Delaying ratification of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement at this stage may only have negative impact on relations with our trading partners, who reserve the right to move ahead on a bilateral deal if Canada takes too long to ratify.  |  File photo

We need to get a new NAFTA deal done

It’s time to restore predictability to trade in North America. The best way to do that is to pass legislation to implement the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement without delay. After three years of negotiating and waiting, Canadian farmers and agri-food exporters need certainty and stability. That’s why it is encouraging to see that the House of […] Read more

All party leaders and their candidates are asked to take the time to appreciate the important contribution that agri-food exports make to the Canadian economy.  |  File photo

An open letter to federal party leaders

Dear Party Leaders: As the voice of Canadian agri-food exporters, representing the 90 percent of farmers, producers, food processors and agri-food exporters who rely on global markets for their livelihoods, the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance is writing to express what’s needed for Canada’s agri-food exporters as we enter the homestretch of the 43rd election. As […] Read more