The sauce with this pork tenderloin is also excellent on other cuts of meat or vegetables. The duchess potatoes can be seen on the side. |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

These special recipes help create a celebration for Mom

For those looking for recipes to impress Mom for Mother’s Day, pork tenderloin with Dijon Marsala sauce is a good option for its five-star restaurant flavour. Add duchess potatoes, a marinated salad, steamed broccoli or spring asparagus and a chocolate cookie for dessert. All can be completely or partially prepared ahead of time. Pork tenderloin […] Read more

Children who learn to cook will eat better as adults

Learning to prepare food and cook are life skills we all need. Developing these skills early in life will encourage children to make healthy food choices and increase their confidence in preparing meals for themselves and others during their entire life. Many food preparation skills build on and encourage math, reading, organizational and mechanical skills. […] Read more

Turn coloured Easter eggs into cute and delicious stuffed chick eggs. ABOVE AND RIGHT: Bacon and egg deviled eggs and California deviled eggs are alternative fillings for the stuffed “chick” eggs.    |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

It’s all about the eggs when following Easter traditions

Easter and hard-boiled, coloured eggs are a tradition in many homes. Making the perfect hard-cooked egg, which is tender with a bright yellow yolk, is easy with the correct cooking procedure. Making the perfect hard-boiled egg starts with older eggs because fresh eggs are harder to peel. Begin by placing the eggs in a single […] Read more

 A reader was looking for a black bean and rice recipe like she ate while visiting Cuba.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Readers requested recipes — and we delivered

Cuban black beans and rice Mary Hoge of Granum, Alta., was looking for a recipe for black beans and rice like they had enjoyed in Cuba. Serves eight. 2 c. dried black beans, well rinsed 500 mL 6 c. water 1.5 L 6 slices of thick bacon,diced 1 green bell pepper,chopped 1 red bell pepper,chopped […] Read more

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How to avoid being a victim of scammers

Fraud and marketing scams result in the loss of millions of dollars every year by Canadians. Being aware of the different types of fraud and the myths that might allow fraudsters to gain your trust will protect you and your family from becoming victims. Many Canadians fall victim to crimes of fraud, regardless of education, […] Read more

The trick to this beer and garlic pot roast is to cook it long and slow. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Comfort food makes cold weather bearable

We feature two recipes — pot roast and baked squash — from which the leftovers can then be used to make two soups

Hot, filling food can help warm our bodies and provide a sensation of emotional comfort. Aroma-filled food that is ready when family members come in from outside take off the chill and invite them to gather around the table to enjoy the hot feast, conversation and companionship. To reduce food preparation time for busy families, […] Read more

Planning financially for life events makes change easier

Life happens, and planning for major life events provides direction for life, reduces stress at the time of change and could result in achieving the goal sooner. Money often is a limiting factor in achieving many life goals. Diligent planning and saving for life events can reduce the costs of borrowing to achieve a goal […] Read more

Financial literacy helps you achieve your goals

The financial health of individual Canadians is affected by rising lending interest rates and personal debt and a lack of planning for future financial needs. The issue becomes more acute when combined with fewer cash and more debit and credit transactions, online shopping and a plethora of credit and investment products. Financial literacy is the […] Read more

A mortar and pestle are essential tools for grinding whole spices and herbs. Pictured with the mortar and pestle are, from the left, thyme leaves, celery seed, coriander seed, cumin, black pepper and rosemary leaves.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Make-your-own mixtures spice up meal times

Combinations of spices and herbs enhance the flavour of foods but commercially prepared mixes often contain large amounts of salt, MSG, flavour enhancers and preservatives. By creating your own spice blends, you can lower the salt content and adapt the flavours to your family’s preferred taste, such as more or less onion, garlic or heat. […] Read more

New reader contest: Let’s get crafty!

Unique, homemade gifts can be fun to make and more personal and meaningful for the recipient. Western Producer readers are invited to enter our Creative Gifts for the Holidays contest to win a great prize. Homemade Vanilla Extract Natural vanilla extract is superior to artificial extracts and a good gift for any cook. 3 vanilla […] Read more