Diamondback moths focus of Cornell study

The diamondback moth project at Cornell University isn’t a normal research project. Cornell has created a detailed website for the project, the university has a media contact person specifically for the research and there is a Frequently Asked Questions link on the website. Cornell entomologist Tony Shelton is testing a novel approach to control diamondback […] Read more

VIDEO: Print your own parts?

Sourcing parts for older farm machinery can be a hair-pulling experience. Farmers often find parts are no longer available or the price is unreasonable. But there may soon be another option for replacement parts. A 3D printing centre called Create Cafe has opened in Saskatoon, where anyone can walk in, talk to a designer, and […] Read more

Bees may be serving up humanity’s next big food … and it isn’t honey

Sometimes an idea is just too delicious to ignore. That’s how thousands, probably millions of people around the world have reacted to the notion of turning bee brood into human food. Yup, bee brood. That’s the larvae of bees that live inside the thousands of hexagonal chambers that collectively make up a beehive’s nursery. They’re […] Read more

The discovery that could shake up the beer industry

Jaswinder Singh can hardly contain his excitement when talking about TLP8, a useful protein he discovered in barley. “It could revolutionize the brewing industry,” said the associate professor at McGill University’s plant science department. Maltsters despise beta-glucan, a key sugar found in barley. If it is not properly degraded during the malting and germination process […] Read more

Rising China pea demand could revolutionize pulse market

Pulse markets are experiencing short-term pain but the outlook is for long-term gain, says the leader of an industry association. Gord Bacon, chief executive officer of Pulse Canada, recently returned from a trade mission to China where there is no end in sight to the rising demand for peas. The trade delegation toured one fractionation […] Read more

Canola heads into holiday season on a downturn

Canola’s value compared to soybeans was fairly strong this fall, but its shine has dulled with recent events, particularly the decline in vegetable oil values. On Nov. 1, the price of January canola was $11.76 per bushel, while Chicago January soybeans, converted into Canadian dollars were $12.69, meaning canola’s price was about 93 percent of […] Read more

Thriving cash market survives wheat board demise

This year felt like the year the prairie cash grain market came of age. As with all situations of life, growth and aging, this one contains elements that have flourished and prospered and those that have weakened and died. While marketing platforms, marketing advisers and price competition grew more transparent and robust, some post-Canadian Wheat […] Read more

Forecaster sees stable EU wheat, durum

PARIS, France (Reuters) — Farmers in the European Union are forecast to harvest about the same amount of soft wheat in 2018 as they did this year as higher projected yields compensate for a minor fall in seeded area, consultancy Strategie Grains said. Durum-seeded area is expected to be the same year on year, and […] Read more

Dry weather leaves U.S. Plains wheat vulnerable to freeze damage

CHICAGO, Ill. (Reuters) — A combination of delays to autumn planting and dry conditions in the southern U.S. Plains have left the hard red winter crop vulnerable to freeze damage, crop experts said, which could further tighten supplies of high-protein wheat. A cold spell is forecast for later in December. The U.S. Department of Agriculture […] Read more