Your new truck or car may be a bit bigger than your laptop, but it performs the same way. | File photo

Electronics in vehicles require a change in thinking

We ask manufacturers to put more and more gadgets into our implements and vehicles. We want voice recognition, hard drives to store client lists and our favourite music. The climate control has to have zones and work automatically. Remote start is a must, as is the built-in garage opener. The list goes on. One thing […] Read more

Rain kept a lot of combine operators out of their regular office this fall. Charles Renny spent his down time testing this Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab. The cabin in the Mega Cab is actually 20 inches longer than on a normal Quad Cab.  |  Charles Renny photo

This pick-up truck goes big — really big

Because of rain, I had trouble getting quality time in my regular dusty green fall office. So to fill the days, Chrysler Canada sent me a Ram 3500 Mega Cab in premium trim with the Cummins diesel coupled to a six-speed Aisin automatic transmission. Mega Cab really is mega. The cabin is 20 inches longer […] Read more

If supporting the North American economy is your goal, then you should consider that the Toyota Tundra TRD PRO contains 73.5 percent North American parts. That’s more than any other pickup sold on this continent. Note the five bolt wheels, indicating this is not intended to be a heavy duty truck.  |  Toyota photo

The 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO, more North American

My buddies gave me grief about driving a Japanese pickup when I showed up in a Tundra. Just to set the record, and them, straight, Tundras are built in San Antonio Texas and have 73.5 percent North American content. For all the Big-Three fans out there, Tundra has more North American content than any other […] Read more

 The Canadian version of the 2018 Ridgeline is only available with AWD, a system that’s gaining popularity over 4WD. The 2018 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E model shown here is in Deep Scarlet Pearl.  |  Honda Canada photo

Honda Ridgeline remade into a whole new truck

Honda isn’t the only company with truck news, but last year when Honda introduced the second-generation Ridgeline as a 2018 model, the redesign was so radical you might say that Honda picked up the radiator cap and slid a new truck under it. If you were blindfolded and put into the truck, you wouldn’t believe […] Read more

The paint on this 1953 McCormick IH W-4 Standard owned by Michael Werezak and restored by Roy Suchar shows well.  |  Charles Renny photo

Vehicle restoration means that old is new — again

Restorations are not new. People have been finding and fixing things for years but we’ve recently taken this concept to a different level. There are shows for almost anything. Shows where enthusiasts mix with curious show goers and have a pleasant day talking to old and new friends. In addition, we have all watched auctions […] Read more

Power Wagon is now its own model in the 2500 series of 
RAM and starts at $59,195. After that there are about two pages of options that can be added, and as far as I know my tester was a plain version with nothing extra. Base for a 2500 RAM is around $49,000 so figure $10,000 for the Power Wagon equipment.  Despite the image portrayed 
by the historic Power Wagon name, the latest version has a 1,510-pound load capacity, including passengers.
|  Charles Renny photo

Power wagon comfortable but load capacity is weak

Once I’m in the 2017 RAM Power Wagon, it is great to be in. The seat is comfortable and fully power adjustable. All controls are right at hand and just about everything is a dial type switch, from the gear selector to the 4 X 4 system. The centre console is large enough to hold […] Read more

Tires made all the difference between two test drives of the Toyota Tacoma.  |  Toyota photo

A tale of two trucks: performance starts from the ground up

Never before has it been so important to pay attention to which truck package was tested when you read a review. For example, take the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. I first drove the Tacoma TRD (Toyota Racing Department) as part of a test of small trucks for the Canadian Truck King Challenge. The challenge is designed […] Read more

The 2016 F150 is 700 pounds lighter due to aluminum panels in non-stressed body components. The entry level engine is a turbo-charged in-line four cylinder.  |  Ford Canada photo

Truck wars take a twist

Rather than duke it out over who has more torque or better anti-sway control, Ford and General Motors are sniping at each other with television ads over what their trucks are made out of. Ford makes extensive use of aluminum, while GM says it uses aluminum where needed and steel where it matters. Let’s look […] Read more

Ford’s F350 King Ranch features more horsepower, allowing greater towing capacity.  |  Ford Motor Company photo

Ford King Ranch changes to Power Stroke diesel engine

Having driven Ford’s F350 each year for many years, it can be difficult to tell what really is new and improved season to season. Several years ago, the underpinnings were the news of the day. Rear springs, including the overloads, were widened to about 7.6 millimetres and the bolts that hold the truck together were […] Read more

Silverado crew cabs make up about 60 percent of sales and start at about $31,000.   |  GM photo

General Motors’ Ecotec 3 engine offers pulling power

General Motors is the last of the big three Detroit vehicle manufacturers to redo their light truck line. Sales have slowed due to the knowledge that an all-new truck would be available soon. Ecotec 3 is the name of the new generation of engines at GM. Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra will have engine choices […] Read more