Canadians believe the greatest responsibility for food safety lies with food companies, but they do not trust them. 
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Canadians say companies should be responsible for food safety: CFIA

Canadians believe the greatest responsibility for food safety lies with food companies, but they do not trust them. People trust themselves the most when it comes to ensuring their food is safe but few make an effort to learn more about production or processing. “Consumers do not hold themselves responsible for food safety even though […] Read more

Sask. rancher head of sustainable beef roundtable

Market analyst Anne Wasko is the new chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Wasko ranches with her husband Barry at Eastend, Sask., and replaces Cherie Copithorne-Barnes, who operates CL Ranches with her family near Calgary. Wasko has been a livestock market analyst for more than 30 years starting with Canfax and later moving […] Read more

Auction offering VBP Plus calf sale

Cattle from verified beef production operations will be offered for sale Oct. 17 and Nov. 14 through JGL Livestock at Moose Jaw, Sask. The calves need to come from registered VBP Plus operations and will go to registered feedlots, said Wayne Kot, of JGL. This is not a regular sale and the cattle will be […] Read more

Canadian roundtable group explores crops sustainability

Canada has a good story to tell about grain production sustainability but few know about it. The Canadian roundtable for sustainable crops includes growers, commodity groups, processors and food companies involved with grains, oilseeds and pulses. Much of their work is outward looking because requirements are often based on what the international market wants rather […] Read more

Feeder associations hire new executive director

Janice Tranberg is the new president and chief executive officer of the Alberta Cattle Feeders Association and National Cattle Feeders Association as of Nov 1. She is replacing Bryan Walton, who retires in early 2019. Tranberg has been executive director of the Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission, an assistant deputy minister for the Saskatchewan ministry of […] Read more

W.A. Ranches comprises 19,000 acres and includes a herd of 1,000 Angus cattle, all of it gifted to the University of Calgary faculty of veterinary medicine.  |   W.A. Ranches photo

Donation earmarked for centre of excellence

The $44 million gift from W.A. Ranches is intended to be used for animal health and welfare research and public outreach

A donation of a 19,000-acre ranch to the University of Calgary faculty of veterinary medicine is the largest gift of its kind to any Canadian university. W.A. Ranches near Cochrane, Alta., is worth an estimated $44 million and was donated by Calgary entrepreneurs Jack Anderson and his daughter Wynne Chisholm. The plan is to build […] Read more

Beef grading gets an upgrade

Trying to make kabobs out of stewing meat is going to be a wasted effort. “As a society, North America-wide, there is a loss of cooking ability generally across the board,” said Marty Carpenter, chair of the Canadian Beef Grading Agency and formerly with Canada Beef Inc. Carpenter is also a chef and he knows […] Read more

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence offers live training and e-learning programs on how to properly cook beef.  |  Getty image

Try a little tenderness

The tender middle cuts are found on 28 percent of a beef carcass. That leaves the shoulder, hip, belly and brisket and many cooks are unsure how to handle them successfully. With some creative cutting and cooking methods, these less tender cuts may still yield an easy to cook, tasty meal at a lower price […] Read more

This side of beef would likely get a top grade as it moved through a commercial processor.  |  File photo

New standardized beef grading system could help exports

Canada plans to realign its beef grading system with more yield classes. For the last seven years the Canadian beef industry has considered moving from three to five yield classes to align with the United States system, said Marty Carpenter, president of the Canadian Beef Grading Agency. “It would make it easier for our customers, […] Read more

Gentle livestock handling reduces bruising, carcass discounts

Bruises are painful but the extent of them is not seen until cattle reach a packing plant. Once the hides come off carcasses, bruises are often found on the dorsal midline and can affect high-value cuts, said Lily Calloway Edwards of Colorado State University. “Bruises tell us a story,” she said at a recent University […] Read more