A flock of sharp-tailed grouse once paid a visit to a tree in the author’s front yard. | Robert Horne photo

Birds become welcome hobby during COVID-19

The experience of bird watching was introduced gradually as pandemic restrictions took hold and life slowed down

I never thought I would become one of those people who sat by the window and watched birds coming and going in the tree in the front yard. The flowering crabapple is perfectly positioned outside the living room window for just such an activity. It’s so perfect, we have set two armchairs next to the […] Read more

Beverley Biggeman and Robert Horne handle combining duties together on the farm, but they sometimes do things differently.  |  Robert Horne photo

Mars and Venus collide at harvest

This husband and wife team find that they take different approaches when it comes time to clamber into the combine

When it comes to combining, my husband is from Mars and I am from Venus. We share a love of the activity because it represents the culmination of all we have attempted to do with our crop throughout the growing season. From planting to harvest, we have looked at the crop enough times to decide […] Read more