Data collection plays vital role in modern pig farming

We are all living in a COVID-19-induced era of physical distancing, home schooling and “normalcy-disruption.” Another COVID-19 induced observation is the general public’s exposure to health data. For several months now, we have not only been bombarded with COVID-19 related health data, but there is a better understanding by society of disease transmission rates, biosecurity […] Read more

Removing wood surfaces, such as this crate, was a significant health advancement because new non-porous surfaces made cleaning easier.  |  Photo supplied by Blaine Tully

Production breakthroughs help farmers improve piglet survival

Our veterinary practice recently celebrated the grand opening of our new training and education centre. We have called it the Sheridan Room. It was named after Dr. Mike Sheridan, who may not be familiar to those outside the swine sector, but during his 35-year veterinary career he played a large part in the growth and […] Read more

On March 6, 2014, the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) released the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs, known as the new pig code.
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Industry makes great strides to enhance hog welfare

The swine sector at times falls under scrutiny by various groups that have both open and hidden agendas, trying to shed light on what they think hog farmers are doing “behind the curtain.” I plan to take this opportunity to pull back the curtain and highlight some of the excellent work the swine sector has […] Read more

African swine fever keeps pig vet up at night

As a swine veterinarian practising in Manitoba for 18 years, my days are typically spent dealing with health and productivity challenges in hog operations of various shapes and sizes. One of the things that all of these very different farms have in common is the risk of a foreign animal disease entering Canada and the […] Read more