Ben Loewith uses fans and an attic to reduce heat in his barn.  |  Brian MacLeod photo

VIDEO: Success is in the details, says dairy farmer

Good herd management comes from a guiding set of principles and faith in hired workers, says Holstein producer

LYNDEN, Ont. —Travelling along a rural road near Lynden, Ont. recently, a writer looking for the Joe Loewith and Sons Holsteins farm stops at another farm looking for directions. He’s farther down the road, the woman said before volunteering: “Good farmer.” Indeed, sitting in a room with Ben Loewith, who runs the farm with his […] Read more

WP top 10 online stories

It’s time for our semi-annual look at what our online viewers are reading. The results are always interesting and instructive for us at The Western Producer. Our 10th most read story this year is “Survey reveals ‘amazing’ soil loss in Great Plains region.” Published in January, this story pointed out that large amounts of nitrogen […] Read more

Farmers’ votes allowed Scheer to win

Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer’s weekend victory as the leader of the federal Conservative party has precluded a partisan political debate over the future of Canada’s supply management system in the dairy and poultry sectors. Maxime Bernier, who led in support during the campaign and all the way to the last ballot, had vowed to scrap […] Read more

NAFTA threats overblown?

The trajectory of the United States’ comments on the North American Free Trade Agreement over the last few months has wavered so much that figuring out what’s ahead is difficult. But President Donald Trump has one tendency that may show the way. More on that below. Trump has long vowed to tear up NAFTA, calling […] Read more

Felix Weber checks his drone prior to launch. |  Michael Raine photo

Preflight checklists make flights safe and data sound

When farmers are preparing drones for the season’s reconnaissance, there are vital preparations and decisions that must first be addressed. Producers should have a checklist of things to look at before launching their drones. First, says Felix Weber, operators must check to see whether they have the right approvals. “The law has changed as of […] Read more

Tory leaders clash over ag policy

Watching the federal Conservative leadership candidates battle it out over supply management is interesting, not just for the obvious ramifications, but because Conservatives are usually driven by free-market economics. Supply management is the antithesis of the free market. It exists in Canada to protect dairy, poultry and egg markets. Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney — […] Read more

And the WP winners are …

Every once in a while, we let readers know about award competitions that The Western Producer participates in. We do so to let readers know where the Producer’s efforts sit relative to other agricultural publications. As it turns out, the Producer, along with our parent company, Glacier FarmMedia, had a good year in the 2016 […] Read more

Shows, meetings, events abound

One of the goals of The Western Producer is of course to talk to farmers, but also to talk to people that farmers would like to talk to if they had the opportunity. (It is one of Managing Editor Michael Raine’s many mantras.) To that end, this time of the year is when our journalists […] Read more

At $26.5 million, Miner Creek Farm is one of the larger farm sales in Canadian history.  |  Ted Cawkwell photo

WP’s most read stories

Each year, we offer a look at the most popular stories at It’s interesting to see the eclectic mix of stories that pique readers’ interest. From 2016, here is The Western Producer’s Top 10 list. 10. “Diagnosing lumps and bumps.” A column about cattle infections published in June by columnist John Campbell. 9. “Prairie […] Read more

The debate over GM foods

Is it best that people should know how laws and sausages are made? With media coverage of politics these days, most people know more about the former. And with sausages, we’re talking about food — in this case, specifically crops that are genetically modified. So much of what is said or written about GM foods […] Read more