Donna Okkema of Vermilion, Alta., adapted her vegetable-garden cake for gluten intolerance. Making it into muffins makes them easy to freeze and use as needed. Donna was the winner of a hamper of donated food items and cookbooks.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Readers share their adapted family favourite recipes

In early fall, we asked readers to share their favourite recipes they have adapted for their family’s dietary needs or preferences. Many of the recipes sent in were modified for gluten intolerance dietary needs. Donna Okkema of Vermilion, Alta., has adapted many recipes because of her gluten intolerance and feels this is her favourite. It […] Read more

Use a variety of shapes to mould bath bombs, such as plastic bath bomb moulds, separating plastic ornaments, doughnut muffin pans, silicone snowflake moulds, plastic Easter eggs or muffin pans. Place in a small plastic bag and tie with a ribbon along with a note indicating the essential oil that was used. Miniature bath bombs can be used for soaking hands before a manicure or to relax feet.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photos

Consider gifts this Christmas that encourage relaxation

By Betty Ann Deobald Colourful bath bombs and bath salts are fun to make, give as gifts or enjoy on your own as a part of a personal health routine. They can encourage relaxation, soften the skin and ease sore muscles and joints.   Epsom salts, a key ingredient in bath salts and bath bombs, […] Read more

A little leftover meat is stretched into a meal when combined with barley and vegetables in a kuba casserole. A quick miscellaneous salad is added to round out the meal.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Food lessons from Second World War still relevant

In honour of Remembrance Day a reflection on the food culture of the Second World War years seems appropriate. A closer look at the food situation may help us appreciate the food values that came out of that era. It is also interesting to compare those values with our current situation and values. After Canada […] Read more

A high fibre version of our family’s favourite waffle recipe is baked in a 50-year-old waffle iron that is still going strong. The waffles are served with yogurt and berry syrup.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Adapting favourite family recipes can be a piece of cake

Traditional family favourite recipes may still be loved but due to health concerns, dietary restrictions or personal preferences they may need to be adapted. The new version is worth sharing with others who may have similar needs. This has prompted us to ask readers to share their adapted recipes. Please send your new recipe along […] Read more

Four-year old Breanna was quite determined to created her own salad with cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms and rice. She thoroughly enjoyed her creation.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Creativity can breathe new life into salads

Recently one of my granddaughters gave me a lesson in salad creativity. From the serving plate of fresh raw vegetables, four-year old Breanna proceeded to make herself a salad. She carefully broke cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, and cucumbers into small pieces and put them on her plate. She was encouraged to quit playing with her food […] Read more

Granddaughters Keira and Olivia Deobald have fun mixing up a batch of slime.  |  Leanne Deobald photo

Squishies and slime help make fun summer activities

Squishies and slime. If you don’t know what these are just ask your kids or grandkids. While shopping at a craft store recently, I was amazed at the number of kits for making squishies and slime. Squishies are soft squeezable toys similar to stress balls but with more personality. They provide a calming distraction that […] Read more

Browning a roast on a barbecue before cooking in a slow cooker produces a rich beef flavour and colour in the broth.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Make-ahead food for leisurely summer entertaining

Whether at the cabin, entertaining on the back deck or for busy farm seasons, food prepared ahead of time frees up the cook to enjoy the fun or help with the work. Barbecue slow cooker beef dip Beef roast is browned on the barbecue and then cooked in a flavourful broth. The sliced meat is […] Read more

Garden to plate philosophy yields taste sensations

SO WHAT’S UP?… In our kitchen, it is winter onions, fresh asparagus and rhubarb stocks! We have waited for many months to once again bite into something from our own garden. I like to think of it as, ‘garden to plate philosophy!’ The fresh picked flavour cannot be replicated. What a taste sensation! Please enjoy […] Read more