Australia increases live cattle shipments

Beef production in Australia was almost brought to its knees when the government banned all live cattle shipping to Indonesia in 2011 because of concerns about animal welfare. Indonesia is a major market for Australian live beef cattle, taking in about 700,000 cattle per year. The ban lasted one month but it had severe knock-on […] Read more

U.K. raises African swine fever risk to medium

The British government has raised the risk of African swine fever entering the United Kingdom via contaminated meat imports from low to medium. In the most recent reassessment of the disease spreading westward across Europe, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) says it has raised the risk on a temporary basis and […] Read more

Olives grow on land on a Croatian farm cleared of land mines. Twenty-five percent of the mines that are cleared explode.  |  Chris McCullough photo

Croatian minefields now produce olive oil, wine

A co-operative was forced to first clear farmland of land mines left over from the Croatian War of Independence

Almost 30 years have passed since Croatia and Serbia were at war during the Croatian War of Independence but remnants of that conflict exist today. In 2018, agriculture has taken over the battlefields with glorious results, particularly for the MasVin co-operative based at Ravni Kotari. Run by owners Radoslav Bobanovic and Zeljko Uzelac, MasVin, which […] Read more

Stalling population to slow ag production

Meat demand is also expected to decline, which would slow demand for cereals and protein meal used to feed livestock

A decline in population growth combined with slower demand for meat will weaken agricultural production over the next 10 years, said a report from the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The lower demand for meat will also put the brakes on demand for cereals and protein meal used in animal […] Read more

European farmers suffer extreme drought

Arable crop yields have been hit the hardest with latest estimates suggesting Germany’s wheat crop may fall 6.5 percent

European farmers are suffering from one of the worst droughts in decades. With temperatures exceeding 30 C and no rain falling for more than a month, livestock, crops and grass are withering. The combines are in the fields earlier than normal, but that is not such a good sign considering yields are well below normal […] Read more

It took them awhile to catch on, but Michael Sweeney’s cattle are now eating the watermelons, rind and all.  |  Michael Sweeney photo

Australian cattle fed watermelons

Prolonged drought in eastern Australia has forced the price of hay up threefold, leaving livestock farmers facing huge bills to feed their cattle and sheep. In some parts of New South Wales, farmers are shipping in hay from hundreds of kilometres away, even from Western Australia, just to get their livestock some feed. However, one […] Read more

Dr. Christine Tait-Burkard from the Roslin Institute said the results are exciting, but commercial use is still some years off.  |  Roslin Institute photo

British scientists produce PRRS-resistant pig

Pigs do not become infected with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome when part of their DNA is removed

A new study by scientists in Scotland has produced a pig resistant to a costly disease by tinkering with the animal’s DNA. Research carried out at the Roslin Institute, which is part of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, found pigs do not become infected with porcine reproductive and […] Read more

Claas plans to send the necessary documents to Guinness so the world record can be officially confirmed.  |  Claas photo

Claas smashes mowing record

A Colorado farmer has set a new world record for the most hay cut in eight hours. The mowing record was smashed July 1 by a Claas Disco 1100 RC conditioner mower unit, which cut 348.7 acres of alfalfa in slightly less than eight hours. Tate Mesbergen from Mesbergen Farms near Greeley drove a Claas […] Read more

Harvesting and grain storage are massive affairs on John Nicoletti’s farm. | Photo supplied by John Nicoletti

Aussie grain giant puts mega farm up for sale

The owner of the 495,000 acre farm is asking $72 to $82 million
for what is one of Australia’s largest arable operations

One of Australia’s biggest arable farms extending to 495,000 acres is up for sale at a price tag of $72 to $82 million. Western Australian grain giant John Nicoletti decided to retire from grain farming at 64 years old. The sale represents the biggest offering of a single parcel of broad acre farming land ever […] Read more