Add dependable, long blooming perennials to landscape

As September arrives, my purple coneflowers are still in full bloom after having been flowering since late July. This hardy perennial, Echinacea purpurea, is one of the most dependable perennials in my garden and a plant that provides an extended period of bloom. Unless I cut them for use in dried flower arrangements, I leave […] Read more

Colourful spiked flowers add excitement to garden

Plants that produce tall spires covered with individual florets creating spikes of flowers provide texture and architectural interest to the garden. Tall spikes contrast with the many rounded forms in the border and immediately catch our attention. Lupins, one of the first spikes to appear in the garden, often bloom in June. Since they are […] Read more

Colours trick the eye

The use of colour is probably the most influential feature in gardens, creating mood, contrast, harmony and motion in the landscape. Cool colours such as purple and blue are on opposite sides of the colour wheel and complementary to warm ones like yellow and orange. Designers use complementary colours like purple and yellow or orange […] Read more

Container gardening provides flexibility

Containers add versatility to the garden because their contents can be replaced or an entire container can be removed from sight if its contents flag. Containers can be moved around to give a tired garden a new look or popped into bare spots in flower borders. Start with a suitable container, which can be practically […] Read more

Fresh spring flowers start with fall planning

The first flowers of spring are always a welcome sight after the long, cold winter, and probably the most eagerly anticipated blooms in the spring garden are tulips. They come in many colours, including yellow, pink, red, purple and white and they seem to shout spring as their single, cup-shaped, waxy flowers nod in the […] Read more

Leading visitors down the garden path

There are many design elements that are effective in the landscape, but few that match the impact of a well planned and carefully maintained garden path. Pathways in the garden are at once utilitarian and decorative, but it is while serving the latter purpose that they can add a unifying element to the garden, evoke […] Read more