Farmers must deal with everything from trade uncertainties to the weather, and if governments want to ensure participation in the carbon offsets plan, producers need to have a voice, said Hannah Konschuh, a farmer who lives near Cluny, Alta. | File photo

Farmers demand say in design of carbon offset systems

Farmers must have a seat at the table during the development of carbon offset systems to ensure producers get the maximum benefit, said a director with the Alberta Wheat Commission. Although farmers are stewards of the land, they are also businesspeople, said Hannah Konschuh, a farmer who lives near Cluny, Alta. They must deal with […] Read more

Cervus Equipment works on the Smart Farm at Olds College during last year’s harvest. | Olds College photo

Smart Farm helps make high-tech agriculture a reality

Olds College is showing how computers will revolutionize the way modern prairie agriculture is about to be carried out

A computer control room isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when people think of farming, but Stuart Cullum says such technology is already sort of here. “I mean, a lot of what’s happening on the farm can be seen on a computer in a control room, so to speak — a person […] Read more

A pathologist trims the formalin fixed tissues from a postmortem examination in the diagnostic services unit at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Specific areas of the tissue are selected so that they can be processed and made into glass slides for review under the microscope. | University of Calgary/Jager and Kokemor photo

Poultry farmers support diagnostic initiative

Alberta’s four poultry producer boards have formed a partnership with the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to support a poultry diagnostic system for the province. The school is “incredibly excited about the opportunity this has for shaping the future of the poultry industry,” said Jennifer Davies, director of the faculty’s Diagnostic Services Unit […] Read more

AFSC offices in High Prairie, High River, Rimbey, Smoky Lake and Spirit River will close as of May 1. | Screencap via

AFSC scraps spring price endorsement, wildlife top-up

A provincial crown corporation that helps Alberta producers and agribusinesses with everything from crop insurance to loans is cancelling two programs and permanently closing five branch offices. “These are very difficult decisions,” said chief executive officer Darryl Kay of Agriculture Financial Services Corp. in a statement about the closures. They will occur in High Prairie, […] Read more

Coal mining in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes has come under intense public pressure since the government rescinded the province’s coal policy last year. | Mike Sturk photo

Alberta unveils details of coal consultations

Producers launch two independent studies to look at the potential impact of open-pit coal mining in the Eastern Slopes

The provincial government has appointed what it called an independent external committee to lead what it describes as a “comprehensive public engagement to inform the development of a modern coal policy for Alberta.” The five-member committee will be responsible for designing and conducting the engagement, said a provincial statement. In the meantime, Albertans are invited […] Read more

Farming Smarter's Ken Coles presents a 2020 trial with the strip tiller and Monosem precision planter in the background.  | Farming Smarter photo

Precision planting, strip tillage to be studied

Alta. research centre launches project exploring what methods and tools are needed to boost canola yields by 35 percent

A three-year research project will not be reinventing the wheel in its efforts to help southern Alberta farmers find ways to meet the rising demand for canola, says an expert. “It’s a really great example of what I consider adaptive research,” said Ken Coles, executive director of Farming Smarter. The project involves taking proven technologies […] Read more

Producers have launched two independent studies to look at the potential impact of such projects on areas such as this in the Mt. Livingston Range, said Laura Laing of the Plateau Cattle Co. | Laura Laing photo

Alta. producers launch coal mining studies

Ranchers fighting against open-pit coal mining in the Eastern Slopes aren’t waiting for the provincial government to provide details about public consultations for a new coal policy for Alberta. Producers have launched two independent studies to look at the potential impact of such projects, said Laura Laing of the Plateau Cattle Co. A study into […] Read more

The program will include information sessions for workers on illness prevention and personal protection, said a project statement. | File photo

Prairie program set up to help foreign workers

The initiative includes providing information sessions for workers about illness prevention and personal protection

Fourteen groups across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have partnered in a nearly $2 million project primarily aimed at helping temporary foreign agricultural workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Obviously, the safety of these people is very important,” said Fariborz Birjandian, chief executive officer of the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, which is helping to lead the initiative. […] Read more

The proposed legislation, called an Act to Protect Our Mountains, would also

Alberta NDP introduces bill to ban coal mining

The private member’s bill would stop future mining on the Eastern Slopes and require consultations on the region’s future

Alberta’s opposition NDP plans to start a private member’s bill to immediately ban future coal mining for all categories of land on the province’s Eastern Slopes. “The bill would then require a full consultation, based on current and best science, with all Albertans and with Indigenous communities to establish effective protections across the Eastern Slopes,” […] Read more

Food companies that are not yet big enough to build their own processing facilities can rent suites at the Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator. This photo was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic. | Alberta Agriculture photo

Business incubator expands

An Alberta facility that helps establish and expand agri-food businesses will itself be expanding thanks to $24 million from the provincial government. The Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator in Leduc will be able to provide more space for people to develop products without having to risk building their own manufacturing facilities, said director of operations Dan […] Read more