A recycled brick path to a garden shed and brick flower beds were long awaited projects that were completed during time spent at home social distancing because of COVID-19.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

From masks to more free time: life in 2020

Who would have thought at the beginning of 2020 that it would be socially acceptable and perhaps mandatory to wear a mask to cover your face when going into the bank. A year ago, you might have been arrested or at least seriously questioned. Such is the strangeness of our world since COVID-19 came to […] Read more

A Honey Lemon Vinaigrette dressing can be used on any salad that contains summer fruits and berries. Add some chicken, fish or slivered steak to the salad for a  satisfying meal.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Enjoying the summer bounty with these fresh flavours

One of the eating joys of summer is the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. This summer many people have become more interested in gardening and are looking for interesting ways to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Basil Tomato Pizza The mayo mixed with the garlic and basil makes a wonderful flavour combination […] Read more

Anna Cressman reads Bartholomew and the Oobleck to her sons and their cousins after they all had fun mixing up and playing with oobleck.  | Betty Ann Deobald photo

There’s lots of ways to entertain children this summer

Cooking, reading and water fun provide a few options for parents looking to give their children something fun to do while staying closer to home this summer.   For more, check out the Saskatchewan in Motion Activity Calendar at www.saskatchewaninmotion.ca. It has a new suggestion every day.   Here are some ideas for sprinkler fun […] Read more

 Olivia, left, and Keira Deobald  enjoy raspberry lemonade on a hot summer day.  |  Leanne Deobald photo

There’s no end to what can be done with raspberries

From pies and beverages to salad dressing and meat sauces, the distinctive sweet but tart flavour of raspberries can be enjoyed all year long in so many ways. Raspberry vinegar Made with fresh or frozen raspberries, this vinegar is a flavourful and versatile ingredient that can be added to salad dressings, meat sauces and beverages. […] Read more

Pre-cook the lentils and chop the vegetable ahead of time to help make these Asian lentil lettuce wraps a quickly prepared light lunch.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Adding pulses can make summer meals more enjoyable

Chickpeas, lentils, dry peas and beans, collectively known as pulses, are low in fat and an excellent source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. With the pandemic isolation, many people stocked their pantries with nonperishable foods, including pulses. Using these pulses in summer meals is a good way to up the nutrient content, add variety […] Read more

Impossible cheeseburger lentil pie is an old family favourite updated with the addition of a few lentils. It tastes just like a cheese burger. Serve with some pickles and lettuce on the side.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Batch of master mix can help simplify meal preparation

Homemade master mixes have been around for decades. They were first developed by extension home economists to provide an alternative to commercially available products such as Bisquick. The idea is to mix up a big batch of the flour, baking powder and salt, cut in the shortening or butter and then refrigerate or freeze this […] Read more

Faye Atkinson shared this family favourite rhubarb pie recipe. She has fond memories of enjoying it with her friend Marilyn’s family and friends.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Cooking with rhubarb is more than just pies

Spring rhubarb brings to mind the flavour of a delicious rhubarb pie. In some places rhubarb is known as pieplant because of its frequent use in pies. But rhubarb can be used for so many more things from soups to jams to meat tenderizer or a pot cleaner. Rhubarb can add that tang to both […] Read more

Escape to the garden and have this mushroom slow cooker lasagna ready to eat when you’re done.  |  Betta Ann Deobald photo

Gardening is healthy and a good diversion in scary times

Last fall, I planted a variety of bulbs in anticipation of a burst of spring flowers. As the weather warms I keep checking for green shoots to appear. I held two hyacinth bulbs back to force for some pre-spring blooms. They had been tucked in the back of the fridge until early March when I […] Read more

Safe storage tips to prevent food waste

Food is perishable. To enjoy the best flavour, texture and appearance fresh foods need to be handled and stored properly. Even processed, canned, and packaged foods need to be stored with care and used within a reasonable time. Foods that are allowed to deteriorate and spoil become wasted food and a food safety hazard. When […] Read more

Trimmings from celery, cauliflower and broccoli are often wasted, but the cauliflower core can be grated to make cauliflower rice or added to a salad, and the broccoli stems can be peeled and used in stir-fries.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Food waste costs Canadian economy $49 billion a year

As Canadian farmers and gardeners, think of the effort that is put into producing food for the world and for our families. Then consider that as a nation, 58 percent of the food produced in Canada is wasted or lost each year. This is a yearly cost of $49 billion to the Canadian economy. These […] Read more