Wearing face masks during COVID not a health hazard

Q: I have asthma and I have heard that wearing a mask can reduce your oxygen levels and give you headaches. Is it safe for me to wear a mask or should I get a note from my doctor excusing me from wearing one in public places. A: The Public Health Agency of Canada has […] Read more

Variety of causes to be explored when treating anemia

Q: I am a 45-year-old woman. The last time I went for routine blood tests, my doctor noticed that I am anemic. He has ordered more tests to see what caused this. He thinks it may be from my periods, which have been a little heavier recently. What else do you think may be causing […] Read more

Omega 3 may be Ritalin alternative for treating ADHD

Q: My nine-year-old son has been diagnosed with ADHD — attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He has trouble concentrating in school and is easily distracted and impulsive. The doctors recommended Ritalin as a medication, but I am worried about the risks of addiction. Is there any other, safer way of treating this condition? A: In children […] Read more

Delays in speaking can signal something more serious

Q: At what age should a young child be able to speak so that you can understand what they are saying? My nephew is four years old and although he chats away happily, you can’t make out more than one or two obvious words. A: Most babies can say words like “mama” or “dada” at […] Read more

Broken heel bone likely puts ends to back-packing trek

Q: I am hoping you might offer some advice regarding an injury a 21-year-old otherwise healthy and active female has suffered in Spain. She fell on rocks and broke and displaced a small chunk on her heel. She went to a hospital, was given a boot and crutches and told it would take two weeks […] Read more

Treatments for cough

Q: I have just got over a cold and I am still coughing several weeks later. This seems to happen every time I get a cold, which fortunately is not often. Maybe one a year. I have tried everything from cough mixtures and cough candies to antibiotics and nasal sprays. Nothing seems to make much […] Read more

Popular prescriptions

Q: Is it true that the most pre-scribed drugs in North America are for psychiatric conditions? A: That is not quite correct, although they do feature in the list of top sales in North America. There has been a lot of talk about doctors overprescribing anti-psychotic medications to the elderly in long-term care to keep […] Read more

Cushing’s Syndrome

Q: Would you please explain Cushing’s disease. How is it diagnosed? What are the symptoms? A: Cushing syndrome results from excess levels of the hormone cortisol. It is produced in various glands, usually the adrenal that is situated above the kidneys on both sides, and the pituitary gland, which is in the centre of the […] Read more