Lentil prices debated at Global Pulse Convention

The Western Producer’s Sean Pratt is reporting from the 2016 Global Pulse Convention in Cesme, Turkey. CESME, Turkey — Market outlooks for green lentils, red lentils and beans were the highlights of day two of the 2016 Global Pulse Convention Gerald Donkersgoed, vice-president of Ilta Grain, said Canada is pretty much sold out of green […] Read more

U.S. asks for arbitration on COOL damages

The United States has decided to ask the world trade organization for arbitration over the amount of damages Canada claims has been caused by mandatory country or origin labelling. Canada asked the WTO to impose retaliatory tariffs of more than $3 billion annually on key U.S. exports due to damages caused by COOL. “Canada is […] Read more

New environment minister will look at drainage rules

Saskatchewan’s new environment minister says he needs time to talk to officials before commenting on new drainage regulations. The new regulations, which would curb unauthorized ditching and drainage of agricultural land, have been in the works for months. They were expected this summer but officials said a firm date has not yet been established. Herb […] Read more

Your View: Do crop prices affect your management

Canadian crop producers are on the tail end of some of the best years ever, with record yields, prices and net farm income. Now though, with an eye-popping corn and soy yields south of the border and margin outlooks looking barely positive, does this change how you pencil-in acres this winter for the spring seeding […] Read more

Outdoor Farm Show demonstrations – Video

A few weeks ago I was attending a farm show in Ontario. 
 I know what you’re are thinking: ‘They farm differently than we do, so I am not sure what an event like that might offer for us back on the Prairies?’ You would be right. Here in Oxford County, farmland is close to […] Read more

Video: Intra Grain wins gold at #CFPS14

Watch Kyle Folk, President of Intra Grain Technologies, describe their product Bin Sense with fan control, which won the company a gold award for agricultural innovation at the 2014 edition of Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina Saskatchewan.

Video: Canada’s Weekly Farm Update – March 22, 2014.

In this week’s video: Prairie grain shipments are showing signs of improvement; Road bans are coming on in some rural municipalities; Back-to-work legislation contemplated for the truckers’ strike affecting the Port of Vancouver; Concerns over Ukraine’s corn production because of the crisis in Crimea; Hog and pork prices posted new records; Michele Payn-Knoper, an author, […] Read more

Video: Canada’s Weekly Farm Update – March 15, 2014.

In this week’s video: Unhappy rail lines, Canada and South Korea make a trade deal; a look at what’s affecting ag prices in McMillan’s Markets; Joanne Paulson talks rail lines in the Editor’s Notebook; spring runoff predictions; varying kernel weights and canola plant populations; cattails processed with straw to make hybrid fuel cubes; Syngenta breeders […] Read more