Autosteer now works on older machines

Outback Guidance’s Rebel line uses hydraulics to take over the steering

Growers running older iron might be interested in the autosteer products Outback Guidance launched at the Western Canadian Crop Production Show. “The oldest vehicle we can install on is 45 years old,” said Mike Bannister, product manager for Outback Guidance. “Anything that is hydraulically driven.” Outback Guidance is able to fit older machines with its […] Read more

New Technotill packer does dual side band

The Technotill packer plate introduced by Walter and Betty Schoenhofer in 1996 has been re-developed with assistance from Saskatchewan farmers and a 3D printer. TNT Version 2 will be available for spring seeding. Where the original TNT had a fertilizer port on only one side, Version 2 is symmetrical with dual band ports. The previous […] Read more

Back to basics with seeders

Expensive, heavy, complicated seeding machines are being challenged by lower-cost, high-speed compact-disc machines and good old-fashioned shank cultivators with narrow knife openers. Over the past two decades, one of the devices that’s become popular among farmers with simple seeding systems is the Technotill (TNT) packer. Although the original Version 1 TNT functions well and continues […] Read more

VIDEO: In-ground steel continues to evolve

FARGO, N.D. — Within the overall realm of cultivation and seed and fertilizer placement equipment, the in-ground working tool is the one singular component that continues to evolve rapidly. Every farm show seems to feature new soil-working steel. Money is a chief reason for the on-going focus on developing new soil-working tools. When dealing with […] Read more

Combine calibration made easy

Two companies offer remote controlled drop pans that allow growers to safely collect samples of material blown out the back of combines. Both products are powered by electromagnets that disengage at the push of a button. The pans then fall from their mounted position under the combine and collect a representative sample of how much […] Read more

Finnish articulated loaders now available in Canada

RED DEER — Small articulated loaders built in Finland are now available to Canadian producers through JAK Equipment in Leduc, Alta. The Avant series of loaders has more than 190 attachments that focus on farming and construction tasks. “Options are basically endless for these things when it comes to attachments,” Bob Fedorchuk of Avant Techno […] Read more

VIDEO: Go narrow or go home

FARGO, N.D. — The split nitrogen trend sent Unverfirth back to the drawing board for a new applicator specifically for split application. While there, they made it the narrowest applicator in the industry. “The NutriMax is definitely a split application machine. That’s what our engineers had in mind when they started with a fresh sheet […] Read more

VIDEO: Speed and quality outrank size

LANGHAM, Sask. — The vertical tillage equipment introduced to Western Canada a decade ago evolved into the latest generation of high-speed compact cultivators. But the story doesn’t stop there. Lemken has been at the forefront of these changes since 2006, but it says terms like vertical tillage don’t apply to its way of thinking about […] Read more

Harvestlab monitors beginning to end

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Reading the state of forage as it left the chopper opened up producers’ abilities to manage their feed input. Using it after silaging gave real-time cattle management. Now it’s managing what comes out of the livestock. The new model, Harvestlab 3000, has a broader use of the light spectrum than its predecessors, […] Read more

Grain cart design improves side reach, operator visibility

J&M thinks their new Xtended-Reach fixed position auger 
is a better way to deal with high horsepower tractors

FARGO, N.D. — Grain cart engineers at J&M have abandoned their adjustable unload auger concept, opting for a fixed, in-line auger that places the spout closer to the front, nearer to the tractor driver while maintaining good side reach. The Xtended-Reach in-line auger is a more efficient layout for moving grain, according to Shannon Grieshop, […] Read more