Court date nears for former Sask. cabinet minister

Bill Boyd, a farmer from Eston, Sask., who also served as a cabinet minister under Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, is scheduled to appear in provincial court Feb. 6 to answer to charges under the province’s Environmental Protection and Management Act and Wildlife Protection Act. Boyd, a founding member of the Saskatchewan Party, was charged in […] Read more

VIDEO: Cereals Canada urges Canadian trade action against Italy

The top executive with Cereals Canada says it’s time for Ottawa to launch a formal trade challenge against Italy over its treatment of Canadian durum wheat. Cam Dahl, executive director with Cereals Canada, said Ottawa has raised concerns in Europe and Italy regarding an Italian policy that requires country-of-origin labels to be attached to pasta […] Read more

New ADF funding announced in Sask.

The federal and Saskatchewan governments have contributed $7.7 million to crop-related research projects through the Agriculture Development Fund. Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced the funding agreement Jan. 9 at CropSphere in Saskatoon. Both levels of government have committed an additional $6.25 million to the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre over the next five […] Read more

Railways to repay $7.1 million under revenue cap formula

Canada’s two largest railway companies will be required to pay more than $7.1 million to the Western Grains Research Foundation because the freight revenues they collected for moving western Canadian grain exceeded the revenue cap. According to an online document dated Dec. 21, the Canadian Transportation Agency has determined that Canadian National Railway exceeded its […] Read more

Yield stability key to increasing flax acres

Seeding rate, seeding date and proper variety selection are the three factors that can most affect flax yields

A little planning can go a long way when it comes to optimizing flax yields. That’s because three factors that can most affect flax yield — namely seeding rate, seeding date and selecting the right variety — can be managed before any seed goes into the ground. “We recognize that flax needs to be more […] Read more

Sweeping changes proposed for Canadian seed industry

The Canadian Seed Growers Association is proposing what amounts to a complete overhaul of Canada’s pedigreed seed system. In mid-November, the CSGA in consultation with other seed industry groups, published a document outlining the elements of a proposed new seed system that encourages innovation and investment, simplifies regulatory requirements for new seed products, creates new […] Read more

Researchers focus on new water challenges

Canada’s farmers have a love-hate relationship with water. They pray for it when there’s not enough and they curse it when there’s too much. But regardless of whether it’s too scarce or too abundant, every farmer knows he can’t live without it. That’s one of the reasons why the University of Saskatchewan — located in […] Read more

Research aims to take guesswork out of pulse storage

Prairie pulse growers could be flushing millions of dollars down the toilet every year by “over-drying” peas and lentils. Joy Agnew, project manager with PAMI Agricultural Research Services in Humboldt, Sask., says the cost of over-drying pulse crops in the bin can be as high as 20 cents per bushel. Agnew is leading a two-year […] Read more

Biotech companies prospecting for microscopic gold mines

Can a microscopic endophyte increase crop yields on your farm? Indigo, a Massachusetts-based biotech company, thinks so and is investing tens of millions of dollars in research and development to prove that claim. Indigo specializes in the identification, isolation and commercial production of beneficial endophytes. An endophyte is a microbial life form — often bacterial […] Read more

Farm wi-fi connectivity opens new world of possibilities

A technology company based in the United Kingdom has developed a new product that monitors temperature and moisture levels in stored grain and sends wireless data to a smartphone, laptop or home computer. BeanIOT is a bean-sized remote sensing device that can monitor conditions in stored grain and warn the user of potential spoilage inside […] Read more