain transportation constrictions costing you money and messing up your marketing plan. Don’t be too comfortable with that uncomfortable reality. It could get worse — a bunch worse. If you think 2013-14 or 1996-97 were bad, be thankful they were mostly one-year phenomena. Look over your fence line, or at the […] Read more

David Przednowek of CN speaks during a panel discussion entitled

Bottlenecks called threat to export dream

Logistical constrictions tighten as country tries to ship more food overseas, speakers argue at Grain World conference

Western Canadian farmers have incredible potential to become the world’s suppliers of premium proteins. The region has already begun producing ever larger amounts of the crops that consumers around the planet have been clamouring for. However, bottlenecks and logistical constrictions get tighter at the same rate, and that potential might be strangled without policy, commitment, […] Read more

Frederic Seppey, assistant deputy minister of agriculture for trade, says Canada seeks to strengthen the World Trade Organization and move aggressively to build new trade relationships.  |  Ed White photo

Canada, U.S. go in opposite trade directions

The United States is backing away from multilateral deals, while Canada continues to sign those kinds of agreements

We’re neighbours, but Canada and the United States are racing into different worlds when it comes to world trade. That became obvious from comments by leading American and Canadian trade policy experts at the Grain World conference Nov. 13. “I think there’s probably a greater chance that I will grow a full head of hair […] Read more

The Americans’ recent bungling of trade files means their country is far behind Canada, which must make the most of these new-found opportunities.  |  File photo

U.S. trade mess is Canada’s chance to gain advantage

So, what now? With the U.S. midterm elections done, we have more certainty about who has the power and influence in Washington for the next two years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t provide a lot of certainty for trade. Will the U.S. approve NAFTA2? Will the U.S. attempt to get back into the new Trans-Pacific Partnership? Most […] Read more