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Better not to kowtow to China

It’s too bad China didn’t offer Canada everything Canadians had hoped for in the Prime Minister’s just-completed trip. Many were hoping that Canada and China would officially agree to beginning negotiations towards a free trade deal, but that frittered away with Justin Trudeau pushing labour and gender rights and some amongst the Chinese leadership appearing […] Read more

Time to speak up for Statistics Canada

It’s time to stop taking Statistics Canada for granted and to show it a little love. It’s also time to let your members of Parliament, your farm organization leaders and your fellow farmers know just how important the agency is for agriculture. There’s a real risk that Statistics Canada will further reduce its crucial production […] Read more

On the Prairies, charity goes beyond writing cheques

It is 18 days until Christmas and nine days since Giving Tuesday, a newly designated day designed to encourage charitable giving. That special Tuesday appears to be an American-instigated event that somewhat ironically follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when spending is rampant and remaining discretionary funds are most likely to be in short supply. […] Read more

Crop missions a time to educate, listen

The 2017 new crop missions plan to visit 18 countries that make up Canada’s top customers for wheat. The first stop on the trip organized by Cereals Canada, the Canadian Grain Commission and the Canadian International Grains Institute, is with the millers in Canada and United States. It is often forgotten that our most important […] Read more

House agriculture committee risks losing its relevancy

It used to be that if you wanted a better idea of what the federal government’s plans for a respective sector was you skipped the House of Commons and headed straight to committee. Traditionally, committees were the backbone of Parliament. They allowed MPs to dig into a variety of issues that were of critical importance […] Read more

Assessing political risks: tariffs, trade barriers

It isn’t all about supply and demand. Increasingly, the bottom line factor to be concerned about is political risk. An obvious example is the 50 percent tariff on peas going into India, which is applied on top of that country’s fumigation rule, which unfairly singles out Canada. There have also been fears of a potential […] Read more

U.S. dairy sector not squeaky clean

What happens around the world or in your own backyard matters when it comes to agriculture in Canada. It’s a global market. Whether it is about exports or related to producers whose businesses are entirely focused on domestic use, every acre and animal matters, especially if these are in the United States. Canadian grain farmers […] Read more

Government plans to tighten program for tax filing errors

The Canada Revenue Agency is planning to make changes to the voluntary disclosures program. Under the current VDP, taxpayers have a second chance to change a tax return previously filed or to file a return that should have been filed. The taxpayer can request that the CRA provide relief from prosecution and penalties. If the […] Read more

Feds’ daft tax plan shows people power

You can’t blame business owners for feeling like they’re being bombarded by government. Increased employment insurance premiums, new environmental levies, minimum wage hikes: announcements about new taxes and regulations became a common occurrence in 2017. But perhaps the most significant tax announcement of the year, maybe the most significant in decades came this summer, when […] Read more