The Harmony Beef processing plant just north of Calgary, Alberta is scheduled to open Feb. 27 | photo by Debbie Furber, Canadian Cattlemen

Harmony Beef to reopen

Canada’s newest federally inspected meat plant, Harmony Beef is scheduled to open Feb. 27. The plant will process about 50 head per day and will escalate until it reaches 800 head, said Cam Daniels, director of marketing. The long awaited opening of the former Rancher’s Beef plant northeast of Calgary suffered delays with municipal permits […] Read more

BSE case prompting more countries to ban Canadian beef

Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration announced yesterday it has banned imports of Canadian beef products following the confirmation of BSE in an Alberta beef cow. That decision follows earlier announcements from South Korea, Indonesia, Peru and Belarus that imports were temporarily halted. “We’ll know in the next week if there will be more countries or […] Read more

Agribition power and perfection sale

REGINA, Sask. – A black Angus bull that wowed the crowds at Northlands Farmfair in Edmonton and Canadian Western Agribition sold for $62,000 at the Power and Perfection Angus sale held Nov. 28. Remitall Prospector 110Z was supreme bull at Farmfair and grand champion at Agribition. Bred by Gary and Richard Latimer of Remitall Farms, […] Read more

Broadacre Agriculture enters creditor protection

Broadacre Agriculture Inc., a corporate farm controlling more than 65,000 acres of Saskatchewan farmland, has entered into creditor protection. Incorporated in 2010, the company owes more than $46 million to lenders, investors and farm suppliers. You can find the complete list of creditors here. Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta granted an order on Nov. […] Read more

Cow-calf survey to document changes in Western Canada’s industry

By Barbara Duckworth Calgary bureau CROSSFIELD, Alta. — A wide-ranging survey of cow-calf operations has been launched in Western Canada. No study of this kind has been conducted since 1999, and that one was available only in Alberta. Government, researchers and producers groups agreed it was time to find out what is happening on beef […] Read more

New campaign promotes local shopping

Small local businesses take the biggest hit as more consumers shop online or travel to the United States for deals. A new online campaign called Shop the Neighbourhood from the Yellow Pages company offers free digital advertising space and mobile marketing to encourage shoppers to support local, small businesses. The target shopping day is Nov. […] Read more

Classroom Agriculture Program needs volunteers in Alberta

Alberta’s Classroom Agriculture Program needs volunteers to talk to Grade 4 students about farming and food production. Each year from April to June, more than 20,000 children get to meet with farmers, ranchers, veterinarians and other people involved in agriculture to learn about where their food comes from. This year, the program is oversubscribed in […] Read more

Stampede looks for unusual horse stories

The Calgary Stampede is looking for stories about horses and their unusual companions. At the Stampede, a thoroughbred chuck wagon horse has a miniature horse buddy, while a Dalmatian dog rides with a team of Clydesdales that pull a stagecoach at the grandstand each evening. Stories and accompanying pictures or videos will be shared on […] Read more

Aging producers, drought aftermath hinders expansion

The expansion phase of the U.S. cattle cycle is long overdue but a host of factors are working against herd rebuilding and are forcing segments of the industry to consolidate. The cattle cycle, where the herd expands and contracts at regular intervals of 10 to 12 years, has been in place since the end of […] Read more