#Harvest13 photo contest winners

      At The Western Producer this past fall we decided to create an online home for your harvest 2013 photos. The result was outstanding. More than 330 images were shared with our online editors during and shortly after the fall harvest. They came by Facebook, by Twitter and email, they filled our Facebook […] Read more

Ropa Tiger brings in beets cleaner, faster

BURDETT, Alta. — Sugar beet harvesting equipment that is new to southern Alberta is providing benefits for two area farming operations and the Taber sugar factory. Forty Mile Ventures, which is operated by the Kamper Group south of Burdett, bought a Ropa Tiger Micro Topper this year that defoliates, digs and loads beets in one […] Read more

VIDEO: Matius Ruffo talks agronomy

The Mosaic Company’s worldwide agronomy manager, Matius Ruffo, was a featured presenter at InfoAg, one of North America’s premier precision agriculture conferences. WP managing editor Michael Raine caught up with Ruffo during the July 16 – 18, 2013 conference in Springfield, Illinois, and talked to him about precision ag and other key agronomy topics.

Auger sensor signals full bin without climbing ladder

Alarmed spout | Openings allow grain overflow to give operator time to shut down once alarm sounds

BRANDON — As grain bins continue to grow higher, so too does the average age of prairie farmers. This combination compounds a situation already fraught with danger. The simple solution is to stay off the bins, and Angelika Gehrer thinks she has the answer. “A full bin alarm can pay for itself quickly by preventing […] Read more

Biomass more than wood to burn in the fireplace

Biomass is an energy resource that does not receive as much media attention as wind and solar, but it is definitely an important part of the renewable energy repertoire. Biomass is biological material derived from plants or animals that makes a sustainable and renewable energy source. It can be used directly as a fuel source […] Read more

Massey upgrades, improves

Swathers, windrowers | Biggest improvement is a V-Cool radiator system

BRANDON — The new Massey Ferguson WR series SP windrowers and swathers made their first prairie public appearance this winter. The WR is a new design, with unique features such as a rear suspension, said Willie Gilbert, a sales representative for Ag West Equipment at Portage la Prairie, Man. “The unit we have here at […] Read more

Equipment ergonomics = productivity

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Many people think this is how farm machinery manufacturers make a better ag power unit: put in a bigger engine, add some cool guidance tools and machine productivity software, throw in a bigger hydraulic pump and maybe add a couple of power take-offs. But putting all the power and tools together in […] Read more

Rubber biscuit smoothens ride

Reducing Deere bounce | Owners of older series T tractors able to cushion their ride

BRANDON — Farmers who own a John Deere 9000 series T tractor built between 2000 and 2007 know all about the term “rough ride.” “We wanted to use rubber biscuits to address the shakiness, vibration, rough ride, jarring and sharp bucks,” said Luke Bartel of ERA Manufacturing in Rosenort, Man. Bartel worked with Lloyd Friesen […] Read more

Double Flow dryer ideal in soggy Peace region

Northern Alberta’s Peace River region is well known for having canola so wet it can’t even be tested. Larry Dorig, an Alvan Blanch Canadian dealer located at Spirit River, Alta., said he only stumbled across a solution to the problem out of sheer good luck. He said his operation bought the first Double Flow dryer […] Read more

Cool-warm season crops fare best in longer rotations

Avoid annual rotations | A longer time period between rotations discourages weeds

MINOT, N.D. — An American researcher has a message for Canadian no-till famers who grow a two-crop rotation of canola and wheat: such a practice is short-sighted and stupid. Dwayne Beck, manager of the Dakota Lakes research farm in Pierre, South Dakota, told the Manitoba North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmers Association annual workshop in Minot […] Read more