Treatments for cough

Q: I have just got over a cold and I am still coughing several weeks later. This seems to happen every time I get a cold, which fortunately is not often. Maybe one a year. I have tried everything from cough mixtures and cough candies to antibiotics and nasal sprays. Nothing seems to make much […] Read more

Popular prescriptions

Q: Is it true that the most pre-scribed drugs in North America are for psychiatric conditions? A: That is not quite correct, although they do feature in the list of top sales in North America. There has been a lot of talk about doctors overprescribing anti-psychotic medications to the elderly in long-term care to keep […] Read more

Cushing’s Syndrome

Q: Would you please explain Cushing’s disease. How is it diagnosed? What are the symptoms? A: Cushing syndrome results from excess levels of the hormone cortisol. It is produced in various glands, usually the adrenal that is situated above the kidneys on both sides, and the pituitary gland, which is in the centre of the […] Read more

Food intolerances require trial and error

Q: I read the Dec. 4, 2014, article about phenylketonuria (PKU) with great interest. I have been struggling with a likely metabolic disorder for years without a definitive diagnosis. The best guess so far has been the catch-all term of food intolerance. I get bad dreams and feel like I have a terrible hangover. It […] Read more

Get checked if some forms of cancer run in the family

Q: I have heard that there are some varieties of cancer that are hereditary. I wonder if it is in my family. I do not have any signs of cancer, but there have been people in my family who have died of cancer. Some of them were only in their 40s: one parent, two uncles, […] Read more

Prescription change may reduce side-effects

Q: I have had some severe side-effects to the statin drug Lipitor, so bad that I ended up in hospital for two days. I have a high level of cholesterol, but have never had a heart attack. My doctor has prescribed Crestor because she says it has fewer side-effects. I have looked it up online […] Read more

Talk about risks to keep children safe

Q: My 14-year-old daughter has a laptop computer that she needs for school, but I’m concerned that she’s spending too much time with social media like Facebook and Twitter. Should I try to control the amount of time she spends online or use parental controls? I do not want her to be at risk of […] Read more

Hair loss doesn’t exclusively affect men

Q: I am a 52-year-old woman and am in good health apart from the fact that my hair seems to be getting thinner and is beginning to recede, rather like a balding man. It is also thinning on the top and back. There is a lot of hair on my hair brush. What is causing […] Read more