Problem areas found in cattle transport study

Transportation of cattle can be a contentious public issue. Alberta Farm Animal Care has released preliminary results of a compromised cattle benchmarking project in which the condition of animals arriving at auction markets, provincial abattoirs and a federal meat plant were evaluated for a year. Led by Agriculture Canada researcher Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein at the Lethbridge […] Read more

Sustainable beef criteria not difficult to meet: rancher

The concept of certified sustainable beef production has been bandied about for several years, and with the release of a framework for producers and processors to follow, customers should soon see that seal of approval. The Canadian Roundtable on Sustainable Beef released its guidelines Dec. 7 for producing a certified product. “We recognize there are […] Read more

VIDEO: Cattle producers look at ways to spread the good word

MACGREGOR, Man. — The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association has produced a video explaining the environmental impact of Canada’s beef industry. The video, available on YouTube and a longer version on the Beef Cattle Research Council website, features images of cattle on green pastures and ranchers on horseback with mountains in the background. Producers and scientists appear […] Read more

A&W donates millions to livestock research centre

A&W’s donation of $5 million to the University of Saskatchewan’s Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence is a good long-term investment for the Canadian beef industry, said academic and industry representatives. “The research that’s going to happen there will solve the challenges of today and tomorrow for producers for a long time to come,” said […] Read more

Farmer develops early warning infection system

A Canadian goat producer designed the scanning system to help detect abnormalities in udders to allow early treatment

Missed udder infections and subsequent missed treatments are costing global dairy farmers a massive $10 billion a year. It is, however, the smaller family dairy farms that are being hit the hardest with the financial burden as udder infection detection rates in these situations can be low. A Canadian company hopes to address the issue […] Read more

Producers urged to deal withtwo faces of bison production

Is bison a fully industrialized production system 
or a heritage animal raised in the most natural way possible?

Canadian bison producers were challenged to think differently about the animals they raise during a presentation at their annual convention last week. “This is your navel-gazing talk,” said Dr. Terry Whiting, animal welfare manager with Manitoba Agriculture. “I want you to think about the idea of a bison more than a bison itself.” Bison have […] Read more

Hands-on display brings calving to life

Giving birth 10 to 12 times a day can’t be easy on a cow, but Canadian Western Agnes did just that for a whole week during Agribition. Agnes is the calving simulator owned by Canadian Western Agribition and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She is a life-size, anatomically correct two-year-old Hereford heifer with her […] Read more

Sask. producer wins scholarship

REGINA — Cody LaFrentz finished off his junior showing career with a bang when he won the junior beef extreme competition at Canadian Western Agribition. The 21-year-old is finishing a long junior run that started when he showed Simmental and Angus cattle at age seven with his parents, Vern and Denise LaFrentz of Bienfait, Sask. […] Read more

Alta. cattle producers win jackpot with Maine Anjou

REGINA — At the Pashulka household, life revolves around the beef business. Maine Anjou enthusiasts, parents Ken and Josie and sons Tyson, 19, Riley, 17, and Taylor, 15, spend their weekends at shows or getting ready for the next event. “Pretty much every weekend we are gone jackpotting,” said Tyson, who is also a welder. […] Read more

Simmental breeders network at Agribition

REGINA — Darrel and Jenna Timm are new generation Simmental breeders. The young couple from Kinistino, Sask., have been together since 2004 and they wanted to be in-volved in the beef business from the start. Jenna had purebred experience and Darrel knew commercial cattle. Now their two children, Ava, 6, and Jace, 4, are getting […] Read more