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    I never thought I'd see it. It was like the wolf lying down with the lamb, the leopard lying down…


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Questions for Trans Mountain opponents

British Columbia politicians like NDP member of Parliament Alistair MacGregor justify their opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline by citing concerns about climate change and carbon emissions, but this raises important questions. What about coal? Vancouver is North America’s largest exporter of coal, one-third of it is thermal coal for generating electricity. Vancouver exports coal […] Read more

Producers must prepare for unexpected losses

You always assume (hope) that it won’t happen to you, but I happen to be one of the producers unpaid by Canadian Exotic Grains of Eston, Sask. I’m darn glad that the company was licensed and bonded by the Canadian Grain Commission and I’m hoping the bond is adequate to cover what’s owed to producers. […] Read more

Canada’s blunt objections to U.S. tariffs leave dairy questions

Canada and the United States are on the precipice of an international trade war and this country’s dairy industry is being pushed closer and closer to the edge. Trump and his staff launched a blistering, personal attack against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this weekend after he left the G7 meeting in Quebec’s pristine Charlevoix region. […] Read more

Will supply management survive?

In April 2017, shortly after Canada closed the loophole on imports of ultra-filtered milk, Wisconsin dairy farmer Shane Sauer, told the CBC: “We don’t blame you (Canada)” for what was then a glut of product on the market. Sauer explained the explosion in production of ultra-filtered milk, used in milk byproducts such as cheese, came […] Read more

Trump exploits myths around supply management

At the meeting of G7 nations last weekend, U.S. President Donald Trump used bully tactics to get Trump-favorable language in a joint message designed to play well at his core supporters back home. The member nations all reached agreement on the document, but in the end Trump didn’t sign. He launched a written attack on […] Read more

Is this the end of dairy in the lunch box?

Recently, my tireless eight-year-old did a two kilometre race. When she crossed the finish line, I gave her cheese and chocolate milk. Since then, I have been joking that the next time she crosses a finish line, I may need to give her a pop and a bag of chips so that she avoids foods […] Read more

How do rural folk keep tabs on favourite teams?

Recently Will Groeneveld was checking his pea acres in north-central Alberta — and chatting about the upcoming World Cup of Soccer. He was chatting about it with me, by phone, as I sat in my minivan after getting an oil change. We met through ag Twitter and discovered our joint passion for English and World […] Read more

Different sized farms face different challenges

Who grows the best crops, small to medium sized farmers or big farmers? As producers, our work is on display all growing season. Everybody can view and compare. Addressing the above question probably requires a definition. What’s a small to medium sized farm and what’s a big farm? Here are some back-of-the-envelope thoughts. Small to […] Read more

Trudeau right to fight back against U.S.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he is doing what must be done in the trade dispute with the United States. And make no mistake; this is about President Donald Trump and his desire to claim a win. The U.S. has imposed 25 percent import tariffs on Canadian steel and […] Read more

This is what happens when the giant begins to roar

In the 2001 Hollywood classic Pearl Harbour, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto utters what is one of the film’s most iconic quotes. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant,” he says shortly after Japanese Imperial Forces bomb Peal Harbour in 1941. The sleeping giant is the United States, which were dragged into […] Read more