The pace of Western Canada's 2018-19 grain exports through the Port of Vancouver is off to a relatively slow start, according to data compiled by the Grain Monitoring Program. | File photo

West Coast exports off to slow start

The pace of Western Canada’s 2018-19 grain exports through the Port of Vancouver is off to a relatively slow start, according to data compiled by the Grain Monitoring Program. Through Week 3 of the 2018-19 crop year, total export shipments through the Port of Vancouver were listed at 731,000 tonnes. That’s down 31 percent from […] Read more

An analyst says farmers might want to hold off on pricing their wheat directly off the combine this year.  |  Jeannette Greaves photo

Wheat pricing needs to wait

The best wheat prices will likely occur in the second half of the 2018-19 marketing year, say analysts. A rumour surfaced on Aug. 17 that Russia’s agriculture ministry was considering curbing exports once they reached 30 million tonnes. That caused a spike in international wheat prices, but prices quickly came back down after Russia’s agriculture […] Read more

They may seem like a novelty now, but electric vehicles could quickly grow in number and significantly reduce the demand for gasoline and biofuel.  |  REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson photo

Electric vehicle revolution poses threat to biofuel

Several times on a recent vacation in Vancouver, sleek vehicles with an unfamiliar model badge would catch my eye. They turned out to be Teslas, electric cars made by the new company created by high-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk. You tend to see a lot more high-end vehicles in Vancouver than you do in Saskatchewan and […] Read more

Traders say new crop barley prices are falling this year, as they usually do, but are still “pretty strong” for this time of year.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Annual harvest feedgrain drag less severe

Healthy exports and dry conditions are easing the usual harvest pricing pressure on prairie feedgrains this year

Farmers’ urgency to sell off the combine is pressuring western Canadian feedgrain prices, but the weight is not as heavy as usual. “It feels like we’re seeing all producers wanting movement right away here, and that’s kind of putting some downward pressure on the price,” said Nelson Neumann, a junior trader at Agfinity at Stony […] Read more

Hog producers are seeing prices that, if sustained, would crush the industry. Profitability is hard to predict, but the fall season might provide relative opportunities.  |  Michael Raine photo

Diving hog prices more of a grey swan than black swan

It’s been 10 years since the world learned what a black swan was, embracing the concept as the best-feeling explanation for the 2008-09 worldwide financial crisis. Today it’s worth looking back at that concept and book, by trader and supremely arrogant pontificator Nassim Nicholas Taleb, to see if we’ve learned its primary lessons, because we […] Read more

Heifers are not being retained at a rate to prompt growth, and cow slaughter continues to be strong.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Beef demand continues to keep prices stable

LONDON, Ont. — Solid demand for beef is holding up prices. “We continue probably to be in fairly impressive markets and we continue to look at the big supplies coming down the pipeline … with very solid demand for domestic consumers and internationally,” Brian Perillat, senior market analyst at Canfax, said during the Canadian Beef […] Read more

Turmoil in South America threatens soybean crop

South American soybean yields could be down in 2018-19 for a variety of reasons, says an analyst. Weakening currencies in Brazil and Argentina mean imported fertilizer will be more expensive this year. In Brazil, an 11-day trucker strike in May resulted in the government agreeing to allow truckers to charge higher freight rates. That will […] Read more

Canfax report

This cattle market information is selected from the weekly report from Canfax, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. More market information, analysis and statistics are available by becoming a Canfax subscriber by calling 403-275-5110 or at Herd shrinks The mid-year Statistics Canada livestock inventory report showed another decline in the cow herd. Total […] Read more

WP livestock report

Hogs The U.S. national live price average for barrows and gilts was US$29.85 per hundredweight Aug. 24, down from $31.25 Aug. 17. U.S. hogs averaged $37.06 on a carcass basis Aug. 24, down from $40.52 Aug. 17. The U.S. pork cutout was $64.18 per cwt. Aug. 24, down from $66.77 Aug. 17. The estimated U.S. […] Read more

Harvest is slowly gearing up across the Canadian Prairies, which is expected to pressure prices in the coming days. | File photo

Canola set to bounce around bottom of long-range

WINNIPEG – Contracts on the ICE Futures canola market are bracing for turbulence in the coming days as trade negotiations between Canada and the United States and a looming production report from Statistics Canada takes center stage. According to one analyst, these and other factors may play havoc with the Canadian dollar, which could send […] Read more