Pluma moos, a traditional Mennonite recipe, would make a wonderful addition to a hot breakfast. The cooked dried fruits are soft, flavourful and full of fibre.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Implementing new Canada’s Food Guide at breakfast

Three key ideas promoted in the recently released new Canada’s Food Guide are the reduction in the use of processed foods, the increased consumption of whole grain foods and being mindful of what, when, where, why and how we eat. Breakfast is a perfect example of how to implement these ideas. Boxed breakfast cereals are […] Read more

Pap, a traditional white maize meal dish, is served with curry, stew, grilled meats or vegetable stir fry. It is similar to western polenta or grits. In East Africa it is known as ugali.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

African safari introduces travellers to new cuisine

Tours to explore the national parks and game preserves of Africa have become a source of income and pride for many people who live in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and other African nations. The thrill of sitting in an open safari truck as a large male lion walks toward the vehicle and then leaps, only to […] Read more

Have your meat and potatoes in one simple dish. This traditional oven meal is perfect for a cold winter night.  | Betty Ann Deobald photo

There’s nothing like comfort food for a cold January

When the cold January winds blow it is a good time to settle in with a good book and some nice, warm foods that stimulate strong memories of home and family. Some of these recipes are from our readers and others are from my family’s recipe box. Ye Olde Shepherd’s Pie Nielle Hawkwood of Cochrane, […] Read more

A fun and colourful popcorn cake is one that the kids are sure to like making and eating.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Reader favourites help make Christmas more enjoyable

Thank you to all of our readers for your readership and support throughout this past year. We wish you abundant joy and happiness during this holiday season. Our family favourite recipes contest this fall encouraged several of our readers to share recipes that are part of their family’s Christmas tradition. The following are a few […] Read more

Nadia Yakielashek’s delicious apple slice recipe eats like a slice but tastes like apple pie. It was drawn from all the entries we received for our family favourites recipe contest. Nadia will receive a hamper of donated Saskatchewan-made products. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

It’s easy to see why these are family favourites

Thank you to all of our readers who shared their favourite family recipes. We received many wonderful recipes, family stories and food memories. From all of the recipes, Nadia Yakielashek’s apple slice was drawn to receive our Saskatchewan-made products hamper. Yakielashek is from Dauphin, Man. Nadia’s apple slice Tastes just like apple pie, so delicious. […] Read more

This mechanical sewing machine uses buttons and dials to select the stitch type, width and length. The sewing table opens to store accessories and is removable to convert the machine to an open arm for use in setting in sleeves and mending pant legs.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Sewing machines enter a new age with many choices

Sewing machines have changed dramatically in the past 10 years for two reasons: advancements in computerization and technology, and requests by quilters for specific features. The sewing machine manufacturing industry has eagerly embraced computer technology to create precision machines that now incorporate computerized artistic design features, a tablet-size screen for programming and robotic quilting machines. […] Read more

Grilling corn imparts a slightly smoky flavour to the kernels. Enjoy with burgers, ribs, chicken or steaks.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Corn on the cob can be enjoyed in every season

Fresh corn on the cob is such a delicious treat during the late summer and fall. Freezing the corn will extend the enjoyment through the winter. A few years ago, a friend recommended Canadian Early Supersweet hybrid as a good variety of corn to grow and we have been enjoying this variety ever since. The […] Read more

A Trailman crabapple tree is a bountiful producer of versatile tart, juicy apples.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Bountiful harvest can be put to delicious use

About 25 years ago, we planted three apple trees in our yard. Two were affected by fire blight, but the remaining tree has more than made up for their loss. The bountiful producer is a Trailman crabapple. It also has the advantage of receiving plenty of water from one of our eavestrough downspouts. The round […] Read more

My grandmother’s little black cast-iron frying pan is part of my memory of her delicious, buttery scrambled eggs.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Old family favourites can make for special to-go recipes

I have fond taste memories of my grandmother’s scrambled eggs. As a child, when I stayed at her house for a night she would make me the most delicious breakfast scrambled eggs in a little, cast-iron frying pan on her coal and wood stove. As an adult, I could never seem to duplicate her delicious […] Read more

The round popsicles are started with a layer of apple juice before blended strawberries and blended bananas are added. They are finished with blended strawberries. The rectangular popsicles are blended strawberries and then a blended kiwi layer.  | Leanne Deobald photo

Cool treats make it easier to enjoy hot summer days

On hot summer days a large quantity of liquid is needed to keep hydrated. Frozen treats are a fun way to add cool fluids. By making your own freezer treats you can control the amount of sugar they contain and the kids can have fun helping to make these cool mixtures that the whole family […] Read more