Symptoms of broken nose

Q: A few days ago, I had an accident when my dog panicked when it saw a deer outside my window and pushed me into a door. I hit my nose hard and it bled profusely for about 10 minutes. It hurt a lot. It looks straight, but how do I know if it is […] Read more

Basal cell carcinoma appears as a small bump and can be surgically removed. | Canadian dermatology association photo

Pictures help to take a closer look at cancers

Q: I recently read your good article on skin cancer. It would be great to follow up with a colour photo of the three cancers. I used to have a chart that showed all three skin cancers. It is good to read about them, but pictures will save more lives. A: A picture is worth […] Read more

How much sleep do kids need?

Q: I have noticed that a lot of parents seem to let their children stay up late so that they all go to bed at about the same time, maybe as late as 10 or 11 p.m. I understand that this may be because the parents don’t see their children all day because they are […] Read more

Calcium loss, cola link?

Q: Is there any research suggesting a correlation between consuming carbonated drinks and depletion of calcium in the body? A: Let me make a distinction between carbonated drinks such as sparkling water or Perrier and pop or sodas. Carbonated drinks do not leach calcium out of your body, but it is a different story with […] Read more

Stroke needs quick response

Q: I have had high blood pressure for a few years now. I am taking pills for it, but it is still high. I am 75 years old and female. I know that I am likely to have a stroke at my age. I was wondering if it is safe or a good idea to […] Read more

Dry, runny eyes common

Q: I have a problem with dry eyes, although sometimes they do the opposite and I get excessive tearing. What causes that and what can I do for them? I am 80 years old. A: Dry eyes are common in people more than 50 years old and menopausal women, but can occur in younger individuals […] Read more

Defence lawyer presents case, jury decides guilt

Lawyers who practice criminal defence are often asked how they can defend criminals in good conscience. While this is certainly a valid question, it is often predicated on the assumption that when criminal defence lawyers argue for a client’s acquittal, or not guilty verdict, they are presenting their personal belief that the accused is innocent. […] Read more