The National Farmers Union argues that the proposed Seeds Canada amalgamation would put the corporate industry in a position of power over growers.  |  Reuters/ Nick Oxford photo

Independent seed growers sidelined

In 2018, five seed industry groups collaborating under the name Seed Synergy published a paper, setting out their vision to increase seed companies’ revenues and cut their own costs at the expense of farmers, public plant breeders, and consumers. They aim to change Canada’s seed regulatory system to prevent farmers from freely using their own […] Read more

Faltering farm biodiversity overlooked

The United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity, and on May 22, the world celebrated International Biodiversity Day that marked the adoption on the International Convention on Biodiversity in 1992.This recognition of biodiversity’s importance to the planet is timely because around the globe species from all walks of life are disappearing at […] Read more