High capacity cart keeps seed flowing

ST. BRIEUX, Sask. – Bourgault Industries plans to go big next year. Of the three new product carts that will go on the market in 2008, the biggest is the recently unveiled 6700ST, a four-compartment, three-hopper, 700 bushel behemoth. “Looking at our sales for air seeder products, we found we were still not meeting the […] Read more

Partner up for on-farm research advice

NISKU, Alta. – The most important step when planning on-farm plots and research is to partner up, says William Punko. Speaking at the Alberta Reduced Tillage Linkages Direct Seeding Advantage Conference in Nisku, Punko provided personal perspectives based on research plots he has been involved with over the years. Punko, who farms near Westlock, Alta., […] Read more

Manage carbon for higher crop yields

NISKU, Alta. – Ask most farmers which essential nutrient their crop uses the most and you’ll probably hear nitrogen. But zero till researcher Dwayne Beck said they’d be wrong. “The nutrient taken up in the largest quantity by plants is carbon. We’ve never thought ‘what can I do to encourage more carbon in my field,’ […] Read more

Sensor gives farmers seeding info

REGINA – A new packing force sensor for the Seedmaster air drill was recently introduced at the Master Seeder conference in Regina. “This is partially out of laziness,” said Norbert Beaujot, who operates a 1,400 acre farm near Langbank, Sask., and is also president of Straw Track Manufacturing. “I want to know what the drill […] Read more

Customized truck earns its keep

FRANCIS, Sask. – Blaine Muhr’s water truck earns its keep. He uses it to haul his Willmar sprayer to and from jobs and during summer it acts as a tender truck for the local fire department. He also built an attachment to water down roads and recreational areas and control dust for parades and other […] Read more

Printing press table goes welding

MAPLE CREEK, Sask. – Farmers who spend a lot of time in the shop know the value of a good welding table. Ken Sawby operates Skyline Farms near Maple Creek with his son Jason. They also run High Desert Enterprises, a custom manufacturing business for the farm and oil industries. The Sawbys’ welding table got […] Read more

Tractor axle retrofitted to drive sprayer

ROULEAU, Sask. – Heavy clay can be a challenge to farm. Even for sprayers, getting the power down to slick, greasy soil can be tough while also keeping ruts out of direct seeded fields. “Because we farm so close to the Moose Jaw creek, we need a mechanical drive sprayer, with lots of tires under […] Read more

Lift makes light of heavy barrels

MORTLACH, Sask. – Barrels are becoming a more common way to deliver farm chemicals, so farmers often have to handle containers that weigh 100 kilograms or more. That’s fine if they have a forklift or front end loader handy, but if they don’t, it can be an inconvenience. Philip Simrose ran into this problem with […] Read more

Ground loading safe, convenient

Container shipping is an integral part of the business for many farms and agricultural operations in Western Canada. Without containers, they wouldn’t be able to operate. Can-India Pulses International operates a pulse processing and lentil splitting plant in Zealandia, Sask. “We’re in the process of trying to figure out how we’re going to load two […] Read more

Container loading on solid ground

Vonda, Sask. – A Saskatchewan manufacturing company struggling to come up with a better way to handle containers has spawned a product it thinks will find a home on farms and businesses around the world. Aron Rizhanovsky, a design engineer with Highline Manufacturing in Vonda, said company engineers worked for about a year designing a […] Read more