Older producers who are starting to plan life after farming need to determine what a good day on the farm will look like. | File photo

Visualization technique helps farmers with reinvention

Older producers who are starting to plan life after farming need to determine what a good day on the farm will look like

Planning for life at any age can be a challenge, especially if a farmer’s life is beginning to change as retirement looms. For Elaine Froese, working with farm couples and their goals for retirement — what she calls reinvention since many farmers don’t actually retire in a traditional sense — is part of her independent […] Read more

Betty Turner, left, and daughters and grandson, Heather Trafford, Corina Lepp and Sonny Trafford (in sled), enjoy the walking trail that she and husband Dennis work to maintain during their retirement on their Killarney Lake property.  |  Photo courtesy of Dennis Turner

Goals help when moving off the farm

It was still a tough decision emotionally, but having a destination made it easier for Betty and Dennis Turner to cope

Deciding to move off the farm can be the easiest or the hardest decision a farmer has to make. There are questions of where to go, what happens to the farm and the financial implications of moving off the farm. While it was an emotionally difficult decision for Betty and Dennis Turner, the Manitoba couple […] Read more

Women shine a light on sexual harassment as they tell their stories of what they have faced while working at farm shows. | File photo

Facing up to harassment in agriculture

Women shine a light on sexual harassment as they tell their stories of what they have faced while working at farm shows

After four years of working in agribusiness, Kathryn Sarauer still feels uneasy sharing her experiences with harassment at agribusiness shows. Before leaving her job as a sales representative for a farm implements dealer, Sarauer started wearing a wedding ring when going out to work her booth. She isn’t married, but Sarauer says she received less […] Read more

A financial adviser says five years is the minimum amount of time people need to plan for retirement.  | Getty Images

Retirement planning must start now

Retired couple say they started working on a plan three years before retirement, and that probably wasn’t enough time

Retirement planning can be difficult for many farmers. Getting started on building up savings and talking about retirement goals often doesn’t start soon enough. For Reginald and Theresa Nelson knew they could not continue their Rockglen, Sask., seed cleaning and 2,000-acre grain and certified seed operation because of Reginald’s health. But selling their operation and […] Read more

Financial advisers say it can be difficult to convince farmers of the importance of investing outside their farm.  |  Getty Images

Income can continue after retirement

Different income streams can improve financial stability, whether it means an investment portfolio or continuing to work

When Reginald and Theresa Nelson started looking into their retirement plans, being financially stable was their biggest concern. No one wants to retire wondering where their money is going to come from, but retirement doesn’t have to mean that they stop working. While Reginald was not healthy enough to continue their Rockglen, Sask., seed cleaning […] Read more

People must be prepared for fluctuations in their income and other factors outside of their control such as inflation.  |  Getty Images

Get a handle on expense and income streams

It can take a great deal of work to figure out ahead of time what ‘living within your means’ will involve after retirement

Russell and Terri Bruce are excited about their farm auction this fall. After decades of farming near Tuxford, Sask., and their last harvest in 2019, the couple looks forward to closing their operation and spending more time with their grandkids. To do that, planning their retirement, including their budget for the coming years, had to […] Read more

“I get the phone calls, ‘Colin, I’ve sold,’ when I should be getting the phone call, ‘Colin, I’m thinking of selling.’ I never get that phone call,” says Colin Sabourin, a financial planner from Winnipeg.  |  Getty Images

Call a financial planner before retirement

Farmers advised to set aside money for insurance and investment needs off the farm long before discussing retirement

When it comes to planning for their retirement, farmers rarely go to financial advisers asking for a plan. At least, that what Colin Sabourin, a financial planner with Hemmett Anseeuw and Associates of Winnipeg, sees when he works with farmers. Sabourin sees a trend of farmers whose retirement plans are selling off their assets when […] Read more

People planning their retirement are urged not to underestimate the cost of their dreams.  |  Getty Images

Know what you want to get from retirement

Identifying expectations can help map out suitable investments based on goals rather than just risk tolerance

What do you want out of your retirement? Being on the verge of retirement, Russell and Terri Bruce are taking this question seriously. Of course, their family is the biggest priority but visits cost money for travel and other expenses. The questions of what you want out of retirement and how you intend to pay […] Read more

Women encouraged to seek seats in provincial, municipal elections

Women encouraged to seek seats in provincial, municipal elections

The lack of female rural candidates running in provincial and municipal elections this fall is raising concern in some quarters. Equal Voice, a non-profit organization that focuses on gender parity, said women make up 26 percent of MLAs in the Saskatchewan legislature, 23 percent of rural ridings are represented by women and only 13 percent […] Read more

Since retiring in 2018, Betty and Dennis Turner have been striking location after location off their travel lists, including visiting the pyramids of Egypt.  |  Supplied photo

Travel can play big role in retirement

A retired Manitoba couple hopes to continue seeing the world after COVID-restrictions are eased on international travel

Travelling was always part of Betty Turner’s life, even before she and husband Dennis started planning for their retirement. After 40 years of farming 2,400 acres of crop and pasture land near Killarney, Man., it was obvious that travel was going to be a big part of their retirement years and the list of places […] Read more