Since retiring in 2018, Betty and Dennis Turner have been striking location after location off their travel lists, including visiting the pyramids of Egypt.  |  Supplied photo

Travel can play big role in retirement

A retired Manitoba couple hopes to continue seeing the world after COVID-restrictions are eased on international travel

Travelling was always part of Betty Turner’s life, even before she and husband Dennis started planning for their retirement. After 40 years of farming 2,400 acres of crop and pasture land near Killarney, Man., it was obvious that travel was going to be a big part of their retirement years and the list of places […] Read more

Lynn and Elaine Jacobson continue to enjoy retirement, especially their trips around Canada to attend board meetings, including a Canadian Federation of Agriculture meeting in Kingston, Ont., in 2019.  |  Supplied photo

Finding a passion is key to retirement

For Lynn Jacobson, it’s his work with the Alberta Federation of Agriculture and other boards that makes life meaningful

There are a lot of questions when it comes to retirement, but none as big as where one wants to live their retirement years. When planning for retirement, Lynn Jacobson and his wife, Elaine, knew they wanted to stay on the farm as long as they could. They had other ideas on where they could […] Read more

Arnold Balicki, right, brought his son, Leonard, into the farming business long before he started the process of semi-retiring.  |  Supplied photo

Decision-making part of transition process

A Saskatchewan cattle producer says farmers must give up their authority in order for their family members to take over

Arnold Balicki had raised cattle on his land north of Shellbrook, Sask., for 34 years but a heart bypass caused him to slow down during the past 10 years and face semi-retirement from farming. Fortunately, he had been preparing for it for a while and brought his son into the business long before the semi-retirement […] Read more

Linda and Don Johnson began golfing 50 years ago, and it is now an important part of their retirement.  |  Supplied photo

Retiring into another job can ease transition

A retired Saskatchewan grain grower says leaving the farm was the hardest thing to do when it came time to quit farming

Don Johnson knew that when farming became work, it was time for a change. The Kipling man rented his first quarter-section in 1969 before he even finished high school and kept farming his commercial grain turned pedigree seed operation until 2000. There are ups and downs in farming and most of the time one outweighed […] Read more

Harold and Jocelyn Froese enjoy a 40th anniversary trip to Hawaii.  |  Supplied photo

Farm politics help keep retired poultry producer active

A retired poultry producer estimates the time he spends on various boards still takes up three-quarters of his work week

Even though Harold Froese has moved off his family farm and wrapped up his poultry and poultry broiler operation, he still considers himself only semi-retired. Originally from Oak Bluff, Man., Harold and his wife, Jocelyn, now live in Winnipeg and his involvement in agriculture lobbying and provincial and federal agriculture organizations has been beneficial to […] Read more

Scott Campbell surveys his pastureland that has been underwater since the beginning of June.  |  Becky Zimmer photo

Flooding aftermath lingers in northwest Sask.

Some cattle producers have faced flood damage for the last 11 years and the stress and frustration are mounting

Scott Campbell’s cattle operation near Meadow Lake, Sask., should be all green pasture this time of year. Instead, a dike is the only visible land. Pasture, once destined to feed his cattle, is under water. The Beaver River started to flood June 9 and has covered pastures at the ranch, which Campbell farms with his […] Read more

Sask. floods disrupt grazing plans

Cattle ranchers in northwestern Saskatchewan are left waiting for flood waters to recede following recent flooding of Beaver River. A combination of upriver flood waters in Alberta on June 14, flooding from southern rivers and creeks and recent rainfall has caused pasture and grazing land to be submerged from the Alberta border to rural municipalities […] Read more

An open conversation while planning a will is key to avoiding problems and fighting between beneficiaries.  |  Getty Images

Weigh options when writing a will

Any person can be named as a beneficiary but there are obligations to spouses and financial dependents to consider

Planning a will is not something to take lightly, especially when deciding how to allocate assets. Many options must be weighed, like which child gets what and how assets and land should be divided, but for some testators who don’t have large families or children to give their assets to, what are some other options? […] Read more

People can save time, hardship and money by choosing their power of attorney before they are unable to make the decision.  |  Getty Images

Power of attorney provides peace of mind

People may reach a point in their life when they are unable to make important decisions. While this can be devastating, it is possible for people to choose who will make those decisions on their behalf before that time comes. Appointing a power of attorney ensures that someone trusted and knowledgeable is making decisions about […] Read more

A Saskatchewan lawyer says probate fees and land transfers are comparable in price, but there are still issues that farmers need to keep an eye on.  |  File photo

Probate not something to avoid at all costs

However, a tax lawyer says avoiding probate fees by transferring titles away from the testator before they die is not hard

As the old saying goes, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. But professional help and planning ahead can go a long way in dealing with taxes that must be paid following a death. For Nikki Rudachyk, partner at McKercher LLP in Saskatoon and a member of the Canadian Association of Farm […] Read more