Camso’s upgraded tow tracks designed for durability

FARGO, N.D. — When Camoplast Solideal did a name change two years ago to become just plain Camso, it also did a complete re-engineering job on its popular TTS series of ag tow tracks. The upgrades are intended to increase the longevity of the tracks, says Troy Amundson of Premium Ag Solutions in Hiterdahl, Minn. […] Read more

Bearings: grease ’em and grease ’em again

FARGO, N.D. — In a perfect world, we would stop every hour to shoot a spot of grease into the bearings. But it’s not a perfect world, so maybe let automation do the job for you. The automated greasing system is called Autogreaser, and it’s standard equipment on every Unverferth grain cart equipped with Equalizer […] Read more

New Holland tweaks latest class of combines

RED DEER — New Holland has a 700 horsepower combine coming off of its 2018 production line, the CR10.90 Revelation. There are updates common to all classes of the Revelation model combines, but only the largest CR10.90 series will receive a bump in horsepower. “The Class 10 combine does get a power bump for model […] Read more

Cart ideal for diversified farms

FARGO, N.D. — Farmers at the 2017 Big Iron found it hard to ignore the big blue cart with a capacity of 1,950 cubic feet or 33 tons of silage, grain or manure. Those are the specs on the triple axle Penta DB60 on display. The big brother DB70 has four axles with a capacity […] Read more

MacDon headers get more fingers for bulky crops

The company says this aggressive attack on the crop has increased header feeding capacity by 20 percent

RED DEER — MacDon recently displayed examples of its new One Series headers at Agri-Trade in Red Deer, which includes a full range of flex and rigid headers. Included in the new lineup is a model number change with the size of the headers now part of the new designations. At the MacDon booth was […] Read more

VIDEO: Landoll gives seed bed extra TLC for high value crops

High speed compact disc machines are also used to dry and black-up the soil to put it back into production

LANGHAM, Sask. — Vertical tillage became popular with prairie farmers because of wet soil conditions. However, growers eventually found they wanted slightly more tillage and blackening of the soil, especially in high-value crops. As well, they wanted independent mounting of the blades for better rock protection, which is when manufacturers transitioned into the high-speed compact […] Read more

Pressure up for transit, down for the field

FARGO, N.D. — Central tire inflation systems are gaining ground with operators who see the value of running maximum allowable tire pressure in transit and minimum allowable tire pressure in the field. Adjustable tire pressure has become a major factor because of the growing awareness of the impact that soil compaction has on yield. Changing […] Read more

Fill’er up … with vegetable oil

Farmer converted his Massey combine to run on used vegetable oil but warns farmers not to try it with expensive machinery

ROSETOWN, Sask. — The fragrance of fresh french fries floats over the field of flax. Ray Labrecque was on the final few rounds to finish harvest on his 1,000-acre farm and had only burned about 200 gallons of diesel in his combine this year. That’s because he converted his 1997 8570 Massey to run on […] Read more

Higher power = greater efficiency

There are active farmers who can remember a time when a 200 horsepower tractor was considered big. When it comes to planting a crop today, most broad-acre growers are sitting on machines that have two or three times that amount of power. As farms added acres over the past decades, the pressure to cover more […] Read more

Twin tracks brought tracks back to ag

Caterpillar pioneered tracked farm implements with its Challenger tractor in 1989; the industry was never the same after that

Caterpillar started selling a tracked offering of its Challenger tractor in 1987, and this first tracked tractor on the market proved to be a game changer. Never before were producers able to get that much power to the ground and maintain traction, forcing other tractor manufacturers to the drawing table to draft a response to […] Read more