Letters to the editor – November 2, 2017

Missed the mark In The Western Producer article Hog Production Protest Misses the Mark (Oct. 12), I think it is more a question of the journalist in question seriously missing the point. The reality is that there is a wide diversity of groups and individuals with serious concerns about the prospect of the ramping up […] Read more

Use ratios and benchmarks to analyze performance

Before getting too far into “next year” thinking, it’s important to look at how you did financially in 2017. There are many reason why people farm. One of them though, must be to earn profit. Four key questions should be addressed: What profit did the farm earn in 2017? Profit has must be calculated on […] Read more

New food policy should include input from agricultural experts

To make good decisions, you need good information. Decisions or policies made with limited information or diversity of input often fail when they meet the real world. The Liberal government’s recent attempt at tax reform is a prime example. A superficially attractive desire to make the tax system fairer crashed when it became clear that […] Read more

Our fragile free markets are snowflakes that need a safe space

Never has it been so obvious how terribly fragile and prone to melting our free and open markets are today. Winnipeg’s futures markets for barley, durum and spring wheat have been disbanded, after being abandoned by market players over the past few years. The remnants were swept out and mopped up last week, with the […] Read more

Agriculture industry works together

In the words of auto maker Henry Ford: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” I am grateful that I get to work for an organization where one of its guiding principles is to promote collaboration throughout the cereals value chain. In a diverse industry like cereal grains, […] Read more

Who do consumers trust? Farmers favoured for reliable info

Canadians may not know where their food is coming from, but they say they still overwhelmingly trust those who are producing it; well, kind of. In a recently released telephone survey conducted last March on behalf of Agriculture Canada, pollsters found 91 percent of respondents say farmers and ranchers are a reliable source of information. […] Read more

Sask Wheat remains an ideological battleground

Of all the crop commissions serving producers on the Prairies, Sask Wheat is probably the most politicized, and that’s continuing with the current director election. Wheat and barley commissions were established in each of the three Prairie Provinces to help fill the void when the Canadian Wheat Board’s marketing monopoly was removed. Sask Wheat remains […] Read more

Letters to the editor – October 26, 2017

Spray drift I have always firmly believed that a spray coupe/high clearance sprayer does a fantastic job of spraying. This fall after harvest I worked most of my fields around the edges. Working the last field I came upon a disturbing incident. Over half my fields have bush or grass and bush lines around them. […] Read more