There are many things to consider from a tax perspective when retiring, and all of them have different tax implications.  |  File photo

Consider these tax issues when retiring from farming

Retiring from farming may sound like a term rarely heard but it does happen, often in many ways. Whether it’s transitioning the farm to the next generation, selling the assets of the farm slowly over time or getting out all at once, there are many things to consider from a tax perspective — all of […] Read more

Feds abandon plan to eliminate deferral option for farmers

The federal government has backed away from its proposal to eliminate the ability for Canadian farm families to manage their tax bill using deferred cash purchase tickets. Given the significant media attention that the federal government’s July 18 tax reform white paper has received, many Canadians may have forgotten the government also proposed eliminating this […] Read more

How to protect yourself from tax scammer emails, calls

Scams and scammers have been around as long as there was money to be made and innocent people trusting enough to believe them. They have never been more prevalent with the rise of technology, social media and the increased global connectivity of the internet. As an accountant, my clients often ask about two very similar […] Read more