Photo choice

The Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association has a concern regarding a photo used to illustrate a story in a recent issue ofThe Western Producer.The story and photo are at the bottom of page 93 in the March 31 issue. The article focuses on the possibility of hormone-containing cancer drugs, birth control pills and other estrogen-releasing compounds causing […] Read more

Residual glyphosate can lurk in soil

Producers need to be aware of the side effects that can occur in their soil when they use glyphosate, says a professor emeritus in botany and plant diseases at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. “We need to recognize that any time we have a major change in agricultural practice, we’re going to change a […] Read more

Glyphosate affects roots

Drip rates of glyphosate can reduce root uptake of manganese to less than 20 percent, but have little effect on root uptake of iron and zinc, says an American crop scientist. Drip rates are 2.5 percent of the recommended herbicide rate. “But when you look at translocation from the root to the rest of the […] Read more

Disease severity increased

news Saskatoon newsroom news Many plant diseases become worse when glyphosate is used in the field, says an American soil scientist. Many of these diseases are what Don Huber calls root nibblers and haven’t yet been recognized as economically important. “Under our glyphosate management programs, we’re starting to see diseases increase in severity,” he told […] Read more

Get that grain off the ground

CRAIK, Sask. – Grain piles on the ground have been a common sight in recent years. While it’s nice to have those pyramids looming on the horizon, gathering that grain can be a chore. Rick Wildfong uses three different units to pick up piled grain on his farm near Craik. The first is a 13 […] Read more

Jerome Bechard

Jerome Bechard has been called the father of the air seeder, but that is only one of his many accomplishments. Bechard’s parents came to Saskatchewan from Quebec in 1905 and Jerome was born in the Lajord area in 1911. He farmed with a bachelor brother until the brother died at the age of 33. His […] Read more

Leo Redekop – Equipment maker listens when opportunity knocks

Practical research and development played an integral role on his farm and in his feedlot near Watrous, Sask. “I found it easy to build my own equipment or alter equipment. If I needed something, I wasn’t afraid to do something different,” Redekop said. That love of innovation led him from the farm and feedlot to […] Read more

Tom and Emmy Droog – Alberta couple Spitz out expansion plans

Blame it on the Canadian Wheat Board – that’s Tom Droog’s excuse for starting his Spitz International sunflower seed business. Droog grew up on a farm in Holland that produced sugar beets, potatoes, grain and flax. “For Dutch standards we had a sizable farm – 125 acres,” he said. Emigration must have been in the […] Read more

Door big enough for header

ROULEAU, Sask. – When Daryl Tiessen decided to build a shop, he wanted to be able to drive his combine in without taking the header off. “We’d gone through 1996, with a foot of snow on Oct. 1. There were days when it was -12, I’d drop the header off outside and put the combine […] Read more

Overhead crane pulls its weight

ROULEAU, Sask. – For an overhead crane in a shop to be most effective, it should be able to reach all corners of the building. Daryl Tiessen’s crane can move from one end of his shop to the other and across its full width. “It was part of a building installed at Westank in Regina,” […] Read more