Canola backs away from lofty heights

WINNIPEG (CNS) – It was a busy week for canola contracts on the ICE Futures Complex as the most-active July contract rocked and rolled between C$530 to C$540 per tonne before ultimate settling at the C$528 mark on April 11. The last time the dominant canola contract was above the C$535 mark was in November […] Read more

Chinese trade dispute with U.S. could open window for CDN peas

WINNIPEG (CNS) – As trade tariffs between China and the U.S. mount, so too does the potential for other countries to swoop in and plug the gap in whatever market may need filling. While soybeans are one of the few agricultural items that have been included in the tit-for-tat trade battle by the Chinese, it […] Read more

Chinese tariffs raise tough questions for pork industry

WINNIPEG, April 6 (CNS) – Representatives from the two largest pork exporting states in the United States were in Winnipeg April 5 to take in the Manitoba Pork Council’s general meeting. The delegates, who hailed from Iowa and Minnesota, talked about the various challenges facing their industry. In 2017, over a quarter of the U.S. […] Read more

Soybeans wade through turbulent trade waters

WINNIPEG (CNS) – Soybean futures on the Chicago Board of Trade suffered sharp losses on Wednesday, April 4, after China said it would slap a 25 per cent tariff on soybean imports in retaliation for U.S. sanctions that had been placed on it. The dominant May contract plummeted 55 cents to US$9.83 a bushel, before […] Read more

Prairie spot corn prices strengthen amid logistics challenges

WINNIPEG (CNS) – Corn prices across the Prairies have broken out of their long-held range, which should put cash in producers’ pockets, but it may not be enough to significantly increase seeding plans this spring. For much of 2017 and the early portion of 2018, corn prices in Western Canada were hanging around the C$4.00 […] Read more

Soybeans running out of time for move upwards

WINNIPEG (CNS) – Soybean futures on the Chicago Board of Trade came off their highs during the week and could be poised for further losses, according to a trader. The most-active May contract recorded a high of US$10.77 a bushel on March 7 but ended at US$10.32 during the March 14 close. Jack Scoville of […] Read more

Enjoy stable diesel market while you can – analyst

WINNIPEG (CNS) – The short-term outlook for the diesel market in North America calls for current prices to remain largely untouched through spring planting, however it could change drastically after that. According to Tom Kloza of the Oil Price Information Service in New Jersey, prices for diesel could even get higher than crude oil. “It […] Read more

Weekly Manitoba cattle report

WINNIPEG(CNS) – The effects of this winter’s cold temperatures are starting to become evident as cattle in Manitoba seem to be showing up at auctions weighing slightly more than last year. “Cattle eat well in the cold and they eat more when it’s cold,” said Allan Munroe of Killarney Auction Mart. He adds last year’s […] Read more

Canola picks up gains amid market turmoil

  Winnipeg, MB, (CNS Canada) – The ICE Futures Canada canola posted gains to finish the week, taking support from the Canadian currency. The Canadian dollar was lower, relative to its U.S. counterpart, which made canola more attractive to international buyers. Gains in U.S. soybeans were supportive for the market. A proposal by U.S. President […] Read more