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40,000-acre farm goes organic

WALDRON, Sask. — There are 25 grain bins in Travis Heide’s farmyard, including six massive ones with a capacity of 70,000 bushels each. In total, the bins can store around 550,000 bu. of grain. That’s enough for 10,000 acres of spring wheat, assuming an average yield of 55 bu. per acre. For most prairie farmers, […] Read more

Orphan wells: Alberta’s $47 billion problem

As energy sector companies fail, landowners wonder who’s on the hook for reclamation costs of wells and pipelines

TABER, Alta. — As farmers drove to the March 8 Action Surface Rights meeting, the news had just broken that Calgary-based Sequoia Resources Corp. had ceased operations. Its demise, if it occurs, would add at least another 2,300 oil and gas wells and possibly as many as 4,000 to the list of energy infrastructure sites […] Read more

Railways miss their own delivery targets

There are many factors that can affect how quickly harvested grain moves from a remote farm location in Western Canada to an outbound ocean vessel on Canada’s West Coast. According to sources in the grain industry, the main factors behind this year’s shipment delays aren’t much different than usual — bad weather and bad industry […] Read more

‘Paid hunting’ fee proposed to access land

Alta. ranchers look for solutions as tension builds between those who lease public land and those who want to use it

BROOKS, Alta. — An email sent to Fort Macleod, Alta., area rancher Bill Newton last fall was initially polite. A prospective hunter requested access to grazing land that Newton leases, specifying when and where he wanted to hunt. Newton sent a polite reply, refusing access due to excessively dry conditions and the heightened risk of […] Read more

Barley may thrive under climate change

Climate change could result in warmer and wetter conditions in northern Alberta and warmer and drier in the south

A warming climate could be good news for Alberta’s barley industry. University of Alberta researchers have embarked on a ongoing project to study adaptive measures and opportunities for water use for agriculture, petroleum and other sectors in the province. Watershed scientist Monireh Faramarzi and others have combined hydrology and climate models to assess water supplies […] Read more

System maps out best bio-energy sites in Alta.

Called BRIMS, the application tells investors how much agriculture supply there is to help decision making

Companies looking to invest in biofuels or other bio-resources can now more easily look for places to set up in Alberta, thanks to a new online resource. The application, called the Bio-Resource Information Management System, or BRIMS for short, was developed by Alberta Innovates, an arms-length government agency, and Silvacom, a consulting and software company […] Read more

Lies spread faster online than the truth: study

MIT research may explain why it can be hard to change people’s minds on the safety of GM food and pesticides

As it turns out, there’s a reason why some people believe that vaccines cause autism, exposure to glyphosate causes Alzheimer’s disease and genetically modified food causes allergies. The reason is that lies spread faster than truth, especially on social media. In a paper published March 8 in the journal Science, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute […] Read more

Bunge’s Argentine plants behind ADM bid

Soybean crushing facilities are said to be the key reason why Archer Daniels Midland is attempting to take over Bunge

ROSARIO, Argentina/CHICAGO, (Reuters) — On the banks of the Parana River, machines hum 24 hours a day in Argentina’s grain ports, churning out soybean-based animal feed and shooting it straight into the hulls of ships bound for buyers worldwide. The wind stirs up fine meal dust, creating a protein-filled haze. Rosario is the biggest soybean-crushing […] Read more

China hog prices plunge after barn boom

A rapid expansion of large hog farms in the country has outpaced demand, driving down prices and slowing imports

BEIJING, China (Reuters) — Chinese pig prices hit their lowest in nearly four years during the week ending March 9, plunging farmers there into the red. The situation underscored concerns that a rapid expansion of large pig farms in China has outpaced demand growth. The sudden downturn, one of the steepest declines over such a […] Read more

India not a guaranteed market for pulses

The Indian government has been placing tariffs on pulse imports over the last few months to help its farmers

WINNIPEG — Despite positive developments between Canada and India in regards to pulse crops, the chief executive officer of Pulse Canada is warning producers not to rely on India as a market for pulses. “India is not the market that it was eight months ago and it emphasizes the need to find alternate markets,” said […] Read more