Ospreys are a species-at-risk success story in Canada and an example of what can be done to help other at-risk species recover.
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Recovery of plants, animals possible

I lost my Cracker Jack wildlife cards sometime in the 1980s, but the images printed on the cards are still vivid in my mind. The small cards came wrapped in clear plastic and featured a holographic image of a wildlife species in danger. I can still see the pencil marks in the top drawer of […] Read more

Canada needs to protect and restore grasslands for the benefit of endangered species.  |  File photo

The world’s most endangered ecosystem

Ask any Canadian kid to name the world’s most endangered ecosystem and chances are you’ll hear one of the following answers: rainforests or coral reefs. There is no question that both of these are endangered. These ecosystems are the focus of international campaigns to protect hot spots of species diversity. They are the focus of […] Read more