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Amazone pull-type sprayers have a re-circulation system that prevents product from sitting idle in the boom or at the nozzles. The two axles have independent steering, hydraulic suspension, air-drum brakes and the machine has the ability to transfer four tonnes of trailer weight to the rear of the tractor.  |  Amazone photo

Pull-type sprayers make a comeback

LANGHAM, Sask. — A 12,000 litre tank capacity combined with the most advanced sprayer technology might prompt a comeback for pull-type sprayers. The obvious advantage of pull-type sprayers has always been gallonage. There are a number of companies around the globe actively developing, building and promoting giant new pull-type sprayers all the way up to […] Read more

Many combine fires can be prevented by keeping dust off hot turbo and exhaust surfaces, which is what this kit from South Dakota accomplishes with a fan funnelling filtered air into a shroud surrounding the exhaust system.  |  Daniel Humburg photo

Filtered air won’t fan combine sunflower fires

A new system from South Dakota prevents the conditions that allow sunflower combine fires to get started in the first place

Sunflower debris in a combine ignites at temperatures 20 to 30 C lower than corn or soybean residue. However, most crops harvested in hot, dry weather can set your combine afire. Armed with this fact, engineers at South Dakota State University developed an air filtration kit they think will prevent most combine fires that start […] Read more

Volunteers Jake Hamm, left, Nathan Sims and Helmut Neufeld have brought a 1929 Massey Harris 9B combine back to life after much work.  |  Ed White photo

Rare combine to take to fields once more

The 1929 Massey Harris 9B combine in Manitoba is believed to be the only one of its kind operating in the world

AUSTIN, Man. — Jake Hamm and Helmut Neufeld have the attitude it takes to rebuild farm mechanical history. “There’s always a way,” said Hamm, a retired farmer and mechanic, about the 1929 Massey Harris 9B combine he, Neufeld and other volunteers worked on daily throughout July. It’s an aged creation of metal and wood that […] Read more

The new Demco 22-series grain carts feature a 22-inch diameter unload auger that empties the 1,330 bushel cart in less than two minutes.   Auger height adjusts from 11-feet, eight-inches up to 15-feet, seven-inches.  Demco rep Benji Vande Griend says prices on the new line will be available in November.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

New wagons and carts debut at outdoor show

LANGHAM, Sask. — Demco brought its new line of two-wheel 22-series grain carts and smaller four-wheel SS-series grain wagons to the Ag In Motion outdoor farm show. The 22-series carts feature a 20-inch horizontal mechanical drag in the bottom and a 22-inch unload auger capable of emptying the 1,330-bushel cart in less than two minutes, […] Read more

It doesn’t make economic sense to tie up a tractor to babysit your conveyor when you can have a totally self-contained self-propelled machine, according to Kevin Malica of Meridian.

Tractor-less conveyors gain foothold in small grains market

LANGHAM, Sask. — The practice of tying up a tractor to move and power your conveyor is not efficient, which is why manufacturers now offer tractor-less conveyors that are totally self-propelled and self-contained. The inefficiency compounds itself if you have bins in two or three different locations, forcing you to tie up two or three […] Read more

The Valmetal Pro-Feed is a self-propelled automated feed pusher that gathers all that wasted feed, fluffs it up and then blends it in with the fresh feed so more of that expensive input goes into the animal. The Pro-Feed is powered by re-chargeable batteries and can work without human supervision. It can be programmed to follow the feed trough in any  barn configuration. |  Ron Lyseng photo

Feed fluffy waste back to the cows

LANGHAM, Sask. — Feed costs money, a fact cattle don’t seem to appreciate. They’re picky eaters, carefully selecting only the bits and bites appealing to their taste buds, leaving the rest to waste. So, it falls to the cattle producer to get into the alleys with his skid steer loader and scrape up the feed […] Read more

The drive system on Kramble Industries’ remote-controlled electric drive system retrofit for straight grain augers has a motor mounted on each drive wheel. | Robin Booker photo

Grain auger mover eases pain-in-the-back chore

LANGHAM, Sask. — A remote-controlled, electric drive system retrofit for straight grain augers promises to make moving them around the yard much easier. “It’s very handy and a lot better than trying to push them around by hand and getting into chiropractor bills,” said Doug Kramble of Kramble Industries at his vendor booth at the […] Read more

The Ag in Motion farm show runs until the end of the day on Thursday July 19 near Langham, Sask. | Robin Booker photo

Ag in Motion 2018

The 2018 edition of Ag in Motion has come and gone.  This year there were 459 exhibitors on the 320-acre site near Langham, Sask.! Below you will find some of The Western Producer’s coverage of the event. This page will be updated with more stories as they are published.  New ag school to focus on applied […] Read more

More than 30,000 people attended the Ag in Motion farm show near Langham, Sask. this past week. | Paul Yanko photo

Ag in Motion 2018 – in photos

The 2018 edition of the Ag in Motion farm show has wrapped, and by all accounts it was a great success. Organizers report a total of 30,335 guests passed through the gates of the event, which is a new record. Attendance at the show, both for guests and exhibitors, has steadily grown for each of […] Read more

Brian Tischler demonstrates how he’s able to drive his tractor autonomously using software on a laptop.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

VIDEO: Alta. farmer’s autonomous tractor working well

Brian Tischler, who demonstrated his technology at canolaPALOOZA in Lacombe in late June, says safety is crucial

LACOMBE, Alta. — Brian Tischler stands in front of a moving tractor. Nobody is in the driver’s seat, but the machine stops. It senses he’s there. He then decides to get out of the tractor’s way. The machine notices he’s no longer there and carries on with business, moving forward. “We went around this field […] Read more