An open conversation while planning a will is key to avoiding problems and fighting between beneficiaries.  |  Getty Images

Weigh options when writing a will

Any person can be named as a beneficiary but there are obligations to spouses and financial dependents to consider

Planning a will is not something to take lightly, especially when deciding how to allocate assets. Many options must be weighed, like which child gets what and how assets and land should be divided, but for some testators who don’t have large families or children to give their assets to, what are some other options? […] Read more

People can save time, hardship and money by choosing their power of attorney before they are unable to make the decision.  |  Getty Images

Power of attorney provides peace of mind

People may reach a point in their life when they are unable to make important decisions. While this can be devastating, it is possible for people to choose who will make those decisions on their behalf before that time comes. Appointing a power of attorney ensures that someone trusted and knowledgeable is making decisions about […] Read more

A Saskatchewan lawyer says probate fees and land transfers are comparable in price, but there are still issues that farmers need to keep an eye on.  |  File photo

Probate not something to avoid at all costs

However, a tax lawyer says avoiding probate fees by transferring titles away from the testator before they die is not hard

As the old saying goes, the only things certain in life are death and taxes. But professional help and planning ahead can go a long way in dealing with taxes that must be paid following a death. For Nikki Rudachyk, partner at McKercher LLP in Saskatoon and a member of the Canadian Association of Farm […] Read more

Poorly written wills can cause headaches for loved ones

Self-made wills are legal if every step is followed, but non-lawyers can create a multitude of problems for themselves

Death can be difficult and those left behind can face big decisions. That’s where planning a proper will can make things easier for loved ones. There is plenty of information online and plenty of resources available on will planning, but investing in professional help can make things easier and more secure, says James D. Steele, […] Read more

Serena La Posta and her dog Molly.  |  Supplied photo

Interns get eye-opening experience

Regina couple fulfilled their dream by spending six months on a community-shared agricultural operation

The view on the dusty dirt road to the Ternier’s family farm near Cochin, Sask., overlooking the Murray Lake Bird Sanctuary, takes one’s breath away. The rising sun crests over rolling hills only to dip over the lake in the evenings. Noises from pelicans, chickens, pigs, and cattle fill the air along with the wild […] Read more

What seniors want to do with their retirement is an important consideration when planning for a life after farming.  |  Getty Images

Budgeting for retirement starts with honesty

The first step is knowing what expenses a farmer has and taking a good look at how those expenses are likely to change

Retiring can mean big changes for any Canadian senior and there is work in financially preparing for the change. For Canadian farmers, an early start and an educated look at financial needs can mean more money in their pockets. Patti Durand, an agriculture transition specialist with Farm Credit Canada, works with retiring farmers. Many farmers […] Read more

Farm succession plans must be formalized

Power dynamics and possible abuse and addiction issues can complicate the decision of what to do with the family farm

The average Canadian farmer is 55 years old, says Statistics Canada, and the average is steadily increasing. Yet only 8.4 percent of family farms have a succession plan, according to Statistics Canada, which means more than 90 percent of farms are operating without a plan to transfer ownership in case of a family crisis or […] Read more

A love of farming can postpone retirement

Producers often have a deeper connection with their work than in other industries, which can keep them farming longer

According to Statistics Canada, the number of farms in Canada is dropping, the average size of the farm is increasing, and the average age of the farmer continues to rise. This means that while fewer people are farming, they are also taking on bigger operations and for longer. Older Canadians working longer is a common […] Read more

Working longer in a field you’re passionate about can extend life.  |  Getty Images

No need to rush into retirement

Pushing seniors out of jobs, especially out of a family oriented business like farming, is not considered good for anyone

Retiring is a big and often daunting decision for Canadian seniors. Whether financially, socially or mentally, how do Canadian seniors, especially farmers, know when it is time to take that big step? Farming is more than just a career, says Tyler Case, an assistant professor at the Edwards School of Business at the University of […] Read more

Losing Gord, left, a one-year-old St. Bernard, to an illegally placed snare was a heartbreaking experience for Virginia Bells.  |  Photo courtesy of Virginia Bells 

Sask. woman speaks out against illegal snares

Snare was placed too close to family’s farmyard, but president of provincial trapping association calls case an exception

It is a pet owner’s worst nightmare — a beloved pet not returning home. For Virginia Bells, that nightmare became a reality when her one-year-old St. Bernard, Gord, was not home to greet them on Dec. 18 at their farm near Humboldt, Sask. Gord was later found in an illegally placed snare near their yard. […] Read more