Time to step up: resource sectors need Canada’s media now more than ever

In this age of thought-leadership reports and white paper discussions that flutter around our lives like so much wedding confetti, there’s one document out there that deserves immediate attention—particularly in Canada’s resource sectors. Energy, mining, forestry and agriculture—the industries that are the supporting vertebrae of Canada’s economic backbone. The sectors everybody increasingly seems to want […] Read more

We’re making a hash of an important socio-economic and environmental debate that ought to be building the nation but isn’t, says an energy industry expert.  |  File photo

Man’s relationship with carbon polarizing

One gets a tusk, the next the trunk, a third the tail, the fourth man an ear and so on. Each is challenged to describe the elephant’s apparent properties based on their perceptions (and pre-existing perspectives) as a result of that single sensory experience. It’s a tale of multiple truths and realities that devolve into […] Read more