Quinoa brings new life to traditional fruit recipes

One of the best things about summer is sweet, juicy fruit so refreshing to eat on a hot day. Quinoa Revolution, a new cookbook by Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming, has great tasting recipes that combine quinoa with summer fruit. Quinoa is a nutritional super food that is versatile and convenient. It fits into any […] Read more

Grilled goose sausage glazed with a teriyaki sauce and grilled Speckle Belly goose breasts are two dishes that can be made with wild game.  |   Betty Ann Deobald photo

Wild game feast ideas fit into rhythm of fall

A warm feast of duck kabobs and goose sausage on the heels of a cool day of waterfowl hunting may be every hunter’s dream. Dave and Sue Neufeld of Herschel, Sask., offer that to hunters who stay at their Herschel Retreat house. Dave prepares many waterfowl specialties for guests, including duck kabobs. During the meal, […] Read more

Middle Eastern flavours can provide a refreshing change. Chickpea dip, cucumber and yogurt salad, and chickpea and burghul salad can all be scooped up with fresh baked pita bread.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Snacks from the Middle East kindle memories of home

When families immigrate to Canada, they adapt many foods from their homeland using Canadian foods. Habeeb Salloum’s parents came from Syria to southwestern Saskatchewan in the 1920s. He has fond memories of traditional Arab snacks that his mother adapted. This renowned Middle Eastern dish, called “the mother of all chickpea dishes,” has become a favourite […] Read more

Little snacks can be packed with flavour

We often serve little bites of food rather than a large meal when we gather with friends and family. Appetizers or hors d’oeuvres are fun to munch on while visiting or watching a game on TV. As a general rule, offer 10 to 12 bites per person when no dinner is served and half that […] Read more

Cinnamon spiced apple butter is good on toast or biscuits and frozen apple sauce cubes can be thawed and used as one of baby’s first foods or in baking.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Use bountiful harvest to make applesauce

Local apple trees are laden with ripening apples and crab-apples. Crabapples and small apples do well in prairie gardens, but the bounty is often left unused. I like using Heyer apples and crab-apples to make juice, pies, jelly and applesauce. I have a food mill, canner and juicer to help process the apples. Apples are […] Read more

Haskap packs in the flavour for tasty recipes

Haskap, also called blue honeysuckle or honeyberry, is a recent addition to the Canadian commercial fruit production and garden scene, thanks mainly to the work done by the University of Saskatchewan fruit program. Bob Bors and his colleagues have worked to combine the best traits from haskap plants collected from across Canada, Japan and Russia. […] Read more

Roasted, boiled, grilled: many options for asparagus

Asparagus is such a versatile spring vegetable. It can be enjoyed in stir fries, salads, casseroles and grilled or steamed side dishes. About the only thing I don’t like about asparagus is that it can get tough and go to seed if it it’s not picked soon enough because it grows so quickly. This year […] Read more

team resources

January is a good time to look at our finances and make resolutions to spend less, follow a budget more or start saving. With the financial crisis occurring in other countries and reports of large consumer debt in Canada, there has been a move to recognize that we need to be more informed about money […] Read more