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Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe argues that farmland is an enormous carbon sink, sequestering millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.  |  File photo

Canadians support Sask. on carbon

The Angus Reid Institute recently published a new national public opinion poll indicating that seven out of 10 Canadians believe the Government of Saskatchewan was right to challenge Prime Minister Justine Trudeau’s carbon tax in court, while two-thirds of Canadians believe it should be the provinces, not Ottawa, that determine the appropriate path to reduce […] Read more

Milk bags avoid anti-plastic environmental backlash

A few months ago, the world became obsessed with plastic straws. Reject the plastic straw at the bar, environmentalists said, for the sake of the oceans. Doing so will keep the planet greener, they argued. In July, Seattle became the first major American city to ban plastic straws and utensils. Since then, San Francisco has […] Read more

Producer staff earn awards

Each year, the American Agricultural Association’s award contest identifies great content supplied by writers, designers photographers and digital presenters from across the continent. Once again this year, work from the Western Producer’s staff has been recognized as among the best. In the “Issues” category, Calgary-based reporter, Barbara Duckworth, won first place for a special report […] Read more

Climate change: is it science or religion?

How can one believe in the safety of genetically modified foods and not fully believe in man-made climate change? As a supporter of science, how can you support the former while still having qualms about the latter? For me, it’s because the science has to mesh with personal observations and experience. Otherwise, I’m left with […] Read more

Letters to the editor – August 16, 2018

Unsafe culture makes workers hard to get Farm leaders notice new emphasis on ag labour, column by Michael Raine, Western Producer, Aug. 1. A tad ironic, coming from the rural majority who are anchor members of the United Conservative Party and whose avowed pitchfork-waving promise is to — on day one of a mandate — […] Read more

Tax deferral program helps when drought forces herd sale

Farming is frequently exposed to unpredictable acts of nature, which will often affect your financial income in the current year and future ones. Drought and flooding are two such conditions that might force you to sell part of your breeding herd, sometimes at less-than-ideal prices. To help mitigate those losses, the federal government offers a […] Read more

When agronomists are asked about using glyphosate as a desiccant, the standard response is:

Day of reckoning coming for pre-harvest glyphosate?

Five years ago, about half of the pigs in Canada were raised with ractopamine. In 2018 the percentage is basically zero. Use of the feed additive, which increases the rate of gain for hogs, dropped to nothing because Canada’s pork industry listened to market signals. Major buyers, like China and Russia, didn’t want pork with […] Read more

How these things begin . . .

Will we get a currency/debt crisis? What happens to agriculture prices in one?

Is Turkey’s currency crisis going to spread around the world? Or is it just a local phenomenon without much impact outside its neighbourhood? Nobody knows right now. There are some signs of “contagion,” which is what happens when one local crisis spreads to other markets like an infectious disease, with India and Argentina being hit […] Read more

Canada right to speak up on Saudi human rights abuses

How much inhumanity does a country get to inflict on people before countries with which it does business speak up? That question is central to the dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia. How about beheading, crucifixion, leading the invasion of another country (Yemen, creating what the United Nations called a humanitarian catastrophe,) torturing confessions out […] Read more

Canada must send strong signal to U.S. on trade war

It was disappointing to hear federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay say Canada won’t do anything substantial to help Canadian farmers who will likely be affected by the growing trade dispute between the United States and China. In a scenario that will likely see prices affected worldwide, Canadian farmers will be caught up in the fray. […] Read more