Producer staff earn awards

Each year, the American Agricultural Association’s award contest identifies great content supplied by writers, designers photographers and digital presenters from across the continent. Once again this year, work from the Western Producer’s staff has been recognized as among the best. In the “Issues” category, Calgary-based reporter, Barbara Duckworth, won first place for a special report […] Read more

CETA proving hard to ratify in Europe

If Canada hadn’t already negotiated the CETA trade deal with the European Union, would we make such an attempt to do so today? Certainly, there would be skepticism. It took seven years and a lot of high-level energy to get the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement negotiated. The deal reduces 98 percent of the tariffs […] Read more

Barry Olson’s 1941 Case tractor was a “parts tractor.” Since Case had a hard time getting parts during the Second World War, the company scrounged parts from various sources.

Tractor show goes time travelling

Many visitors to Farm Progress like the antique tractor and truck show because they remember driving them

Nostalgia is a powerful draw for antique vehicle shows, but it works even better when visitors can say, “hey, that’s my tractor.” Well, sort of. The John Deere 5020 tractor owned by Adriaan and Justin Lievaart of Estevan, Sask., was one of the stars of the antique tractors and truck show at Canada’s Farm Progress […] Read more

Online stories an eclectic mix

It’s time for our semi-annual look at our most popular stories. I always enjoy this column because it gives us some insight into what readers like to see at As we can see, our most popular stories so far are an eclectic mix of mayhem, farming culture, breaking news and agricultural issue oriented stories. […] Read more

Giving Senate legitimacy is a bad idea

Last August, the CBC published an opinion piece by Aaron Wherry that was headlined, “The hope for an elected Senate is dead, or at least fast asleep.” Just as well. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll remember the term triple-E Senate. It stood for equal, elected and effective. It sounded good. Felt good. […] Read more

Ag organizations must earn a “social licence” before new technology will be adopted, Kevin Folta said. “It breaks my heart to (see the solutions that are available), especially in the developing world, that don’t get to their target, that don’t serve the people they were meant to serve.”
 | Screencap via Twitter/@GlobalFoodSecur

Trust vs. facts in debate over agriculture

We have often championed the virtue of good communications about agriculture to consumers, but Kevin Folta, a professor in the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida, has outlined a process to ensure the targets and the messages are effective. Folta, who spoke at the Global Institute for Food Security conference in Saskatoon last week, urged those […] Read more

Will supply management survive?

In April 2017, shortly after Canada closed the loophole on imports of ultra-filtered milk, Wisconsin dairy farmer Shane Sauer, told the CBC: “We don’t blame you (Canada)” for what was then a glut of product on the market. Sauer explained the explosion in production of ultra-filtered milk, used in milk byproducts such as cheese, came […] Read more

As bins get bigger the ability to keep air flowing through them becomes more of a challenge.  |  Michael Raine photo

Bigger grain bins mean bigger management issues for farmers

Farmers can increase storage capacity by moving to bigger grain bins, but those who do need to know more about bin management because bigger bins mean a greater risk of costly damage to the grain, says Joy Agnew, agricultural research services project manager at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute. “We’re getting a few hints and […] Read more

Dairy sector seems to have public support

At first glance, it looks pretty solid: an online Ipsos poll found 75 percent of Canadians “believe the Canadian dairy sector should be defended and that the federal government should make more effort to do so at the NAFTA negotiating table.” The poll, conducted on behalf of the Dairy Farmers of Canada, surveyed 1,000 Canadians […] Read more

PM to be tested on ag

When Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government was elected in 2015, agriculture wasn’t a hot issue. However, in the coming months the Liberals will be called upon to make decisions on a confluence of issues that will have important impacts on agriculture. One is the NAFTA talks, which are coming to a head. The future of supply […] Read more