An abundance of fall vegetables provide the resources for creative recipes. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Abundance of zucchini and tomatoes makes fall special

When harvesting many gardens, zucchini and tomatoes are often found in abundance. A lucky coincidence is that they are complementary in recipes. One of my favourite ways to enjoy them is to stir fry zucchini chunks, mushrooms and onions together, add some tomato chunks, a little salt and pepper and heat the tomatoes. This is […] Read more

The fruit from our Trailman crab apple tree is used in many family favourite recipes from cakes, pies and jams to apple juice, apple sauce and canned fruit. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Cooking with crab apples comes with variety of options

In our yard, we have a very productive Trailman crab apple tree. Due to the lack of moisture the apples are much smaller this year, but they will work just fine for one of our family’s favourites, apple sauce. This year, I used my Instant Pot to make a quick batch of apple sauce. Instant […] Read more

Marinated cucumber salad is a great way to use an abundance of fresh vegetables from the garden. It is a quick way to extend their freshness and flavour and to add variety to your meals. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Deciding what to do with garden veggies can be a real pickle

Are quick refrigerator pickles a pickle or a salad? These quick-made vegetable pickles can be ready to enjoy within a few hours but must be used within two to three weeks. With the tart vinegar saltiness of a pickle, they are stored in the refrigerator, like a marinated salad. They are not canned using a […] Read more

Place cooked burgers in a flavourful barbecue sauce to keep them hot, juicy and ready to serve to hungry swimmers or fishermen at the cabin. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Easy meal ideas put more fun into summer at the lake

On the back deck or at the cabin, easy to prepare meals and treats are always welcome. Reader Alice Eagle of Lloydminster was looking for a barbecue sauce that can be put in a crockpot to keep a quantity of barbecued burgers hot and ready to serve. The following recipe is ideal. Bickleigh BBQ Burger […] Read more

Jackie Kellington puts two recipes in one dish to give more variety for her field meals. A large noodle acts as a divider in the middle of the pan. | Jackie Kellington photo

Readers share more tips on best ways to cook for a crew

Feeding a hungry crew who are working in the field takes imagination, ingenuity and determination to provide a variety of nutritious meals and snacks. TEAM Resources recently held a contest looking for readers’ ideas on how to keep a crew fed. Here are more of their entries. Erika Altwasser of Yellow Grass, Sask., shared that […] Read more

These “fall off the bone ribs” are cooked individually so the recipe can easily be sized down for serving one or two or increased for a larger group. Ribs could be an option for a send-to-the-field packed lunch. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Readers suggest recipes for feeding one, two or a crew

Our readers have shared many interesting recipes and helpful ideas for our Cooking for a Crew or One or Two Contest. Thank you for your enthusiastic response. The winner of our cookbook draw was Linda Lusk from Viking, Alta., who shared her seafood lasagna recipe. The basic recipe will feed six to eight but it […] Read more

A bird bath will be used by non-feeder species, such as ruby-crowned kinglets, as a source of drinking water. | Annie McLeod photo

Backyard bird feeding becomes welcome COVID respite

During the past year, working from home, home schooling and social isolation have all provided the time, reason and opportunity for watching and identifying the birds that visit and inhabit our yards, gardens and neighbourhoods. For those working from home, getting away from the phone and computer to gaze out the window or sit on […] Read more

Serve this Mediterranean bean salad with a hearty whole grain bread for a complete protein meal. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Complementary combinations create complete protein

The combination of wheat or rice with beans or lentils is referred to as complementary because they create a nutritionally complete protein. To explain this, consider that proteins are an essential part of every cell, tissue and fluid in our bodies. Proteins are made from amino acids, which can be thought of as building blocks. […] Read more

A soft-boiled egg with toast sliced like fingers is a quick way to serve an egg. It is easily digested for those who are convalescing from an illness. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Expanding your egg menu? There are plenty of options

Eggs are an amazing food. They are nutritious, easy to prepare, adaptable and essential in many recipes. They are an excellent source of complete protein and contain 14 important nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, folate, iron and zinc. A large egg contains about 6.5 grams of protein and being a complete protein means they […] Read more