While there might be widespread and loud calls for the food supply system to be overhauled, there are other voices out there holding their tongues but viewing the calls for a food system revolution with skepticism. | File photo

Major overhaul not needed for supply chain: observers

There have been widespread predictions that North America’s food supply chain will be radically reformed after COVID-19 passes. Reasons for why the food supply chain should, in some people’s eyes, be restructured include: Shortages of flour, dairy and meat products. Shutdowns and slowdowns at meat packing plants. Worries about cross border agriculture trade and food […] Read more

While the U.S. still has many small farms like Canada’s, there has been huge growth in large-scale dairy farms in places like Wisconsin and Minnesota, where multi-thousand head dairy farms now produce much of the milk. | File photo

What happens if we end supply management?

What would happen if supply management disappeared and dairy farmers were thrust into a free market? It’s not likely to happen, since even the administration of United States President Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be trying to entirely eliminate the system that controls Canadian dairy production and imports. But to understand how much the present […] Read more