Escape to the garden and have this mushroom slow cooker lasagna ready to eat when you’re done.  |  Betta Ann Deobald photo

Gardening is healthy and a good diversion in scary times

Last fall, I planted a variety of bulbs in anticipation of a burst of spring flowers. As the weather warms I keep checking for green shoots to appear. I held two hyacinth bulbs back to force for some pre-spring blooms. They had been tucked in the back of the fridge until early March when I […] Read more

Safe storage tips to prevent food waste

Food is perishable. To enjoy the best flavour, texture and appearance fresh foods need to be handled and stored properly. Even processed, canned, and packaged foods need to be stored with care and used within a reasonable time. Foods that are allowed to deteriorate and spoil become wasted food and a food safety hazard. When […] Read more

Trimmings from celery, cauliflower and broccoli are often wasted, but the cauliflower core can be grated to make cauliflower rice or added to a salad, and the broccoli stems can be peeled and used in stir-fries.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Food waste costs Canadian economy $49 billion a year

As Canadian farmers and gardeners, think of the effort that is put into producing food for the world and for our families. Then consider that as a nation, 58 percent of the food produced in Canada is wasted or lost each year. This is a yearly cost of $49 billion to the Canadian economy. These […] Read more

The nutty flavour and chewy texture of baked wild rice is a delicious, comforting hot dish for cold days. Serve with any meat and a salad.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Winter oven meals can warm up the home inside and out

When cold weather hits, we just want to stay close to home where it is warm. To keep the kitchen warm, cooking meals in the oven makes sense. Maximize the oven’s heat by cooking several dishes at once. The fragrant aromas and warmth may help us forget how cold it is outside. Barbecued ribs are […] Read more

Eat a well balanced diet for good eye health, which includes a variety of brightly coloured vegetables, leafy greens, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, eggs, oily fish, nuts, legumes, flax seed, butter, healthy oils, blueberries, beef, chicken and water.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Take care of your eyes by making healthy eating choices

With the arrival of the year 2020 we are reminded that this number is often recognized as an indicator of perfect vision. It seems appropriate in the year 2020 to consider what nutrients and foods preserve and promote vision health. Making healthy lifestyle and diet choices can help keep our eyes healthy and may prevent […] Read more

No chili chili had a wonderful maple flavour rather than a hot chili flavour. Leftovers can be rolled into tortillas with cheese and heated in the microwave.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Put creativity to work when modifying familiar recipes

One of the creative pleasures of cooking and baking is to take a familiar recipe and modify it to the ingredients that are on hand or to adapt it to accommodate taste preferences or dietary needs. Dr. Wendy Davis, naturopathic doctor from the Windthorst, Sask.’s, Harmony Health Clinic has modified many recipes to make them […] Read more

Donna Okkema of Vermilion, Alta., adapted her vegetable-garden cake for gluten intolerance. Making it into muffins makes them easy to freeze and use as needed. Donna was the winner of a hamper of donated food items and cookbooks.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Readers share their adapted family favourite recipes

In early fall, we asked readers to share their favourite recipes they have adapted for their family’s dietary needs or preferences. Many of the recipes sent in were modified for gluten intolerance dietary needs. Donna Okkema of Vermilion, Alta., has adapted many recipes because of her gluten intolerance and feels this is her favourite. It […] Read more

Use a variety of shapes to mould bath bombs, such as plastic bath bomb moulds, separating plastic ornaments, doughnut muffin pans, silicone snowflake moulds, plastic Easter eggs or muffin pans. Place in a small plastic bag and tie with a ribbon along with a note indicating the essential oil that was used. Miniature bath bombs can be used for soaking hands before a manicure or to relax feet.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photos

Consider gifts this Christmas that encourage relaxation

By Betty Ann Deobald Colourful bath bombs and bath salts are fun to make, give as gifts or enjoy on your own as a part of a personal health routine. They can encourage relaxation, soften the skin and ease sore muscles and joints.   Epsom salts, a key ingredient in bath salts and bath bombs, […] Read more

A little leftover meat is stretched into a meal when combined with barley and vegetables in a kuba casserole. A quick miscellaneous salad is added to round out the meal.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Food lessons from Second World War still relevant

In honour of Remembrance Day a reflection on the food culture of the Second World War years seems appropriate. A closer look at the food situation may help us appreciate the food values that came out of that era. It is also interesting to compare those values with our current situation and values. After Canada […] Read more