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Agreement with India reached over pulse fumigation

WINNIPEG — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reached an agreement with the Indian government over pulse fumigation issues during his state visit to India. In in a joint press release from Trudeau and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, it stated the prime ministers both see the importance of ensuring access to sufficient, safe […] Read more

Flood risk low in Manitoba

Late winter in Manitoba is normally the time when government officials worry about spring flooding and hold meetings on how many sandbags to order. Not this year. The risk of flooding is low in most of the river basins across southern Manitoba, including the Red River, Assiniboine and Souris Rivers. “The combination of drier soil […] Read more

Manitoba winter wheat group makes changes to cut costs

In the fall of 2013, farmers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan seeded more than 900,000 acres of winter wheat. Since then acres have steadily dropped, hitting 400,000 in the fall of 2016 and only 240,000 this year. Consequently, the groups that represent winter wheat growers have fewer check-off dollars and during the last few months they’ve […] Read more

Ag sector wants quick action on trade agreement, but auto industry fears cast shadow

In January, Canada’s agriculture industry celebrated when the federal government committed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. A month later, Canadian agricultural leaders are still pressing the government on the deal, which has recently been revived as the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership or CPTPP. They want Ottawa to formally ratify the deal as soon as […] Read more

Water review alarms ranchers

Sixteen years is a long time in which to resolve a licence application, even by government standards. But it was the government, specifically Alberta Environment and Parks, that told southern Alberta rancher Aaron Brower in late December that water licence applications filed by Brower Ranching Co. Ltd. in 2001 were now being reviewed and at […] Read more

Weather radar services returning to Sask.

Environment Canada says farmers should benefit from radar upgrades, which include repairs at Bethune and a facelift at Radisson

Saskatchewan’s two weather radars will soon be operational again after being decommissioned for repairs and improvements. The Bethune radar experienced a major radome failure after a windstorm swept through the area in October. The radome is the large white spherical housing protecting the radar equipment inside. It was dented from flying debris, and damage to […] Read more

Is 60 really the new 40?

Many people believe that a person who is 60 years old today is about equivalent in health to that of a 40-year-old 20 years ago. Is that the product of wishful thinking, or is true? It’s common for many of us to automatically change our definitions of “old” to somebody 15 or 20 years older […] Read more

Exercise can enrich, enhance and maybe extend your life

Exercise releases hormones that allow muscles to absorb amino acids, which helps them grow and reduces their breakdown

Last July, Ruth Chorney underwent surgery to have her left hip replaced. About a month before, the retired educator and farmer began doing specific exercises recommended to her by her physiotherapist; exercises designed for the needs of a hip replacement candidate. A life-long active woman, she welcomed the opportunity to participate in her health outcome. […] Read more

‘Own-motion power’ amendment requested for transport bill

An organization that represents Saskatchewan pea, lentil, soybean and chickpea producers wants Ottawa to amend Bill C-49, the Transportation Modernization Act, to ensure greater transparency and “foster a more effective and higher functioning transportation system for farmers in province.” In a Feb 21 news release, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers said Bill C-49 should be amended to […] Read more

Gone glamping: roughing it with luxury in mind

The word glamping, or glamorous camping, found its way into the Oxford English dictionary in 2016, but the concept of glamping has been around since the 16th century when the Scottish Earl of Atholl orchestrated an ultra-luxurious glamping experience in the Highlands for his guests, King James and his mother. The earl, or more likely […] Read more