While downy brome is green for a time, to the trained eye it provides only the illusion of quality. This managed area shows how early growth turns quickly into lesser valued feed and chokes out other species.  |  Bruce Derksen photo

Invasive grasses can hurt pastures

Just because it’s green out there doesn’t mean it will make your wallet that way or keep your cattle happy

For some cattle producers, the positivity of spring’s green grass is just a colourful illusion. Green represents new growth and vitality but if this grass is of the invasive annual cheat grass variety, also known as downy brome, optimism quickly fades. It is a common issue throughout the United States Great Plains, Great Basin and […] Read more

Genetic puzzle takes form

The old saying “to understand the future, we must first understand the past” rings especially true when discussing genetics in the beef cattle industry. Research, DNA testing and genomics appear poised to leave only a vapour trail for the average cow-calf producer to grasp. Before this occurs, it’s prudent to examine the realities of what […] Read more