Percy is the Hollywood telling of the Percy Schmeiser story, the Bruno, Sask., farmer who was found guilty of patent infringement in the early days of Roundup Ready canola.
 | Photos via Mongrel Media (left) and Michael Raine

New movie reopens old can of worms

Western Producer reporters and editors don’t usually spend a lot of time worrying about the movies — not at work, anyway. After all, they’re not, as you might say, in our wheelhouse. But the email wires were burning up last week as we tried to figure out how to handle a movie that is expected […] Read more

Magical happenings in the garden

I suppose you’ve heard about the biblical miracle of the loaves and the fishes? And what about Jack’s magical beans? I’m sure you’ve heard something about that. But the stupendous multiplying garlic plants in my garden this summer? You probably haven’t heard that one. Garlic is a rather new arrival in our garden. I think […] Read more

COVID steps: success or overreaction?

It’s fashionable in some circles to use the relatively low COVID-19 death rate in Canada as proof that our governments — particularly the one in Ottawa — overreacted and shut down the economy for nothing back in March. What this argument ignores is the fact that the safety measures were put in place precisely so […] Read more

Cashing in on the interest in U-pick farming

I spent a couple hours earlier this month at a U-pick raspberry operation just outside of Saskatoon. I certainly didn’t earn any performance bonuses, considering that I had by far the lightest pail among my companions, but it was still an enjoyable way to spend a beautiful August morning. As I hunted and gathered my […] Read more

Need another way to move your livestock?

Moving livestock is a crucial part of agriculture, whether from a barn to a truck or between pastures. A certain amount of skill is involved to make sure that the animals get to where they need to be safely and economically. This week, The Western Producer presents for your reading pleasure on page 46 a […] Read more

Father’s Day on the canals of central Sask.

All this recent talk about irrigation has prompted me to think about Father’s Day 2017. Not the most obvious connection, I know, but life’s like that sometimes. On that glorious late spring day three years ago, I spent a Sunday afternoon with three other people riding our bicycles in the countryside less than an hour […] Read more

Climate change is bad: end of story

There’s no disputing that climate change is bad and must be dealt with if human life is to continue without significant disruptions. The scientific warnings are dire and overwhelming — we must stop the Earth’s warming or suffer the consequences. Not everyone believes this to be true, of course, and even those who do aren’t […] Read more

1986 was the year of the smudge

A trip to the country is always nice, but this was ridiculous. It was 1986, and Halley’s Comet had arrived. I had read about this astronomical sensation for years and was keen to finally see what all the fuss was about. Drawings from medieval times that I had seen as a kid showed a frightening […] Read more

There’s no sense hiding from racism

Politicians, businesspeople and other leaders in Canada have been making a habit lately of denying the existence of systemic racism and then later having to issue retractions. Part of the problem is that no one really knows for sure what systemic racism is. I wonder if many of the people denying its existence are thinking […] Read more

There’s something about folding out a newspaper, grabbing hold of the edges and getting down to the serious business of “reading the news” that I’m still not ready to abandon.
 | Pinehill photo

Not ready to give up on my newspaper

For all the advice that is available from public health authorities about how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, it still seems like we’re on our own out here in the real world. Do you wear a mask or not? All the time or only indoors around other people? If so, how many people? […] Read more