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Sask. leaseholders given incentive to buy crown land

Saskatchewan has announced another incentive program as it tries to sell agricultural crown land. This program is being described as “targeted” because it is aimed at current leaseholders of cultivated or formerly cultivated land and offers them a 10 percent incentive until March 31, 2018. Lessees aren’t obligated to buy, but if they don’t they […] Read more

China-Canada meat deal includes pilot project

The federal agriculture department revealed more details Dec. 7 about greater access for Canadian beef and pork in the Chinese market. Following a trade mission by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that concluded yesterday, there is an agreement to launch a pilot project on the export of chilled and fresh beef and pork from “Canadian establishments […] Read more

Man. wetlands bill gets farmer approval

Ducks Unlimited and other groups are pleased by new legislation to protect wetlands in Manitoba. The bill, called the Sustainable Watersheds Act, will increase penalties for illegal drainage and provide financial incentives to farmers who adopt practices that restore wetlands, retain water and better manage riparian areas. Scott Stephens, Ducks Unlimited Canada director of operations […] Read more

A&W donates millions to livestock research centre

A&W’s donation of $5 million to the University of Saskatchewan’s Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence is a good long-term investment for the Canadian beef industry, said academic and industry representatives. “The research that’s going to happen there will solve the challenges of today and tomorrow for producers for a long time to come,” said […] Read more

Energy no longer Alberta’s engine, says economist

Southern Alberta’s focus on agriculture has cushioned it against the recession that devastated parts of the province where the energy sector was the economic engine. Todd Hirsch, chief economist with ATB Financial, told those at the Alberta Irrigation Projects Association water conference Nov. 21 that agriculture has created a more consistent economic base in the […] Read more

New type of farm boss eager to take charge

Change is constant on the Prairies, starting with new life and then shifting to growth, development, maturation and eventually renewal. TeddiAnn Skibsted is on the cusp of one such change as one of Canada’s youngest up-and-coming farm bosses. Skibsted Farms operates 4,500 acres near Drumheller, Alta. The farm has three employees, three dogs, one horse, […] Read more

Source of bacterial disease in Peace region bees a mystery

GIROUXVILLE, Alta. — Bees in the Peace region are facing a new problem that has researchers looking for answers. Carlos Castillo, an applied scientist and manager at the National Bee Diagnostic Centre in Beaverlodge, Alta., has been delving into what’s believed to be an increase of European foulbrood in the region. European foulbrood is a […] Read more

Farmer develops early warning infection system

A Canadian goat producer designed the scanning system to help detect abnormalities in udders to allow early treatment

Missed udder infections and subsequent missed treatments are costing global dairy farmers a massive $10 billion a year. It is, however, the smaller family dairy farms that are being hit the hardest with the financial burden as udder infection detection rates in these situations can be low. A Canadian company hopes to address the issue […] Read more

Deere’s precision tillage grows: more models added to green line

Over the past two years major equipment companies have begun using the term precision when talking about tillage. It’s not so much about being in the right place; it’s more about doing the right things in the right place. Agco has added its version of precision control over the Sunflower machines, and now Deere has […] Read more

Big planter gets best features of small sister

DECATUR, Ill. — Bigger usually has some downsides, especially in planters and seeders. Transport sizes create risk and stress, while weight and its distribution add costs and agronomic issues. U.S. manufacturer Kinze recently responded with a 60 foot machine. It’s still a prototype, but Mike Gryp of Kinze said farmer feedback at the Farm Progress […] Read more