The Morrison family operates a dairy operation near Woodslee, Ont., and has been expanding the operation as quickly as quota allows.  |  Vicky Morrison photo

Fighting for dairy quota called monthly battle

Ontario farmers say they are having a hard time finding extra quota to accommodate the ups and downs of butterfat production

Dairy farmers in Canada who wish to expand are finding it tough to find extra butterfat quota. William and Vicky Morrison with their son Scott, 15, and daughter Jane, 11, milk 180 cows on their farm just outside Woodslee, Ont. With a milk price averaging 75 cents per litre, dairy farming is paying the bills […] Read more

New skin tests developed to detect bovine tuberculosis

Welsh scientists have developed two new skin tests for cattle that may help fight the global battle against bovine tuberculosis. Research by two scientists from Aberystwyth University has helped formulate two tests for the ravaging cattle disease, one that can detect if an animal is infected with bovine tuberculosis and the other that can detect […] Read more

Scientists find that wheat modified to have fewer spores uses water more efficiently.  |  Chris McCullough photo

Wheat designed to use water more efficiently

British scientists develop a type of bread wheat that uses less water while maintaining photosynthesis and yield

A new wheat that can better survive drought conditions has been developed by scientists. Researchers at the University of Sheffield’s Institute for Sustainable Food in the United Kingdom discovered that fewer microscopic pores called stomata on the leaves allowed plants to make better use of water. The research was then used to develop a new […] Read more

Hebridean Seaweed is conducting trials to measure the most efficient method of drying.  |  Chris McCullough photo

Venture proves seaweed’s worth as cattle feed

Research shows a small amount of the marine algae added to feed can reduce methane emissions by 99 percent

Global demand for seaweed is increasing as it becomes more recognized as a good source of vitamins and minerals for humans and livestock. It is also a good source of amino acids, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. As well, it acts as a good soil fertilizer and has been used by the cosmetics industry. Feeding […] Read more

Life is now good for Adam Watson with wife Laura and young son Abel.  |  Chris McCullough photo

Young U.K. farmer opens up about depression

A dairy producer from Northern Ireland shares his story about dealing with what he calls the ‘black hood’ of depression

Three years ago, Northern Ireland dairy farmer Adam Watson was not in a good place. Stress from falling milk prices and his forthcoming wedding started to affect his mental health. Little did Watson know then that those pressures would boil over and push him to a point where he seriously considered taking his own life. […] Read more

The Hands Free Farm in Great Britain is preparing to grow three different grains on 85 acres thanks to extra funding. These photos are from last year’s project.  |  Hands Free Hectare photo

Autonomous farm project expands in Britain

The project harvests grain using only robots and autonomous machinery, including a tractor, combine and drones

Extra funding has been made available to expand an autonomous arable farming project in the United Kingdom. Initially launched in 2016 by Harper Adams University and Precision Decisions, the Hands Free Hectare project was designed to demonstrate that one hectare of grain (2.47 acres) could be grown to harvest without humans setting foot on the […] Read more

Sylvi Listhaug implied that Norwegians shouldn’t be told what to do when it comes to health.
 | Getty Images

Norwegian health minister encourages meat eating

Norway’s new health minister has said people should be allowed to eat as much red meat as they want. Sylvi Listhaug implied that Norwegians shouldn’t be told what to do when it comes to health. She made the comments during an interview conducted by Norwegian broadcaster NRK who noticed Listhaug was eating red meat. “My […] Read more

Spanish farmers furious as released bear kills sheep

Farmers in Spain are on the lookout for a bear that killed eight sheep earlier this spring after it was released through a government program in neighbouring France. Talks were held between the French and Spanish governments after the female brown bear crossed the border into Spain and went on a killing spree. Back in […] Read more

A farm based at a port in Rotterdam, the Netherlands now has 32 cows in a highly mechanized operation.  |  Chris McCullogh photo

Cows enter world’s first floating dairy farm

The world’s first floating dairy farm has accepted its first cows. Thirty-two animals recently arrived at the farm, based at the port at Rotterdam in The Netherlands. And what a luxury farm it is, with robotic milking, a slurry robot, spacious cubicles, automatic belt feeder and a rubber walkway. A nearby field offers the cows […] Read more

The Munger family at the Wayside Brahman Stud farm near Francistown, Botswana, prepare one of their bulls for a photo shoot.  |  Chris McCullough photo

Southern Africa farmers remain optimistic

A visit to South Africa and Botswana finds producers taking steps to improve their operations and prepare for the future

Farm attacks in South Africa are reported almost on a daily basis. There is no denying they happen — the tragic results are plain to see. But what can be done about it? How does this affect how other farmers get on with life and their daily work? I’ve been fortunate enough to visit and […] Read more